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The following table summarizes the members exposed in this class.

Public Constructors

ExpandableGroupBox Constructor() Initializes a new instance of the ExpandableGroupBox class.

Public Properties

AllowExpandCollapse Specifies whether the content element of this control can be expanded or collapsed. When set to false, the expander button will be collapsed.
EnableAnimation Gets or sets a value indicating whether the animation should be applied when the IsExpanded property changes.
ExpandCollapseMode Gets or sets a value that determine the expand collapse mode.
HeaderBackground Gets or sets the brush to apply to the background of the header element.
HeaderBorderBrush Gets or sets the brush to apply to the border of the header element.
HeaderLineBorder Represents the brush used to draw the line border of the header element.
HeaderLineEffect Gets or sets the effect to apply to the header line element.
HeaderPosition Overridden.
IsExpanded Specifies whether this control should be displayed in expanded state.
StrokeThickness Not applicable.


AllowExpandCollapseProperty Identifies the AllowExpandCollapse dependency property.
EnableAnimationProperty Identifies the EnableAnimation dependency property.
ExpandCollapseModeProperty Identifies the ExpandCollapseMode dependency property.
HeaderBackgroundProperty Identifies the HeaderBackground dependency property.
HeaderBorderBrushProperty Identifies the HeaderBorderBrush dependency property.
HeaderLineBorderProperty Identifies HeaderLineBorder dependency property.
HeaderLineEffectProperty Identifies the HeaderLineEffect dependency property.
IsExpandedProperty Identifies the IsExpanded dependency property.

Public Methods

OnApplyTemplate() Builds the visual tree for the ExpandableGroupBox when a new template is applied.

Protected Methods

OnIsExpandedChanged(DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs) Called when the IsExpanded property of the control changes.
RefreshHeaderUI() Overridden.
UpdateExpanderButtonUI() Called when the expander button needs to be updated due to property changes.