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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


BaseDateTimeEditorClientSideEvents Represents client side (Javascript) datetime editor element events.
CalculatorEditor Represents client calculator editor user interface.
CalculatorEditorClientSideEvents Represents calculator editor element client side events.
CultureInfoWrapper Intersoft ASP.Net cultureinfo wrapper class.
CustomPlaceHolder Represents custom placeHolder character information.
CustomPlaceHolderCollection Represents a collection of custom placeholder.
DateTimeEditor Represents client datetime editor user interface.
DateTimeEditorClientSideEvents Represents client side (Javascript) datetime editor element events.
DateTimeFormatInfoWrapper This class only wraps .NET DateTimeFormatInfo class.
DefaultPlaceHolderCollection Represents a collection of default placeholders.
DTName Represents DTName.
DTNameCollection Represents a collection of DTName.
DTNameCollectionEditor Summary description for DTNameCollectionEditor.
FormatValidatorClientSideEvents Represents client side (Javascript) display format events.
FormatValidatorInfo Represents display format info.
HighLight Represents the selection, which is a highlighted block of text.
Holiday Represents holiday.
HolidayCollection Represents a collection of holiday.
ISNetMaskInfoException Represents ISNet mask info exception.
LookUpChar Represents look up chars.
LookUpCharCollection Represents a collection of lookup char.
MaskExpressionEventArgs Represents mask expression event arguments.
MaskInfo Represents masking info.
MaskValidatorClientSideEvents Specifies client side (Javascript) edit format element events.
MaskValidatorInfo Represents edit format info.
NGroup Represents NGroup.
NGroupCollection Represents a collection of NGroup.
NumberFormatInfoWrapper Represents number format info wrapper.
PlaceHolder Represents placeHolder character information.
TextEditor Represents text editor.
WebInput Intersoft ASP.Net WebInput server control for Microsoft ASP.NET
WebInputClientSideEvents Represents the client side (Javascript) WebInput input HTML element events.
WebInputImageSettings Represents WebInput.Net image settings.
WebInputStyleSettings Represents WebInput.Net style settings.
WebInputTextSettings Represents WebInput.Net text settings.


IFormat Summary description for IIMask.
IHighLightCollaborate Summary description for IHighLightCollaborate.
IMask Summary description for IIMask.
IPlaceHolderCollection Summary description for IPlaceHolderCollection.



CharacterCasing Specifies the case of characters.
FormatType Determines format data type of WebInput.
HighLightType Specifies type of highlight.
InitialSelection Specifies the selection position when a control receives input focus.
MaskType Determines masking data type of WebInput.
PlaceHolderCommandType Specifies type of command placeholder.
PlaceHolderType Specifies type of placeholder.
WrapType Sets or retrieves how to handle wordwrapping in the object.
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