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Working with CanUserSort Property

UXPageableComboBox columns also comes with sorting capability. This feature can be enabled by set the CanUserSort property to True. If you prefer to disable sorting on certain columns, set the CanUserSort property of the column to False.

Working with Header Property

By default, column header will be displayed in multiple column mode. But if you want to hide the column header, simply set the ColumnHeaderVisibility property to Collapsed.

The following code will explain how to implement it on UXPageableComboBox control.

Code Block
        <Intersoft:UXDataComboBoxTextColumn Header="Customer ID"
			Binding="{Binding CustomerID}" DisplayMode="Image" ImageHeight="64"
			ImageWidth="64" ImageStretch="Fill" ImageBinding="{Binding PhotoPath}"/>
        <Intersoft:UXDataComboBoxTextColumn Header="Contact Name"
			Binding="{Binding ContactName}"/>
        <Intersoft:UXDataComboBoxTextColumn Header="Company Name"
			Binding="{Binding CompanyName}"/>


The following table summarizes the members exposed in this class.

Public Constructors

UXDataComboBoxColumn Constructor()Initializes a new instance of the UXDataComboBoxColumn class.

Public Properties

CanUserSortGets or sets a value indicating whether the column can be sorted or not.
CellStyleGets or sets the cell style.
CellTemplateGets or sets the cell template.
HeaderGets or sets the column header text.
HeaderBindingGets or sets column header binding.
HeaderStyleGets or sets the style that is used when rendering the column header.
HeaderTemplateGets or sets the template that is used when rendering the column header.
HeaderWidthGets or sets the width of the column header. If not specified, the column will use the value specified in UXDataComboBoxColumn property.
HorizontalCellAlignmentGets or sets the horizontal cell alignment.
HorizontalHeaderAlignmentGets or sets the horizontal header alignment.
MaxWidthGets or sets the column maximum width.
MinWidthGets or sets the column minimum width.
SortMemberPathGets or sets the column sort path.
VerticalCellAlignmentGets or sets the vertical cell alignment.
VerticalHeaderAlignmentGets or sets the vertical header alignment.
VisibilityGets or sets the column visibility.
WidthGets or sets the column width.

Protected Properties

ProductProduct Info.


CanUserSortPropertyIdentifies the CanUserSort dependency property.
CellStylePropertyIdentifies the CellStyle dependency property.
CellTemplatePropertyIdentifies the CellTemplate dependency property.
HeaderPropertyIdentifies the Header dependency property.
HeaderWidthPropertyIdentifies the HeaderWidth dependency property.
HorizontalCellAlignmentPropertyIdentifies the HorizontalCellAlignment dependency property.
HorizontalHeaderAlignmentPropertyIdentifies the HorizontalHeaderAlignment dependency property.
MaxWidthPropertyIdentifies the MaxWidth dependency property.
MinWidthPropertyIdentifies the MinWidth dependency property.
SortMemberPathPropertyIdentifies the SortMemberPath dependency property.
VerticalCellAlignmentPropertyIdentifies the VerticalCellAlignment dependency property.
VerticalHeaderAlignmentPropertyIdentifies the VerticalHeaderAlignment dependency property.
VisibilityPropertyIdentifies the Visibility dependency property.
WidthPropertyIdentifies the Width dependency property.

Public Methods

ResetSortState()Reset column sort state.


Public Constructors


public Binding HeaderBinding { get; set; }

Gets or sets column header binding.


UXPageableComboBox column also support column header binding. This feature can be used to localize the column header text, suppose you want to make your application available in multi language. To use this feature, simply bind your localized resources to each column's UXDataComboBoxColumn property. To learn more about Localization, see Localization Overview.



public GridLength HeaderWidth { get; set; }

Gets or sets the width of the column header. If not specified, the column will use the value specified in UXDataComboBoxColumn property.