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public enum KnownColor


The following table summarizes the members exposed in this enumeration.


ActiveBorder The active border knownColor.
ActiveCaption The active caption knownColor.
ActiveCaptionText The active caption text knownColor.
AppWorkspace The application workspace knownColor.
Control The control knownColor.
ControlDark The control dark knownColor.
ControlDarkDark The control dark dark knownColor.
ControlLight The control light knownColor.
ControlLightLight The control light light knownColor.
ControlText The control text knownColor.
Desktop The desktop knownColor.
GrayText The gray text knownColor.
Highlight The highlight knownColor.
HighlightText The highlight text knownColor.
HotTrack The hot track knownColor.
InactiveBorder The inactive border knownColor.
InactiveCaption The inactive caption knownColor.
InactiveCaptionText The inactive caption text knownColor.
Info The information knownColor.
InfoText The information text knownColor.
Menu The menu knownColor.
MenuText The menu text knownColor.
ScrollBar The scroll bar knownColor.
Window The window knownColor.
WindowFrame The window frame knownColor.
WindowText The window text knownColor.
Transparent The transparent knownColor.
AliceBlue The alice blue knownColor.
AntiqueWhite The antique white knownColor.
Aqua The aqua knownColor.
Aquamarine The aquamarine knownColor.
Azure The azure knownColor.
Beige The beige knownColor.
Bisque The bisque knownColor.
Black The black knownColor.
BlanchedAlmond The blanched almond knownColor.
Blue The blue knownColor.
BlueViolet The blue violet knownColor.
Brown The brown knownColor.
BurlyWood The burly wood knownColor.
CadetBlue The cadet blue knownColor.
Chartreuse The chartreuse knownColor.
Chocolate The chocolate knownColor.
Coral The coral knownColor.
CornflowerBlue The cornflower blue knownColor.
Cornsilk The cornsilk knownColor.
Crimson The crimson knownColor.
Cyan The cyan knownColor.
DarkBlue The dark blue knownColor.
DarkCyan The dark cyan knownColor.
DarkGoldenrod The dark goldenrod knownColor.
DarkGray The dark gray knownColor.
DarkGreen The dark green knownColor.
DarkKhaki The dark khaki knownColor.
DarkMagenta The dark magenta knownColor.
DarkOliveGreen The dark olive green knownColor.
DarkOrange The dark orange knownColor.
DarkOrchid The dark orchid knownColor.
DarkRed The dark red knownColor.
DarkSalmon The dark salmon knownColor.
DarkSeaGreen The dark sea green knownColor.
DarkSlateBlue The dark slate blue knownColor.
DarkSlateGray The dark slate gray knownColor.
DarkTurquoise The dark turquoise knownColor.
DarkViolet The dark violet knownColor.
DeepPink The deep pink knownColor.
DeepSkyBlue The deep sky blue knownColor.
DimGray The dim gray knownColor.
DodgerBlue The dodger blue knownColor.
Firebrick The firebrick knownColor.
FloralWhite The floral white knownColor.
ForestGreen The forest green knownColor.
Fuchsia The fuchsia knownColor.
Gainsboro The gainsboro knownColor.
GhostWhite The ghost white knownColor.
Gold The gold knownColor.
Goldenrod The goldenrod knownColor.
Gray The gray knownColor.
Green The green knownColor.
GreenYellow The green yellow knownColor.
Honeydew The honeydew knownColor.
HotPink The hot pink knownColor.
IndianRed The indian red knownColor.
Indigo The indigo knownColor.
Ivory The ivory knownColor.
Khaki The khaki knownColor.
Lavender The lavender knownColor.
LavenderBlush The lavender blush knownColor.
LawnGreen The lawn green knownColor.
LemonChiffon The lemon chiffon knownColor.
LightBlue The light blue knownColor.
LightCoral The light coral knownColor.
LightCyan The light cyan knownColor.
LightGoldenrodYellow The light goldenrod yellow knownColor.
LightGray The light gray knownColor.
LightGreen The light green knownColor.
LightPink The light pink knownColor.
LightSalmon The light salmon knownColor.
LightSeaGreen The light sea green knownColor.
LightSkyBlue The light sky blue knownColor.
LightSlateGray The light slate gray knownColor.
LightSteelBlue The light steel blue knownColor.
LightYellow The light yellow knownColor.
Lime The lime knownColor.
LimeGreen The lime green knownColor.
Linen The linen knownColor.
Magenta The magenta knownColor.
Maroon The maroon knownColor.
MediumAquamarine The medium aquamarine knownColor.
MediumBlue The medium blue knownColor.
MediumOrchid The medium orchid knownColor.
MediumPurple The medium purple knownColor.
MediumSeaGreen The medium sea green knownColor.
MediumSlateBlue The medium slate blue knownColor.
MediumSpringGreen The medium spring green knownColor.
MediumTurquoise The medium turquoise knownColor.
MediumVioletRed The medium violet red knownColor.
MidnightBlue The midnight blue knownColor.
MintCream The mint cream knownColor.
MistyRose The misty rose knownColor.
Moccasin The moccasin knownColor.
NavajoWhite The navajo white knownColor.
Navy The navy knownColor.
OldLace The old lace knownColor.
Olive The olive knownColor.
OliveDrab The olive drab knownColor.
Orange The orange knownColor.
OrangeRed The orange red knownColor.
Orchid The orchid knownColor.
PaleGoldenrod The pale goldenrod knownColor.
PaleGreen The pale green knownColor.
PaleTurquoise The pale turquoise knownColor.
PaleVioletRed The pale violet red knownColor.
PapayaWhip The papaya whip knownColor.
PeachPuff The peach puff knownColor.
Peru The peru knownColor.
Pink The pink knownColor.
Plum The plum knownColor.
PowderBlue The powder blue knownColor.
Purple The purple knownColor.
Red The red knownColor.
RosyBrown The rosy brown knownColor.
RoyalBlue The royal blue knownColor.
SaddleBrown The saddle brown knownColor.
Salmon The salmon knownColor.
SandyBrown The sandy brown knownColor.
SeaGreen The sea green knownColor.
SeaShell The sea shell knownColor.
Sienna The sienna knownColor.
Silver The silver knownColor.
SkyBlue The sky blue knownColor.
SlateBlue The slate blue knownColor.
SlateGray The slate gray knownColor.
Snow The snow knownColor.
SpringGreen The spring green knownColor.
SteelBlue The steel blue knownColor.
Tan The tan knownColor.
Teal The teal knownColor.
Thistle The thistle knownColor.
Tomato The tomato knownColor.
Turquoise The turquoise knownColor.
Violet The violet knownColor.
Wheat The wheat knownColor.
White The white knownColor.
WhiteSmoke The white smoke knownColor.
Yellow The yellow knownColor.
YellowGreen The yellow green knownColor.
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