This section describes the new features and technologies added in WebDesktop.NET V2.5. Here are the following list of new features supported by WebDesktop.NET V2.5:


WebDesktop.NET 2.5 introduces Shadow mode feature to be used when moving and resizing window. It offers a smooth interaction on the window and improves resizing stability.


WebDesktop.NET 2.5 enhances its WebDialogBox to be able to access ContentTemplate from code behind, keep the dialog box visible in scrollable page and customize the background color of the shadow.


With its new feature, WebMenu is able to build a pixel-identical menu design that is similar to today's modern designs such as Vista Explorer or Office 2007.


WebButton enhances its mouse state interactivity, complex images and DropDown menu support.

Opera and Safari

WebDesktop.NET 2.5 implements extensive support for more widely used browsers such as Opera and Safari.

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