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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


ApiControllerExtensions Represents extensions method for System.Web.Http.ApiController.
AutoGeneratedKey Represents an auto generated key column.
ContextProvider Represents a base class of context provider.
DynamicTypeBase For internal use only.
DynamicTypeInfo Internal use only.
EntityContextProvider<T> Represents an entity context provider.
EntityControllerAttribute Represents api controller behavior for entity type controller.
EntityError Represents an error model for errors related to an entity.
EntityInfo Represents an info model about specific entity.
EntityMultipartFormDataStreamProvider Represents entity multipart data stream provider.
EntityMultipartMediaFormatter Represents an entity multipart media formatter.
EntityServerConfig Represents a server configuration for Intersoft WebApi.
EntityServerError Represents an error model for entity server errors.
EntityServerException The exception that is thrown when there is an error during save process.
EntityServerValidationException Exception that is thrown when an entity validation error occurs.
FileData Represents a file data.
IEnumerableExtensions Represents extensions methods for System.Collections.IEnumerable class.
JsonFormatter Represents a json formatter instance.
JsonPropertyFixupWriter Represents a json writer for property fix up.
KeyMapping Represents an entity key mapping.
MultipartData Represents a multiple part request data.
NumericKeyGenerator Represents a numeric key generator.
QueryArgs Represents arguments for before / after execute query delegates.
QueryHelper Represents a helper class for handling odata query.
QueryResult Represents a query result that have an InlineCount, to support paged result sets.
SaveError Represents entities error from save process.
SaveOptions Represents configurable options for save process.
SaveResult Represents a save result.
SaveWorkState Represents the save work state.
StreamExtensions Represents extensions method for System.IO.Stream class.
SynchronizationInfo Represents synchronization info model.
SynchronizationResult Represents a synchronization result.
TempKeyInfo Represents temporary key info that used passed to key generator.
TimeSpanConverter Represents json converter for timespan object.
TransactionSettings Represents transaction settings for save process.
TypeFns Represents collection of static methods used to provide additional System.Type related services.


IEntityContextProvider Defines data member for entity context provider.
IKeyGenerator Defines data member for key generator.


AutoGeneratedKeyType Specifies types for auto generated key column.
EntityState Specifies the states of an entity.
ErrorKind Specifies the type of data error.
OptimisticConcurrencyStrategy Specifies optimistic strategy for handling concurrency issue.
TransactionType Specifies types of data transaction.
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