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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


BaseEventArgs The base class for all event arguments classes. The ReturnValue allows events to be cancelled to skip default event behavior.
Cells Represents an individual data item when ComboMode is set to MultipleColumns.
ClientEvents Provides a centralized class for client side events.
Columns Columns object provides a collection for the columns contained in WebGrid control.
DataSourceEventArgs Provides data for datasource related event.
FieldTypeEditor Summary description for FieldTypeEditor.
LayoutEventArgs Provides data for layout related event.
LayoutSet LayoutSet in WebCombo.NET 4.0 provides a centralized access to control the behavior and styles of the whole WebCombo object. This class allows users to manage the behavior and styles for almost the whole control's part.
LinkSettings LinkSettings class provides information about WebCombo links configurations.
PostBackAction Class that contains string constants for OnTheFly post back actions.
PostbackEventArgs Provides data for OnTheFly postback event.
Presets Presets class contains static methods that are used to initialize default styles and provides centralized access for other predefined styles.
RowEventArgs Provides data for row related event.
Rows A collection of Rows objects that represent the rows of the WebCombo control.
TextSet Provides a centralized access for customizing texts which used in WebCombo control.
ValueChangedEventArgs Events class contains all event argument definitions that are used in WebCombo control.
WebCombo WebCombo is the main control object. WebCombo provides advanced data-bound functionality without additional server pages or components. The LayoutSettings property contains many of the appearance and layout settings for WebCombo.
WebComboCell Represents an individual data item when ComboMode is set to MultipleColumns.
WebComboColumn The Column object contains properties to customize basic column information such as ColumnType, HeaderText and Width. This class should be used only when LayoutSet is set to MultipleColumns.
WebComboComponentEditor Summary description for WebInputComponentEditor.
WebComboDesigner The class that handles the design time support for WebCombo control.
WebComboRow Represents the data row that belongs to WebCombo object.


DataSourceEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebCombo event.
LayoutEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebCombo event.
PostBackEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebCombo event.
RowEventHandler Delegate that handles the WebCombo event.
ValueChangedEventHandler The delegate that handles the WebCombo event, which is invoked when the value of WebCombo control is changed.


BoxPosition Value indicating where the status box is located.
ColLayout Value indicating the column layout style of WebCombo.
ColumnType Value representing the column type of WebCombo
Mode Value representing the Combo mode of WebCombo.NET
SearchMode Value indicating the search icon mode of WebCombo.NET
TextboxMode Value indicating the text box mode on WebCombo.NET