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Data point is set of data that consist information for your chart display, it can appear as small rectangle, bar, circle, or line. It usually have color to distinguish one set of data points from other series data points. By default, DataPoint uses color from the predefined collection of color palette. But you can override style from given palette by using custom palette.

Working with BorderStyle Property

In addition to customizing color palettes, you can also set the data point's border style by using BorderStyle property. There are three mode that you can choose.

  • Emboss
    Style to decorate with or as if with a raised design.
  • Flat
    Style with a flat and borderless look.
  • Metro
    Style with neat, modern and clean look.

To learn more how to customize the palette, see How-to: Add Custom Palettes in UXChart.


The following table summarizes the members exposed in this class.

Protected Constructors

DataPoint Constructor()Initializes a new instance of the DataPoint class.

Public Properties

ActualDependentValueGets or sets the actual dependent value displayed in the chart.
ActualIndependentValueGets or sets the actual independent value displayed in the chart.
BorderStyleGets or sets a value that indicates the BorderStyle
CanUserSelectGets or sets a value indicating whether selection is enabled.
DataLabelAngleGets or sets a value indicating angle of data label
DataLabelConnectorLengthGets or sets a value indicating length of data label connector
DataLabelConnectorVisibilityGets or sets a value indicating visibility of data label connector
DataLabelVisibilityGets or sets a value indicating visibility of data label
DependentValueGets or sets the dependent value of the Control.
DependentValueStringFormatGets or sets the format string for the FormattedDependentValue property.
FormattedDependentValueGets the DependentValue as formatted by the DependentValueStringFormat property.
FormattedIndependentValueGets the IndependentValue as formatted by the IndependentValueStringFormat property.
IndependentValueGets or sets the independent value.
IndependentValueStringFormatGets or sets the format string for the FormattedIndependentValue property.
OwnerGets or sets owner of this data point

Protected Properties

ProductProduct Info.


ActualDependentValuePropertyIdentifies the ActualDependentValue dependency property.
ActualIndependentValuePropertyIdentifies the ActualIndependentValue dependency property.
BorderStylePropertyIdentifies the BorderStyle dependency property.
CanUserSelectPropertyIdentifies the CanUserSelect dependency property.
DataLabelAnglePropertyIdentifies the DataLabelAngle dependency property.
DataLabelConnectorLengthPropertyIdentifies the DataLabelAngle dependency property.
DataLabelConnectorVisibilityPropertyIdentifies the DataLabelConnectorVisibility dependency property.
DataLabelVisibilityPropertyIdentifies the DataLabelVisibility dependency property.
DependentValuePropertyIdentifies the DependentValue dependency property.
DependentValueStringFormatPropertyIdentifies the DependentValueStringFormat dependency property.
FormattedDependentValuePropertyIdentifies the FormattedDependentValue dependency property.
FormattedIndependentValuePropertyIdentifies the FormattedIndependentValue dependency property.
IndependentValuePropertyIdentifies the IndependentValue dependency property.
IndependentValueStringFormatPropertyIdentifies the IndependentValueStringFormat dependency property.

Public Methods

AttachEventHandlers()Attach built-in event handlers to control templates.
DetachedEventHandlers()Detach built-in event handlers from control templates. Call this method if necessary.
InitializeTemplates()Initializes control templates.
OnApplyTemplate()Builds the visual tree for the DataPoint when a new template is applied.

Protected Methods

OnActualDependentValuePropertyChanged(IComparable, IComparable)Called when the value of the ActualDependentValue property changes.
OnActualIndependentValuePropertyChanged(object, object)Called when the ActualIndependentValue property changes.
OnCanUserSelectPropertyChanged(bool, bool)CanUserSelectProperty property changed handler.
OnDependentValuePropertyChanged(IComparable, IComparable)Called when the DependentValue property changes.
OnDependentValueStringFormatPropertyChanged(string, string)Called when DependentValueStringFormat property changes.
OnIndependentValuePropertyChanged(object, object)Called when the IndependentValue property changes.
OnIndependentValueStringFormatPropertyChanged(string, string)Called when the value of the IndependentValueStringFormat property changes.
OnIsHoveredPropertyChanged(bool, bool)IsHoveredProperty property changed handler.
OnIsSelectedPropertyChanged(bool, bool)IsSelectedProperty property changed handler.
OnMouseEnter(MouseEventArgs)Provides handling for the MouseEnter event.
OnMouseLeave(MouseEventArgs)Provides handling for the MouseLeave event.
OnMouseLeftButtonDown(MouseButtonEventArgs)Provides handling for the MouseLeftButtonDown event.
OnStatePropertyChanged(DataPointState, DataPointState)Called when the value of the State property changes.


ActualDependentValueChangedEvent raised when the actual dependent value of the data point is changed.
ActualIndependentValueChangedOccurs when the actual independent value of the data point is changed.
DependentValueChangedThis event is raised when the dependent value of the data point is changed.
IndependentValueChangedCalled when the independent value of the data point is changed.