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Provides various options for exporting data in CSV format.

Working with ColumnDelimiter Property

The UseSystemCultureSeparator property overrides this one.

Working with UseSystemCultureSeparator Property

This property overrides the ColumnDelimiter property.


public class UXGridViewCsvExportOptions : UXGridViewExportOptions


The following table summarizes the members exposed in this class.

Public Constructors

UXGridViewCsvExportOptions Constructor()Creates a new instance of the UXGridViewCsvExportOptions class.

Public Properties

ColumnDelimiterThe string that will separate cells. <remarks>The UseSystemCultureSeparator property overrides this one.</remarks>
FormatExport format.
RowDelimiterThe string that will separate rows.
UseSystemCultureSeparatorIf set, the RadGridView will use the system List Separator string, specified in Control Panel's Regional Options, to separate cells. <remarks>This property overrides the ColumnDelimiter property.</remarks>


DefaultColumnDelimiterThe column delimiter that will be used if other options are not specified.
DefaultRowDelimiterThe row delimiter that will be used if other options are not specified.