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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


MediaGallery A collection of settings used for WebTextEditor's media galery.
WebFileUploader Intersoft WebFileUploader is a memory-efficient ASP.NET file uploading component that supports asynchronous multiple files upload without page refresh. Unlike standard ASP.NET file uploader, WebFileUploader enables large file uploading with very minimum memory and resources consumption.
WebFileUploaderClientSideEvents A collection of WebUploader's client side events.
WebFileUploaderFileInfo A collection of members in WebUploader' file info.
WebFileUploaderFileProcessor FileProcessor is used to process byte data from a multi-part form and save it to the disk.
WebFileUploaderImageSettings A collection of WebUploader's images settings.
WebFileUploaderProgressInformation A collection of members in WebUploader's progress information.
WebFileUploaderStyleSettings A collection of members in WebUploader's style settings.
WebFileUploaderTextSettings A collection of settings which controls the text shown in WebUploader.
WebSpellChecker Intersoft WebSpellChecker is an easy-to-use, yet powerful spell checking component for ASP.NET. In addition to typical spell check features that you expected, WebSpellChecker delivers several innovative features that are not available elsewhere, such as Microsoft Word-style red-wave underline highlight, built-in dialogbox with intuitive design, natural integration with WebTextEditor, wide cross browsers support and more.
WebSpellCheckerClientSideEvents A collection of WebSpellChecker's client side events.
WebSpellCheckerImagesSettings A collection of WebSpellChecker's images settings.
WebSpellCheckerTextSettings A collection of settings which controls the text shown in WebSpellChecker.
WebSpellCheckerTextSuggestion A collection of WebSpellChecker's text suggestion settings.
WebSpellCheckerTextSuggestionCollection A collection of text suggestion used by WebSpellChecker.
WebTextEditor Intersoft WebTextEditor is a business-oriented text editor that seamlessly combines innovative features, elegant interface and great UX in a single box! With multitude of rich editing features – such as built-in media gallery, table designer, innovative red-wave highlight spell checker, and real-progress file uploader – WebTextEditor rediscovers the art of editing, and makes content authoring easier, simpler and more intuitive.
WebTextEditorBeforeSendMailArgs Provides data for before SendMail event.
WebTextEditorClientSideEvents A collection of WebTextEditor's client side events.
WebTextEditorCssFile A collection of WebTextEditor's css files.
WebTextEditorEditorSettings A collection of WebTextEditor's editor settings.
WebTextEditorFileUploaderSettings A collection of WebTextEditor's uploader settings.
WebTextEditorImagesSettings A collection of WebTextEditor's images settings.
WebTextEditorLabel A collection of WebTextEditor's mail merge label settings.
WebTextEditorLabelCollection A collection of mail merge's label used by WebTextEditor.
WebTextEditorMailMergeArgs Provides data for MailMerge event.
WebTextEditorMailMergeCompletedArgs Provides data for MailMerge completed event.
WebTextEditorMailMergeSettings A collection of WebTextEditor's mail merge settings.
WebTextEditorMedia A collection of members in WebTextEditor's media.
WebTextEditorMediaCollection A collection of media used by WebTextEditor.
WebTextEditorMediaResourceGroup A collection of members in WebTextEditor's media resource group.
WebTextEditorMediaResourceGroupCollection A collection of media resource group used by WebTextEditor.
WebTextEditorResource A collection of members media resource used by WebTextEditor for media searching.
WebTextEditorResourceCollection A collection of media resource used by WebTextEditor for media searching.
WebTextEditorSaveArgs Provides data for Save event.
WebTextEditorSection A collection of members in WebTextEditor's section.
WebTextEditorSendMailArgs Provides data for SendMail event.
WebTextEditorSendMailCompletedArgs Provides data for SendMail complete event.
WebTextEditorTaskPaneSettings A collection of WebTextEditor's TaskPane settings.
WebTextEditorTextSettings A collection of settings which controls the text shown in WebTextEditor.
WebTextEditorToolBar A collection of members in WebTextEditor's ToolBar.
WebTextEditorToolBarArgs Provides data for ToolBar event.
WebTextEditorToolBarCollection The data collection of ToolBar used by WebTextEditor.
WebTextEditorToolBarSettings A collection of WebTextEditor's ToolBar settings.
WebTextEditorToolCommand A collection of members in WebTextEditor's ToolBar command.
WebTextEditorToolCommandCollection The data collection of ToolBar's command used by WebTextEditor.
WebTextEditorToolItem A collection of members in WebTextEditor's ToolBar command dropdown list.
WebTextEditorToolItemCollection The data collection of ToolBar's command dropdown list used by WebTextEditor.
WebTextEditorViewSettings A collection of settings used for view in WebTextEditor.
WebTextEditorWatermarkSettings A collection of settings used for watermark in WebTextEditor.


UploadFileEventHandler Delegates that handles the UploadFile event.
ValidateUploadFileEventHandler Delegates that handles the ValidateUploadFile event.
WebTextEditorBeforeSendMailEventHandler Delegates that handles the before Send Mail event.
WebTextEditorMailMergeCompletedEventHandler Delegates that handles the MailMerge completed event.
WebTextEditorMailMergeEventHandler Delegates that handles the MailMerge event.
WebTextEditorSaveEventHandler Delegates that handles the Save event.
WebTextEditorSendMailCompletedEventHandler Delegates that handles the Send Mail completed event.
WebTextEditorSendMailEventHandler Delegates that handles the Send Mail event.
WebTextEditorToolBarEventHandler Delegates that handles the ToolBar event.


PostbackMode Determines which Postback mode is used.
PriorityUploadType Specifies which PriorityUpload type is used.
ProgressInformationType Determines which progres information type is used.
SaveType Determines which SaveType is used.
UILayout Determines which UILayout is used.
UploadType Determines which UploadType is used.
ValidationType Determines which Validation type is used.
WebSpellCheckerContextMenuStyle Determines which context menu style is used.
WebTextEditorCssType Specifies which EditorCssType is used.
WebTextEditorDefaultStyleMode Determines which DefaultStyle mode is used.
WebTextEditorEnterKeyAction Determines which EnterKeyAction is used.
WebTextEditorHtmlDocType Determines which HtmlDoctype is used.
WebTextEditorMediaResourceType Specifies which ResourceType is used.
WebTextEditorMediaType Specifies which MediaType is used.
WebTextEditorParagraphMode Determines which Paragraph mode is used.
WebTextEditorResizeMode Determines which resize mode is used.
WebTextEditorSerializationMode Specifies which serialization mode is used.
WebTextEditorTaskPanePosition Specifies which TaskPane position is used.
WebTextEditorToolBarCategory Determines which ToolBar category is used.
WebTextEditorToolBarCommandDisplayMode Determines which DisplayMode is used for ToolBar command.
WebTextEditorToolBarCommandType Specifies which CommandType is used in WebTextEditor's ToolBar command.
WebTextEditorToolBarMode Determines which ToolBar mode is used.
WebTextEditorToolCommandType Specifies which command is used in WebTextEditor's ToolBar command.
WebTextEditorViewMode Specifies WebTextEditor view mode.
WebUploadInfoStatus Specifies WebUploader info status.
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