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WebDesktop 5 is a major release that sports a completely redesigned user interface based on the new Unified Theming framework introduced in the WebUI Studio 2016 release. Building on its innovative UI components, WebDesktop 5 leverages the latest web technologies and front-end trends optimized for modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Edge. The new WebDesktop lets you easily create professional-looking ASP.NET web project with simple drag-drop, while delivering beautiful design that naturally suitable to modern web applications today.

More importantly, this release adds a new modern theme that you can apply with the simplicity of xcopy. Beyond just basic styling, the modern theme includes comprehensive styling for more than hundreds of UI elements available in WebDesktop. In addition, this release provides full support for latest major browsers including Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Safari for Mac, Chrome 48 and Firefox 44.

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This page guides you through the new features and enhancements available in WebDesktop 5. Click the links below to jump to the section of your interest.

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Unified Theming Support

In this release, WebDesktop has been significantly enhanced to fully support unified theming capability introduced in WebUI Framework 4. In general, these are the key area of improvements to support unified theming:

  • Inline styles are now removed in favor to CSS styles which reduce markup and page output in overall.
  • Instance-level styles and default stylesheets are no longer rendered, enabling the page to load much faster.
  • Provide attribute-based states for streamlined styling through CSS3 selectors.
  • Enhanced both server-side and client-side rendering to support modern HTML5 and CSS3 markup/syntax.

For more information, see Unified Theming.

New Unified Modern Theme

One of the biggest updates in this release is the introduction of brand-new modern theme for WebDesktop. Building on the new unified theming framework, WebDesktop's new theme leverages the most popular CSS framework, Bootstrap. Unlike previous versions, WebDesktop automatically uses shared/common styles when the unified theming feature is enabled. When the common styles are modified, WebDesktop and the other WebUI components that present similar semantic will be automatically updated.

At a glance, the WebDesktop modern theme key highlights are:

  • Based on Bootstrap 3.3
  • Written in SCSS language
  • Redesigned with clean and modern styles
  • Meticulously designed, pixel-perfect styling on over 100+ elements and editors
  • Control resources now use scalable vector graphic (SVG) in favor to low-res images
  • Includes 150+ SVG icons designed exclusively for WebUI Studio

The following screenshots show a basic of every WebDesktop controls in action with the new modern theme.













For further information about the new unified theming on WebDesktop, see WebDesktop Theming Overview.

To learn more about the functionality and features of each WebDesktop component, please refer to WebDesktop Overview, then follow the links in the page.

Support Bootstrap Semantics

Some of In the latest release, many WebDesktop components such as WebButton, WebExplorerPane, WebNavPane, WebNotification, and WebPaneManager supports have been enhanced to support Bootstrap's contextual classes as you can vary its colors. For , enabling you to create consistent visual semantics throughout your application.  For the complete theming guide, see WebDesktop Theming Overview.

New Compact Mode in WebPaneManager

WebDesktop 5 provides you with an additional brand new Compact Mode introduces a new, versatile compact layout mode in WebPaneManager. This In compact mode, WebPaneManager presents WebPaneManager with a stylish compact look to beautify your web application. See the iilustration below on how powerful this control could be.

Image Removed

Look at a cleaner and modern design aesthetic where borders and spacing between panels are removed. The compact mode lets you easily create visually-appealing layout such as those found in today's web applications. See the illustration below for the visual details.

Image Added

Please refer to WebDesktop Theming Overview for complete instruction instructions on how to apply the compact mode in your project.

Latest Browser Support

WebDesktop 5 has been significantly improved to support the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge
  • Safari Mac 9.0
  • Chrome 48
  • Firefox 44


Updates and fixes in this release

This release includes the following updates and bug fixes:

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Modern note

Since WebDesktop 5 is a major release, the WebDesktop updates are not available via Update Manager channel. Please install from the latest setup for the best development experiences which includes new project templates and other IDE enhancements.


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