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Intersoft ClientUI 12 adds comprehensive WPF reporting controls to the ClientUI product family, as well as several new enhancement to existing controls designed to address issues found when creating a line-of-business applications. ClientUI 12 also ships a conversion tools to help convert existing Crystal Report files to ClientUI Reporting.

Table of Contents

New Controls

Reporting Controls for WPF

ClientUI 12 brings reporting controls entirely available to WPF which allow you to view reports from desktop application. All reports you have previously authored in Silverlight will continue to work exactly the same way and manner in WPF.

ReportViewer (WPF)
An intuitive viewer control offering sophisticated viewing
experiences and blazing-fast performance to display advanced
business reports without performance bottleneck.

Report Converter

ClientUI 12 includes a conversion tools which able to convert your existing report to ClientUI Reporting.

To see what have been supported so far, please refer to Converting from Crystal Reports to ClientUI Reporting.

New Features

Chart for ClientUI Reporting

ClientUI 12 continues to add supports for reporting lineup. Now you can display professionally-designed charts in your report. Over 20+ chart types are supported such as area, bar, bubble, column, doughnut, line, pie, scatter, spline, and much more.

For more information about charts, See Charts Overview.

Chart Designer

A designer editor for chart is also added to the existing report designer. You can easily define chart's title, series, axis, and much more through the chart designer.

Modern note

The ClientUI reporting designer now fully supports WPF platform. All controls in the lineup has been significantly improved for WPF, resulting in faster performance and rock-solid stability.

New Samples

ClientUI 12 introduces new redesigned technical samples strongly focused on each product's feature. It’s designed to help you discover the features quickly and implement them in your application. Some of the existing samples are migrated and merged into a new one.

Control Samples

This sample demonstrates several key features of ClientUI Controls, such as UXBreadCrumb, UXPropertyGrid, UXQueryBuilder, etc. The solutions are available for both Silverlight and WPF platforms. To browse it, please go to the Intersoft Solutions program group, and locate the ClientUI.Samples.Controls under the Silverlight or WPF program group.

Data Samples

This sample is migrated from the previous sample named UXGridView.Samples. Instead of UXGridView 's samples only, now it demonstrates all of data related controls, such as UXListBoxUXTreeView, UXComboBoxUXPageableComboBox, UXMultipleSelectionComboBox, and much more. The sample also demonstrates how ClientUI data controls interact with other technologies, such as WCF RIA Services and DevForce Services .  

The solutions are available for both Silverlight and WPF platforms. To browse it, please go to the Intersoft Solutions program group, and locate the ClientUI.Samples.Data under the Silverlight or WPF program group.

Data Visualization Samples

All of the chart related samples are now placed in ClientUI.Samples.DataVisualization directory which under Intersoft Solutions program group . The solutions are also available for both Silverlight and WPF platforms.

Reporting Samples

In this release, more than 40 new samples are added to demonstrates the chart feature in reporting. Besides that, WPF version are also added for this sample. The solutions can be browsed from ClientUI.Samples. Reporting directory which under Intersoft Solutions program group .

DevForce Sample Version Update

Due to the latest update in DevForce, all of the samples have been updated to reflect the new functionality and API available in DevForce 2012 (7.2.0).In addition, all samples are now using DevForce NuGet packages, allowing hassle-free development experience.

  • ClientUI Control Samples
  • ClientUI Data Samples
  • ClientUI Data Visualization Samples
  • ClientUI Reporting Samples

For more information about the changes in DevForce 2012, please read DevForce Release Notes.

Updates and fixes in this release

This release includes the following updates and bug fixes:


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