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Leverage the key benefits of employing WebDesktop.NET as your primary Web User Interface components:


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The freedom to Design

WebDesktop.NET is the first ASP.NET component offering a clear separation between designing and the

developing process. WebDesktop allows an organization to develop better while working in a teamwork mode. WebDesktop is bundled with a standalone Style Manager which can be launched by User Interface designers separately. The designers would only need to have .NET Framework and WebDesktop installed, without the need to use Visual Studio or other IDE. That means designers can now work more independently and productively than ever before. Once the designers have completed the theme or style design for a web application, the xml-based theme file can be easily copied into deployment server and the designated web application will automatically use the deployed theme without additional changes to codes. At last, the freedom to design!

The freedom to Develop

By enabling designer s to work on their own  independently, this means a big plus for developers! Now, developers would no longer have to deal with the styles or appearances of the components since these can now be done by designers independently . That means developers can spend their time focusing on business logics and jump into coding that is even faster and even more productive. Moreover, the new technologies offered in WebDesktop gives a unique development experience such as ClickAndEdit which allows developers to interact directly with the component during design time (in Visual Studio 2005 IDE). The ClickAndEdit and ClickAndSelect technologies are implemented

consistently throughout most components of the WebDesktop. Plus, the unified object model across all WebUI Studio.NET families enabl es developers to work with any new controls almost immediately. All of these give developers the freedom to develop web applications!

The freedom to Innovate

Innovation has a new name! WebDesktop.NET comes up with the latest innovation in Web Component history, introducing 6 new patent-pending technologies and 12 new advanced, powerful and unique products. WebDesktop allows you to develop any kind of rich applications which is able to simulate most of today's popular desktop functions. Be it Windows Vista or MacOS Tiger, you can build similar appearance s and behavior by utilizing WebDesktopManager which enables you to create rich user interactions with advanced, high performance Window navigation system, built-in TaskBar and Shortcut, creates new Window at runtime, tight integration with WebDialogBox, WebButton, WebNotification and more. There's almost nothing you can't do with it. It gives you the freedom to innovate for your next web apps!

The freedom to Personalize

Personalization is one of the most requested features today . WebDesktop introduce s a new level of personalization features for your end users such as TrueDock technology where users only need to drag a bar and drop it into one of four edges available in the screen. The docking system is so powerful that it not only allow s you perform drag and drop, it also supports dock to multiple bar or dock into single row similar to those found in Microsoft Office 2003. The AllowCustomize in WebToolBar is one of the high level personalizations where users are free to define their own items, moving the items around or even between bars, removing items, and even creating new toolbar at runtime! The entire WebDesktop products have their own personalization features and deliver the freedom to personalize for your users!


The overall concept and benefit of WebDesktop.NET -- as one of most significant product family of WebUI Studio.NET -- is obvious, to empower Rich Internet Applications through Unified Component System. WebDesktop.NET is the ultimate solution for rapid enterprise and rich internet application development available today, enabling clear separation between designing and developing process for better scalability in teamwork, offering the latest innovations and technologies to bring the best value for your end products and best satisfactions to your end users, offering highest level of personalization and user interaction as well as the most extensive accessibility support, enabling centralized deployment and administration, enabling one click product updates, and much more.

By incorporating WebDesktop.NET into your web applications, get ready to be the trendsetter today!


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