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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AutoIncrementAttribute Use this attribute to mark a property in custom object as auto increment field.
BaseEventArgs The base class for all event arguments classes. The ReturnValue allows events to be cancelled to skip default event behavior.
ButtonEventArgs Provides data for button related event.
CaptionAttribute Sets the caption of the property which will be used in WebGridColumn's Caption.
CellEventArgs Provides data for cell related event.
ChartAreaTypeSettings Specifies which Series Area's types is available for the end-user.
ChartAxisSettings Controls all axes appearance displayed in the WebGridChart
ChartBackgroundSettings Define the background filling and frame applied to objects
ChartBackplaneStyle Represents the appearance styles, which defines the backplane of an object
ChartBarTypeSettings Specifies which Series Bar's types is available for the end-user.
ChartBevelAndEmbossImageFilterSettings Controls the bevel and embos effect.
ChartBlurImageFilterSettings Controls the blur effect.
ChartColorFillStyle Represents a solid color filling.
ChartColumnTypeSettings Specifies which Series Column's types is available for the end-user.
ChartConfig Represent all information about PivotCharting config.
ChartDataLabelStyle Controls the appearance of a data point label.
ChartDataManager Controls the data processing procedure.
ChartDoughnutTypeSettings Specifies which Series Doughnut's types is available for the end-user.
ChartEmptyDataPointsStyle Controls the appearance of the empty data points. An instance of this class is attached to every series.
ChartFillStyle The base of all filling types, which currently are: color, gradient, pattern, image and advanced gradient
ChartFilterAndSortRibbonSettings Controls Filter and Sort Ribbon settings.
ChartFilterDataSettings Filter data settings
ChartFontStyle Represents a font style
ChartFrameStyle Controls the frame style.
ChartGlowImageFilterSettings Controls the glow effect.
ChartGradientFillStyle Represents a gradient filling.
ChartHatchFillStyle Represents a hatch filling.
ChartImageFillStyle Represents an image based filling.
ChartImageFilterSettings Base class for all image filters
ChartImageFrameStyle Represents an vector image frame around an object
ChartInteractiveStyle Controls the properties related to the interactivity behavior of the object it is attached to. These properties include tooltips, mouse cursor and URL to redirect the browser to when the user clicks on the chart image map.
ChartInteractiveUISettings Controls ChartInteractiveUI(PivotCharting) settings .
ChartLabelSettings This object represents a label.
ChartLegendDataSettings Controls chart legend data layout.
ChartLegendSettings Controls Chart Legend appearance in WebGridChart
ChartLegendTitle Controls the legend header and legend footer appearance.
ChartLightingImageFilterSettings Controls lighting filter effect. This effect is achieved by creating a bump based on the original image alpha values and then lighting calculations are performed for each pixel in the image.
ChartLightModelSettings Controls the light effects applied to a 3D scene. It allows you to enable and disable scene lighting, to load predefined light schemes and control global light properties as well as gives access to the collection of light sources.
ChartLightSourceCollection Represents the collection of ChartLightSourceSettings.
ChartLightSourceSettings Represents a light source in the 3D scene. It can control the light source emission characteristics, its position and direction. You add light sources to the 3D scene with the help of the LightSources collection of the GLLightModel class. The number of light sources is limited to eight in the current Microsoft OpenGL implementation. For more information on the way that OpenGL implements lighting.
ChartLineTypeSettings Specifies which Series Line's types is available for the end-user.
ChartMarginValue Represents a margin value.
ChartMarkerStyle Controls the appearance of a data point marker.
ChartMaterialStyle Represent a Material Style
ChartPieTypeSettings Specifies which Series Pie's types is available for the end-user.
ChartPivotConfig Base class for all PivotConfig classes
ChartPivotDataConfig Represent the PivotData config settings.
ChartPivotDataConfigCollection Represents the collection of ChartPivotDataConfig.
ChartPivotFilterConfig Represent the PivotFilter config settings.
ChartPivotFilterConfigCollection Represents the collection of ChartPivotFilterConfig.
ChartPointValue Represents a point, defined as an ordered pair of lengths (X, Y), which control the point coordinates in two dimensional space.
ChartProjectionSettings Controls scene view parameters like camera position, zoom, projection type, etc.
ChartRequestHandler Controls the chart image request handler.
ChartScaleGridStyle Controls the grid lines displayed by the axis at the chart walls
ChartScaleLabelAngleValue Represents scale label angle value
ChartScaleLabelStyle Describes the appearance of the automatically generated labels on a scale.
ChartScaleStripStyle Represents an scale interlace style. Interlace styles are drawn on the chart walls and are synchronized with the axis major ticks.
ChartScaleTitleStyle Controls the appearance of titles that appear on the axis
ChartSeriesAreaSettings Series-Area settings.
ChartSeriesBarSettings Series-Bar settings.
ChartSeriesBubbleSettings Series-Bubble settings.
ChartSeriesColorCollection Represents the collection of Series Color.
ChartSeriesColorCollectionSettings Controls the collection of color sequence used in the series
ChartSeriesColumnSettings Series-Column settings.
ChartSeriesDoughnutSettings Series-Doughnut settings.
ChartSeriesLineSettings Series-Line settings.
ChartSeriesMarkerCollection Represents the collection of ChartMarkerStyle.
ChartSeriesMarkerCollectionSettings Controls the collection of markers sequence used in the series
ChartSeriesPieSettings Series-Pie settings.
ChartSeriesPolarSettings Series-Polar settings.
ChartSeriesRadarSettings Series-Radar settings.
ChartSeriesSmoothLineSettings Series-SmoothLine settings.
ChartSeriesStepLineSettings Series-StepLine settings.
ChartSeriesStockSettings Series-Stock settings.
ChartSeriesXYSettings Series-XY settings.
ChartSettings Represent all information about chart settings.
ChartShadowStyle Base class for all shadow classes
ChartShowOrHideRibbonSettings Controls Show or Hide Ribbon settings.
ChartSizeValue Represents a size, defined as an ordered pair of lengths (Width, Height).
ChartSmoothLineTypeSettings Specifies which Series Line's types is available for the end-user.
ChartStandardFrameStyle Represents a rectangular frame around an object
ChartStepLineTypeSettings Specifies which Series Step StepLine's types is available for the end-user.
ChartStrokeStyle Controls the line (or border) parameters of the object it is applied to. With the properties of this object you can modify the line style, color and width.
ChartTextStyle Controls the font, appearance and formatting of text objects.
ChartTextureFillStyle The base class of all fill styles using a texture - gradient, image, hatch and advanced gradient.
ChartTextureMappingStyle Controls how texture based fillings are mapped on the object
ChartTitleRibbonSettings Controls Title Ribbon settings.
ChartTypeRibbonSettings Controls ChartType Ribbon settings.
ChartVector3DValue Represents a vector 3D value.
ChartVisualEffectSettings Controls settings related to the chart rendering and scaling like antialiasing, jittering and 2D object scaling.
ChartWalls Controls charts' wall appearance
ChartWallSettings Controls the chart wall appearance
ChartXAxisSettings Controls x axis appearance displayed in the WebGridChart
ChartYAxisSettings Controls y axis appearance displayed in the WebGridChart
ChartZAxisSettings Controls z axis appearance displayed in the WebGridChart
ChildTableDataSourceEventArgs Provides data for childtable's datasource event.
ClientEvents Provides a centralized class for client side events.
ClientSideAction Summary description for ClientSideAction.
ColumnEventArgs Provides data for column related event.
ColumnSetSettings Class ColumnSetSettings
CustomAggregateArgs Provides data for custom aggregate function.
CustomEditorEditor Summary description for CustomEditorEditor.
CustomEditorNameEditor Summary description for CustomEditorNameEditor.
DataFieldEditor Implement editor for DataField.
DataSourceEventArgs Provides data for datasource related event.
ExportEventArgs Provides data for grid export event.
FieldTypeEditor Summary description for FieldTypeEditor.
FilterEventArgs Provides data for filter related event.
FocusStyle FocusStyle object contains the styles used to control the appearance of focused row or cell object.
GroupByBoxObject GroupByBoxObject class contains numerous settings and styles which controls the GroupBox's appearance.
ImageSettings The ImageSettings object contains images filename settings that is used in WebGrid.
LayoutEventArgs Provides data for layout related event.
LayoutSet LayoutSet provides a centralized access to control the behavior and styles of the whole WebGrid object.
NonRetrievableAttribute Use this attribute to mark a property in custom object as non retrievable. When a property has this attribute, the property will not be populated during databinding.
ObjectRow ObjectRow class. Does not intended for direct developers use.
PostBackAction Class that contains string constants for post back actions.
PostbackEventArgs Provides data for OnTheFly postback event.
PreviewRowSettings Provides settings to control the appearance and behavior of PreviewRow.
PrimaryKeyAttribute Use this attribute to mark a property in custom object as Primary Key. This attribute is required for Hierarchical custom objects databinding.
RowEventArgs Provides data for row related event.
SelectedObject SelectedObject class contains information about client's last selected object.
SelfReferencingSettings Class SelfReferencingSettings
Series Base class for all series settings
SeriesArea Controls series area representation.
SeriesBar Controls series bar representation.
SeriesBase Base class for all series settings
SeriesBubble Controls series bubble representation.
SeriesLegend Controls the representation of the associated series in the chart legend.
SeriesLine Controls series line representation.
SeriesLineBase Controls series line representation.
SeriesPie Controls series pie representation.
SeriesPoint Controls series point representation.
SeriesPolar Controls series polar representation.
SeriesRadar Controls series radar representation.
SeriesSmoothLine Controls series smooth line representation.
SeriesStepLine Controls series step line representation.
SeriesStock Controls series stock representation.
SeriesXYScatter Controls series XY representation.
SeriesXYZScatter Controls series XYZ representation.
SortEventArgs Provides data for sort related event.
TableEventArgs Provides data for table related event.
TextItemEditor Summary description for TextItemEditor.
TextSettings Provides a centralized class for textual settings used in WebGrid.
WebComboEditor The editor for WebCombo picklist.
WebGrid Intersoft WebGrid.NET WebControl for Microsoft ASP.NET.
WebGridCell Represents an individual data item that belongs to WebGridTable objects.
WebGridCellCollection Represents a collection of WebGridCell objects for a WebGridRow.
WebGridChartEventArgs Provides data for the ChartImageProcessing events.
WebGridChartStatusArgs Provides data for the ChartImageProcessed events.
WebGridColumn Represents a column of data that belongs to a WebGridTable object.
WebGridColumnCollection A collection of WebGridColumn objects that represent the columns of a WebGridTable object.
WebGridColumnSet Class WebGridColumnSet
WebGridColumnSetCollection Class WebGridColumnSetCollection
WebGridComponentEditor Summary description for WebInputComponentEditor.
WebGridCustomEditor Class WebGridCustomEditor
WebGridCustomEditorBehavior Class WebGridCustomEditorBehavior
WebGridCustomEditorCollection Class WebGridCustomEditorCollection
WebGridDesigner The class that handles the design time support for WebGrid control.
WebGridFilter Represents a filter column that belongs to WebGridTable object.
WebGridFilterCollection A collection of WebGridFilter objects that represent the FilterColumn of a WebGridTable object.
WebGridFormatCondition Class WebGridFormatCondition
WebGridFormatConditionCollection Class WebGridFormatConditionCollection
WebGridFormatStyle The WebGridFormatStyle class handles properties and methods directly related to the appearance of an object inside the grid. WebGridFormatStyles are applied to the cells, footers and column headers of the grid.
WebGridGroup Represents the object for WebGridGroupCollection and WebGridSortCollection.
WebGridGroupCollection A collection of WebGridGroup objects that represent SortColumn or GroupColumn of a WebGridTable object.
WebGridObjectRelation WebGridObjectRelation class, contains information about objects relationship information.
WebGridRow Represents the data row that belongs to WebGridTable object.
WebGridRowCollection A collection of WebGridRow objects that represent the rows of a table of WebGrid control.
WebGridRowLayout Class WebGridRowLayout
WebGridRowLayoutCollection Class WebGridRowLayoutCollection
WebGridScrollBarStyle Class WebGridScrollBarStyle
WebGridTable WebGridTable is the central object of WebGrid control. It is used as the WebGrid object that represents the top most level of WebGridTableCollection object.
WebGridTableCollection A collection of WebGridTable objects that represent the tables of WebGrid control.
WebGridTextItem Class WebGridTextItem
WebGridTextItemCollection Class WebGridTextItemCollection
WebValueList Represents the text to be displayed instead of cell's value.



IHierarchicalList IHierarchicalList interface, required to support hierarchical objects binding in WebGrid.NET Enterprise V4.0.
IHierarchicalObject IHierarchicalObject interface, required to support hierarchical objects binding in WebGrid.NET Enterprise V4.0.
IObjectRelations IObjectRelations interface, required to support hierarchical objects binding in WebGrid.NET Enterprise V4.0.


AddRowEventHandler Delegate that handles the !:AddRow event.
CellEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebGrid event.
ChildTableDataSourceEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebGrid event.
ColumnEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebGrid event.
CustomAggregateEventHandler Delegate that handles the !:CustomAggregate event.
CustomFilterEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebGrid event.
CustomSortEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebGrid event.
DataSourceEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebGrid event.
DeleteRowEventHandler Delegate that handles the !:DeleteRow event.
ExportEventHandler Delegate that handles the Export event.
LayoutEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebGrid event.
PostBackEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebGrid event.
RowEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebGrid event.
TableEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebGrid event.
UpdateRowEventHandler Delegate that handles the !:UpdateRow event.
WebGridChartProcessedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ChartImageProcessed event.
WebGridChartProcessingEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ChartImageProcessing event.


AddNew AddNew Enumeration.
AggregateFunctions AggregateFunctions Enumeration.
Alignment Alignment Enumeration.
AutoCalc Specifies the type of aggregate function.
BackplaneShape The shape of the backplane applied on texts, legends, chart margins and labels.
BarShape Defines the possible bar shapes. This enumeration is used in series that display bars.
BaseEditorType BaseEditorType Enumeration.
BevelType Different styles of bevel and emboss filter .
BlurType Different types of blur functions.
BoundsMode Possible modes for fitting a drawable object into a specified area.
CandleStyle Defines the style of the candle.
CellClick CellClick Enumeration.
ChartAxis Represents the type of chart axis.
ChartFillType Defines the type of Fill procedure.
ChartFrameType Defines the type of Frame to be used.
ChartImageFormat Defines type of image format available for ChartImage.
ChartMode Defines the ChartUI Mode.
ChartType Defines the type of Chart
ChildRowAction ChildRowAction Enumeration.
ColumnFilterType ColumnFilterType Enumeration.
ColumnMove ColumnMove Enumeration.
ColumnSizing ColumnSizing Enumeration.
ColumnType ColumnType Enumeration.
ColumnVisibility ColumnVisibility Enumeration.
ContentAlignment Specifies alignment of content on the drawing surface.
ControlType ControlType Enumeration.
CursorType Enumerates the possible cursor types.
DateInterval Defines the type of DateInterval used for DateTime filtering.
Delete Delete Enumeration.
DropdownButtonType DropdownButtonType Enumeration.
Edit Edit Enumeration.
EditType EditType Enumeration.
EmptyDataPointsAppearanceMode Different appearance modes for the empty data points.
EmptyDataPointsMarkerMode Different marker modes for the empty data points.
Export Export Enumeration.
Filter Filter Enumeration.
FilterEditType FilterEditType Enumeration.
FilterKeyMode FilterKeyMode Enumeration.
FrameBevelStyle Defines the bevel style of a standard frame. You may need a frame when you want your control background to be more consistent with the other Windows controls displayed by your form. For more information see the NFrameStyle object in the Object Reference.
GlowType Different styles of glow filter.
GradientStyle Defines the style of the gradient or in other words the way the starting color fades into the ending color. For more information see the NFillEffect object description in the Object Reference.
GradientVariant The variant of the gradient style. All gradient styles have four gradients except GradientStyle.FromCenter, which has only two.
GridLines GridLines Enumeration.
Grouping Grouping Enumeration.
GroupInterval GroupInterval Enumeration.
GroupMode GroupMode Enumeration.
HeaderAlignment Specifies alignment of the chart header / title
HeaderClick HeaderClick Enumeration.
HideColumns HideColumns Enumeration.
HorizontalAlign Specifies the horizonal alignment of objects within a container.
HyperlinkTarget HyperlinkTarget Enumeration.
ImageFrameType Defines the type of the image frame.
InProgressUIBehavior InProgressUIBehavior Enumeration.
LabelGenerationMode Enumerates the possible label generation options
LanguageMode LanguageMode Enumeration.
LegendExpandMode Defines the legend expand strategies, or in other words in which dimension will the legend grow when new items are added to the legend data item collection.
LegendMode When the LegendMode property is set to Disabled the legend is not shown. In Automatic mode the legend displays the presentation groups of the component.
LevelOfDetail Defines several levels of detail for complex primitives like spheres.
LightSourceType Defines the type of a light source.
LinePattern Defines a line pattern.
LineSegmentShape Defines the possible shapes for the line series segments.
LostFocusMode LostFocusMode Enumeration.
MajorTickMode Defines the possible step modes of the numeric axis scale.
MapLayout The layout used when mapping a texture on an object in the 3D scene.
MapMode Defines how textures are mapped on the surfaces of an object.
PagingMode PagingMode Enumeration.
ParentRootMode ParentRootMode Enumeration.
PersistenceType PersistenceType Enumeration.
PieExplodeMode Defines Pie chart exploding mode.
PieLabelMode Defines the possible label modes for a pie chart.
PieStyle This custom type is used by the PieStyle property of the NPieSeries object and determine the style of the of the pie segments.
PivotCriteriaState Defines Criteria State for data filtering purposes
PivotDataType Defines type of pivot data
PivotType Defines type of pivot filter
PointShape Defines the possible marker styles.
PostbackMode PostbackMode Enumeration.
PredefinedLightModel The possible predefined light schemes
PredefinedProjection Predefined view projections that enable you to set all the projection parameters with one function call.
PredefinedStandardFrame Predefined standard frame styles.
ProjectionType Defines the projection type
RenderSurface Different types of rendering surfaces.
RestorationLevel RestorationLevel Enumeration.
RibbonState Defines the initial state for the Chart Ribbon
RowHeaders RowHeaders Enumeration.
RowLayoutMode RowLayoutMode Enumeration.
RowLayoutSpan RowLayoutSpan Enumeration.
RowType RowType Enumeration.
ScaleLabelAngleMode Defines how axis labels are oriented depending on the scale they belong to.
ScaleLevelShape Defines the shape of the axis level axes.
SelectColumns SelectColumns Enumeration.
SeriesAppearanceMode Enumerates the series appearance modes
SeriesAreaType Defines types of Area series
SeriesBarType Defines types of Bar series.
SeriesBubbleType Defines types of Bubble series.
SeriesColumnType Defines types of Column series.
SeriesDoughnutType Defines types of Doughnut series
SeriesLegendMode Defines the modes in which the series fills the legend.
SeriesLineType Defines types of Line series.
SeriesPieType Defines types of Pie series.
SeriesPolarType Defines types of Polar series
SeriesRadarType Defines types of Radar series
SeriesSmoothLineType Defines types of SmoothLine series.
SeriesStepLineType Defines types of StepLine series.
SeriesStockType Defines types of Stock series.
SeriesXYType Defines types of XY series.
ShadowType Defines the type of a shadow.
ShapeRenderingMode Enumerates the shape rendering modes
Sorting Sorting Enumeration.
SortOrder Defines the sort order.
SortOrder SortOrder Enumeration.
StringFormatType Defines the standard string format types.
TargetObjectType TargetObjectType Enumeration.
TextDirection Enumerates the supported text directions
TextFormat Defines the used text parser.
VerticalAlign Specifies the vertical alignment of objects within a container.
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WebGrid Page: FilterEditType Enumeration Page: Filter Enumeration Page: FilterEventArgs Class Page: FilterKeyMode Enumeration Page: FocusStyle Class Page: FrameBevelStyle Enumeration Page: GenericContainerTemplate Class - WebGrid Page: GenericDataSourceTableSchema Class Page: GlowType Enumeration Page: GradientStyle Enumeration Page: GradientVariant Enumeration Page: GridInitialView Enumeration Page: GridLines Enumeration Page: GridPrintLayoutMode Enumeration Page: GroupByBoxObject Class Page: Grouping Enumeration Page: GroupInterval Enumeration Page: GroupMode Enumeration Page: HeaderAlignment Enumeration Page: HeaderClick Enumeration Page: HideColumns Enumeration Page: HierarchicalOperation Enumeration Page: HorizontalAlign Enumeration Page: HtmlHeaderScope Enumeration Page: HyperlinkTarget Enumeration Page: IChartEngine Interface Page: IHierarchicalList Interface - WebGrid Page: IHierarchicalObject Interface Page: ImageFrameType Enumeration Page: ImageSettings Class Page: InProgressUIBehavior Enumeration Page: IObjectRelations Interface - WebGrid Page: LabelGenerationMode Enumeration Page: LanguageMode Enumeration Page: LayoutEventArgs Class - WebGrid Page: LayoutEventHandler Delegate - WebGrid Page: LayoutSet Class - WebGrid Page: LegendExpandMode Enumeration Page: LegendMode Enumeration Page: LevelOfDetail Enumeration Page: LightSourceType Enumeration Page: LinePattern Enumeration Page: LineSegmentShape Enumeration Page: LostFocusMode Enumeration Page: MajorTickMode Enumeration Page: MapLayout Enumeration Page: MapMode Enumeration Page: Margins Class Page: MultipleSelection Enumeration Page: NewRowEditType Enumeration Page: NonRetrievableAttribute Class - WebGrid Page: ObjectRow Class Page: PageOrientation Enumeration Page: PagingMode Enumeration Page: ParentRootMode Enumeration Page: PersistenceType Enumeration Page: PieExplodeMode Enumeration Page: PieLabelMode Enumeration Page: PieStyle Enumeration Page: PivotCriteriaState Enumeration Page: PivotDataType Enumeration Page: PivotType Enumeration Page: PointShape Enumeration Page: PostBackAction Class - WebGrid Page: PostbackEventArgs Class - WebGrid Page: PostBackEventHandler Delegate - WebGrid Page: PostbackMode Enumeration - WebGrid Page: PoweredByAttribute Class - WebGrid Page: PredefinedLightModel Enumeration Page: PredefinedProjection Enumeration Page: PredefinedStandardFrame Enumeration Page: PrepareExportExecuteEventArgs Class Page: PrepareExportExecuteEventHandler Delegate Page: PreviewRowSettings Class Page: PrimaryKeyAttribute Class - WebGrid Page: ProjectionType Enumeration Page: QueryCommand Enumeration Page: RenderSurface Enumeration Page: ReportFileFormat Enumeration Page: RestorationLevel Enumeration Page: RestoreSelection Enumeration Page: RibbonState Enumeration Page: RowChangedAction Enumeration Page: RowChangedEventArgs Class Page: RowEventArgs Class - WebGrid Page: RowEventHandler Delegate - WebGrid Page: RowHeaders Enumeration Page: RowHighlightType Enumeration Page: RowLayoutMode Enumeration Page: RowLayoutSpan Enumeration Page: RowLayoutSpanEventHandler Delegate Page: RowState Enumeration Page: RowType Enumeration Page: ScaleLabelAngleMode Enumeration Page: ScaleLevelShape Enumeration Page: SchemaRetrievalMode Enumeration Page: SelectColumns Enumeration Page: SelectedObject Class Page: SelfReferencingSettings Class Page: SeriesAppearanceMode Enumeration Page: SeriesArea Class Page: SeriesAreaType Enumeration Page: SeriesBar Class Page: SeriesBarType Enumeration Page: SeriesBase Class Page: SeriesBubble Class Page: SeriesBubbleType Enumeration Page: Series Class Page: SeriesColumnType Enumeration Page: SeriesDoughnutType Enumeration Page: SeriesLegend Class Page: SeriesLegendMode Enumeration Page: SeriesLineBase Class Page: SeriesLine Class Page: SeriesLineType Enumeration Page: SeriesPie Class Page: SeriesPieType Enumeration Page: SeriesPoint Class Page: SeriesPolar Class Page: SeriesPolarType Enumeration Page: SeriesRadar Class Page: SeriesRadarType Enumeration Page: SeriesSmoothLine Class Page: SeriesSmoothLineType Enumeration Page: SeriesStepLine Class Page: SeriesStepLineType Enumeration Page: SeriesStock Class Page: SeriesStockType Enumeration Page: SeriesXYScatter Class Page: SeriesXYType Enumeration Page: SeriesXYZScatter Class Page: ShadowType Enumeration Page: ShapeRenderingMode Enumeration Page: SortEventArgs Class Page: Sorting Enumeration Page: SortOrder Enumeration Page: SortOrder Enumeration - WebGrid Page: SpanEventArgs Class Page: StringFormatType Enumeration Page: TableEventArgs Class Page: TableEventHandler Delegate Page: TargetObjectType Enumeration Page: TextDirection Enumeration - WebGrid Page: TextFormat Enumeration Page: TextItemEditor Class Page: TextSettings Class Page: UpdateResult Class Page: UpdateRowEventHandler Delegate Page: ValueListSorting Enumeration Page: VerticalAlign Enumeration Page: VirtualLoadMode Enumeration Page: WebComboEditor Class Page: WebGridBatchUpdateException Class Page: WebGridBatchUpdateSettings Class Page: WebGridCell Class Page: WebGridCellCollection Class Page: WebGridCellData Class Page: WebGridCellTemplateContainer Class Page: WebGridChartEventArgs Class Page: WebGridChartProcessedEventHandler Delegate Page: WebGridChartProcessingEventHandler Delegate Page: WebGridChartStatusArgs Class Page: WebGrid Class Page: WebGridClientBindingSettings Class Page: WebGridColumn Class Page: WebGridColumnCollection Class Page: WebGridColumnSet Class Page: WebGridColumnSetCollection Class Page: WebGridCommandItem Class Page: WebGridComponentEditor Class Page: WebGridCustomEditorBehavior Class Page: WebGridCustomEditor Class Page: WebGridCustomEditorCollection Class Page: WebGridDataSourceInfo Class Page: WebGridDesigner Class Page: WebGridFilter Class Page: WebGridFilterCollection Class Page: WebGridFormatCondition Class Page: WebGridFormatConditionCollection Class Page: WebGridFormatStyle Class Page: WebGridFreezePaneSettings Class Page: WebGridGroup Class Page: WebGridGroupCollection Class Page: WebGridObjectRelation Class Page: WebGridRowChanges Class Page: WebGridRow Class Page: WebGridRowCollection Class Page: WebGridRowLayout Class Page: WebGridRowLayoutCollection Class Page: WebGridScrollBarStyle Class Page: WebGridTable Class Page: WebGridTableCollection Class Page: WebGridTextItem Class Page: WebGridTextItemCollection Class Page: WebValueList Class