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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AppleNotification Represents notification for apple push notification service.
AppleNotificationAlert Represents alert data from apple notification.
AppleNotificationPayload Represents payload data from apple notification.
ApplePushChannel Represents push notification channel for apple notification.
ApplePushChannelFactory Represents a factory object for apple push service channel.
ApplePushChannelSettings Represents settings configuration for apple push service channel.
ApplePushService Represents the apple push service.
ApplePushServiceManagerExtensions Represents extensions methods for apple push service manager.
ConnectionFailureException The exception that is thrown when connection fails.
DeviceSubscriptonExpiredException The exception that is thrown when device subscription has expired.
FeedbackService Represents the service that handles messaging to apple push notification service.
GcmAuthenticationErrorTransportException The exception that is thrown from google push notification service when the authentication is failed.
GcmBadRequestTransportException The exception that is thrown from google push notification service when the request has malformed json or bad request.
GcmMessageResult Represents the result of google push notification request.
GcmMessageTransportException The exception that is thrown from google push notification service.
GcmMessageTransportResponse Represents the response message from google pns service.
GcmNotification Represents google notification.
GcmPushChannel Represents the GCM push service channel.
GcmPushChannelFactory Represents the factory object for GCM push service channel.
GcmPushChannelSettings Represents the settings configuration for GCM push service channel.
GcmPushService Represents the GCM push service.
GcmPushServiceManagerExtensions Represents the extensions methods for google push service manager.
GcmServiceUnavailableTransportException The exception that is thrown from google push notification service when the service is unavailable.
Log Represents the logger class.
MaxSendAttemptsReachedException The exception that is thrown when maximum attemps to send the notificaiton is reached.
Notification Represents base class for notification object.
NotificationFailureException The exception that is thrown when the notification request is rejected by push notification server.
NotificationRequeueEventArgs Provides data for the PushServiceBase event.
PushServiceBase Represents base class for push service object.
PushServiceManager Represents a push service manager that handles push service to iOS, Android, WindowsPhone and Windows RT push notification service.
PushServiceSettings Represents settings configuration for push service.
PushToken Represents a model for cross-platform device token.
Queue<T> Represents data structure for queue.
SendNotificationResult Represents send notification result.
SentNotification Represents model for notification that has been sent to apple push notifications erver.
ServiceRegistration Represents service registration manager.
TcpExtensions Represents extensions methods for TcpClient class.
TileBinding Represents the tile binding configuration.
TileImage Represents the tile image configuration.
TileText Represents the tile text configuration.
TileVisual Represents the tile visual configuration.
ToastAudio Represents the toast audio configuration.
ToastBinding Represents the toast binding configuration.
ToastImage Represents the toast image configuration.
ToastText Represents the toast text configuration.
ToastVisual Represents the toast visual configuration.
UNotification Represents a unified notification for handling cross-platform notification. This class represents three notification types (AppleNotification, GcmNotification and WindowsPhoneToastNotification)
WindowsBadgeGlyphNotification Represents WinRT badge notification.
WindowsBadgeNumericNotification Represents the WinRT numeric badge notification.
WindowsNotification Represents base class for WinRT notification.
WindowsNotificationSendFailureException The exception that is thrown when fails sending notification request to windows push notification server.
WindowsNotificationStatus Represents message status for windows notification.
WindowsPhoneCycleTileNotification Represents the Windows Phone Cycle Tile Notification.
WindowsPhoneFlipTileNotification Represents the Windows Phone Flip Tile Notification.
WindowsPhoneIconicTileNotification Represents the Windows Phone Iconic Tile Notification.
WindowsPhoneMessageStatus Represents message status for windows phone notification.
WindowsPhoneNotification Represents base class for windows phone notification.
WindowsPhoneNotificationSendFailureException The exception that is thrown when fails sending notification request to windows phone push notification server.
WindowsPhonePushChannel Represents the windows phone push service channel.
WindowsPhonePushChannelFactory Represents factory object for windows phone push service channel.
WindowsPhonePushChannelSettings Represents a configuration settings for windows phone push service channel.
WindowsPhonePushService Represents the windows phone push service.
WindowsPhonePushServiceManagerExtensions Represents extension methods for windows push service manager.
WindowsPhoneRawNotification Represents Windows Phone Raw Notification.
WindowsPhoneTileNotification Represents the Windows Phone Tile Notification.
WindowsPhoneToastNotification Represents the Windows Phone Toast Notification.
WindowsPushChannel Represents the WinRT push service channel.
WindowsPushChannelFactory Represents a factory object for windows push service channel.
WindowsPushChannelSettings Represents a configuration settings for windows push service channel.
WindowsPushService Represents the WinRT push service.
WindowsPushServiceManagerExtensions Represents extension mehods for windows push service manager.
WindowsRawNotification Represents WinRT Raw Notification.
WindowsTileNotification Represents the WinRT Tile Notification.
WindowsToastNotification Represents WinRT Toast Notification.


ILogger Defines data member for logger object.
INotification Defines data member for notification object.
IPushChannel Represents data member for push channel.
IPushChannelFactory Defines data member for push channel factory
IPushChannelSettings Defines data member for push channel settings.
IPushService Defines data member for push service.
IPushServiceSettings Defines data member for push service settings.
IPushToken Defines data member for push token.


ChannelCreatedDelegate Handles ChannelCreated event.
ChannelDestroyedDelegate Handles ChannelDestroyed event.
ChannelExceptionDelegate Handles ChannelException event.
DeviceSubscriptionChangedDelegate Handles DeviceSubscriptionChanged event.
DeviceSubscriptionExpiredDelegate Handles DevicesubscriptionExpired event.
NotificationFailedDelegate Handles NotificationFailed event.
NotificationRequeueDelegate Handles NotificationRequeue event.
NotificationSentDelegate Handles NotificationSent event.
PushChannelExceptionDelegate Handles PushChannelException event.
SendNotificationCallbackDelegate Represents send notification callback delegate.
ServiceExceptionDelegate Handles ServiceException event.


BadgeGlyphValue Specifies the badge glyph value.
BatchingInterval Specifies the batching interval for windows phone notification.
BrandingType Specifies the branding type.
ChannelScaleAction Specifies the push notification channel scaling action.
GcmMessageTransportResponseCode Specifies the response code from google cloud messaging service.
GcmMessageTransportResponseStatus Specifies the response status from google cloud messaging service.
LogLevel Specifies the log type.
NotificationType Specifies the type of notification for windows phone.
OSKind Specifies the type of operating system.
TileNotificationTemplate Specifies the template for tile notification.
ToastAudioSource Specifies the toast audio source.
ToastDuration Specifies the duration of toast.
ToastNotificationTemplate Specifies the toast notification template.
WindowsDeviceConnectionStatus Specifies the status of windows device connection.
WindowsNotificationCachePolicyType Specifies the type of windows notification cache policy.
WindowsNotificationSendStatus Specifies the windows notification send status.
WindowsNotificationType Specifies the type of windows notification.
WindowsPhoneDeviceOSVersion Specifies the operating system version of windows phone.
WPDeviceConnectionStatus Specifies the connection status for windows phone channel.
WPNotificationStatus Specifies the status of windows phone notification.
WPSubscriptionStatus Specifies the subscription status for windows phone notification.
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