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Defines the vehicle type.


public enum VehicleType


The following table summarizes the members exposed in this enumeration.


OTHER All other vehicles will return this type.
RAIL Rail.
METRO_RAIL Light rail transit.
SUBWAY Underground light rail.
TRAM Above ground light rail.
MONORAIL Monorail.
HEAVY_RAIL Heavy rail.
COMMUTER_TRAIN Commuter rail.
HIGH_SPEED_TRAIN High speed train.
BUS Bus.
INTERCITY_BUS Intercity bus.
TROLLEYBUS Trolleybus.
SHARE_TAXI Share taxi is a kind of bus with the ability to drop off and pick up passengers anywhere on its route.
FERRY Ferry.
CABLE_CAR A vehicle that operates on a cable, usually on the ground. Aerial cable cars may be of the type GONDOLA_LIFT.
GONDOLA_LIFT An aerial cable car.
FUNICULAR A vehicle that is pulled up a steep incline by a cable. A Funicular typically consists of two cars, with each car acting as a counterweight for the other.
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