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The Intersoft.Crosslight.iOS assembly contains the application infrastructure, MVVM-enabled components, views, and services that are specific to iOS platform. For more information about building Crosslight iOS app, see Crosslight for iOS.


AccountStoreService Represents the account store service for iOS platform.
ActionPresenter Represents the iOS action presenter.
ActionToastPresenter Represents the iOS toast presenter.
ActivityPresenter Represents the iOS activity presenter.
ActivityToastSettings Represents the activity toast settings.
AdapterExtensions Adapter extensions.
ApplicationContext Represents the application context for iOS.
ApplicationService Represents the iOS application service.
BrowserService Represents the iOS browser service.
ButtonViewBuilder Represents the button view builder.
ButtonViewCell Represents a button view cell.
CameraService Represents the iOS camera service.
CarouselCollectionSource Represents a specialized collection source designed for UICarouselView component.
CGRectExtensions CGRect extensions.
ColorExtensions Color extensions.
ComponentViewBuilder Represents the component view builder for iOS.
CompositeCellBase Represents base class for composite cell.
ContactPicker Provides contact picker functionality.
ContactService Represents a service that provides contact-related services.
ControlBindingAdapterBase<T> Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UIView.
DatePicker Represents a date picker component.
DateTimeExtensions Datetime extensions.
DateTimeViewBuilder Represents the date time view builder.
DateViewBuilder Represents the date view builder.
DateViewCell Represents a date view cell.
DefaultAppInitializer Represents the default application initializer for iOS.
DialogModalPresenter Represents a dialog modal presenter.
DialogPresentationController Represents a presentation controller that display a dialog and manage its behaviors, layout and transitions.
DialogPresenter Represents the dialog presenter for iOS.
DialogPresenterSettings Represents dialog presenter settings.
DialogTransitionController Represents a transition controller designed for !:DialogPresenterController.
DrawerSettings Represents appearance settings for UIDrawerViewController`1.
DynamicHeightTableSource Represents an observable table source that supports dynamic cell height.
FadeTransition Represents a fade-in and fade-out transition.
FormBuilderService Represents the form builder service for iOS platform.
FormListViewModel<T> Represents the form list view model. Used for internal Form Builder component only.
FormTableSource Represents the table source designed for UIFormViewController`1.
FormViewCell Represents the form view cell component.
HashCryptographicService Represents the hash cryptographic service for iOS platform.
ImageCellPart Represents an image cell part.
ImagePickerControllerDelegate Represents the control delegate for UIImagePicker.
ImagePickerDelegate Represents the image picker delegate.
ImageSettings Represents image settings.
ImageViewBuilder Represents the image view builder.
ImageViewCell Represents an image view cell.
IndexPathHelper Index path helper.
iOSLinker Provides default settings for iOS linker. For internal use only.
IOSMobileComponentServiceBase Represents the base class for iOS mobile component service.
ItemPicker Represents an item picker.
ListViewBuilder Represents the switch view builder.
ListViewCell Represents a list view cell.
LocalStorageService Represents the iOS local storage service.
LocationService Represents the iOS location service.
MailService Represents the iOS mail service.
MapService Represents the iOS map service.
MasterDetailViewAppearance Represents the appearance settings applied to UINestedMasterDetailViewController`1.
MediaLibraryService Represents the iOS media library service.
MediaService Represents the iOS media service.
MessagePresenter Represents the iOS message presenter.
MessagingService Represents iOS messaging service.
ModalTransitionController Represents the transition controller designed for modal presentation.
NavigationService Represents the Crosslight navigation service for iOS platform.
NotificationService Represents the iOS notification service.
NumericStepperViewBuilder Represents the numeric stepper view builder.
NumericStepperViewCell Represents the numeric stepper view cell.
ObservableCollectionSource Represents an observable collection source with built-in MVVM and data binding support.
ObservableTableSource Represents an observable table source with built-in MVVM and data binding support.
OverlayModalPresenter Represents an overlay modal presenter.
OverlayPresentationController Represents a generic presentation controller that displays a customizable overlay and various content presentation styles.
OverlayPresenterSettings Represents overlay presenter settings.
PickerBase<T> Represents base class for picker component.
PickerContainerCell<T> Represents the picker container cell.
PickerViewBuilder Represents the picker view builder.
PickerViewCell Represents a picker view cell.
PopoverManager Represents a popover manager.
Reachability Class for checking network reachability via WiFi / WWAN (Cellular)
ReachabilityService Represents the iOS reachability service.
RegisterPageNavigationAttribute Represents the attribute to support multiple page navigation interface in Apple Watch.
ScaleTransition Represents a scale-in and scale-out transition.
SearchBarDelegate Represents the delegate for UISearchBar.
SegmentedViewBuilder Represents the segmented view builder.
SegmentedViewCell Represents a segmented view cell.
SelectionListViewModel Represents the selection list view model.
SelectionTableViewController Represents the built-in selection table view controller.
ServicesExtensions Services extensions.
SlideFromBottomTransition Represents a slide from bottom transition.
SlideFromLeftTransition Represents a slide from left transition.
SlideFromRightTransition Represents a slide from right transition.
SlideFromTopTransition Represents a slide from top transition.
SliderViewBuilder Represents the slider view builder.
SliderViewCell Represents a slider view cell.
SocialService Represents the iOS social service.
StoryboardAttribute Represents the Storyboard attribute which defines the target storybard name and ID for navigation purpose.
SubtleZoomTransition Represents a subtle zoom transition mimicking Apple's original dialog animation.
SwitchViewBuilder Represents the switch view builder.
SwitchViewCell Represents the switch view cell.
SyncService Represents the native iOS sync service.
TableSearchDisplayDelegate Represents the delegate for table search display.
TableViewAppearance Represents appearance settings for UIKit.UITableView.
TelephonyService Represents the iOS telephony service.
TextViewBuilder Represents the text view builder.
TextViewCell Represents a text view cell.
TimeViewBuilder Represents the time view builder.
ToastPresenter Represents the iOS toast presenter.
TransitionContext Provides information and settings contextual to a view transition.
UIActionToastView Represents an actionable, fully-customizable toast view.
UIActivityToastView Represents a sleek activity toast view.
UIAnimatedVisualEffectView Represents a proxy view of UIVisualEffectView that can be animated, particularly its opacity.
UIApplicationDelegate Represents the delegate for Crosslight iOS application.
UIBarButtonItemBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UIBarButtonItem.
UIBlurView Represents a view with built-in blur effect.
UIButtonBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UIButton.
UIButtonItemBindingAdapter Represents the item binding adapter for UIButton.
UICarouselView Represents a carousel view with data binding, selection, and slide show support.
UICarouselViewBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UICarouselViewBindingAdapter.
UICarouselViewCell Represents the default cell template for the UICarouselView component.
UICellLabel A special UILabel designed for use in table view cell which persist its background color when the cell is selected.
UICollectionViewBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UICollectionView.
UICollectionViewCellExtensions UICollectionViewCell extensions.
UICollectionViewController<TViewModel> Represents an advanced collection view controller with built-in MVVM and data binding support.
UIControlBase Represents the base class for all Crosslight iOS controls.
UICustomPickerViewSource Provides built-in data source and delegates for custom UIPickerView.
UIDatePickerBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UIDatePicker.
UIDetailViewController<TViewModel> Represents the detail view controller with built-in MVVM and data binding support.
UIDeviceExtensions UIDevice extensions.
UIDrawerNavigationController<TDrawerViewModel> Represents a fully customizable drawer navigation controller.
UIDrawerSearchDisplayController Represents a search display controller that is optimized for use within UIDrawerNavigationController`1 class.
UIEditAction Represents a custom editing action displayed in the table view cell.
UIFormViewController<TViewModel> Represents an advanced form view controller that leverages the powerful Crosslight Form Builder definitions.
UIImageLoader Represents an advanced image loader with automatic caching and customizable settings.
UIImageLoaderDelegate Represents the delegate for UIImageLoader.
UIImageViewBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UIImageView.
UIKeyboardScrollView Represents an advanced scroll view with built-in input view attached to the keyboard.
UILabelBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UILabel.
UIMasterDetailViewController<TMasterViewModel> Represents the master detail view controller with built-in MVVM and data binding support.
UIMasterDetailViewController<TMasterViewModel, TDetailViewModel> Represents the master detail view controller with master and detail view model type parameters.
UIMessageInputView Represents a message input view component which can be used along with UIKeyboardScrollView component.
UINavigationViewControllerBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UINavigationController.
UINestedMasterDetailViewController<TMasterViewModel> Represents an advanced master detail view controller supporting navigation to self with custom detail content.
UINestedMasterDetailViewController<TMasterViewModel, TDetailViewModel> Represents an advanced master detail view controller supporting navigation to self and detail content.
UIPickerViewBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UIPickerView.
UIPickerViewSource Provides functionality to support UIKit.UIPickerView.
UIProgressViewBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UIProgressView.
UIProperties Provides predefined bindable properties for UIView.
UIPushApplicationDelegate Represents the delegate for Crosslight iOS application with push notification support.
UIResizableTextViewCell Represents a table view cell featuring resizable text view.
UIRoundedButton Represents iOS style circular button with built-in vibrancy support and fully customizable appearance, content mode and behaviors.
UIRoundedButtonBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIRoundedButton.
UIScreenExtensions UIScreen extensions.
UISearchController<TViewModel> Represents a search controller that manages the search control and presents its result from the given TViewModel.
UISegmentedBarController<TViewModel> Represents an advanced multi-view control that use segmented control as the tab interface.
UISegmentedControlBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UISegmentedControl.
UISelectionDetailViewController<TViewModel> Represents the selection detail view controller.
UISliderBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UISlider.
UIStepperBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UIStepper.
UISwitchBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UISwitch.
UITabBarController<TViewModel> Represents an advanced tab bar controller with built-in MVVM and data binding support.
UITableViewBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UITableView.
UITableViewCell<TViewModel, TModel> Represents an advanced table view cell with direct ViewModel and Model binding support.
UITableViewController<TViewModel> Represents the table view controller with built-in MVVM and data binding support.
UITextFieldBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UITextField.
UITextViewBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UITextView.
UIToastView Represents a beautiful, fully-customizable toast view.
UIViewBase Represents the base class for all Crosslight iOS views.
UIViewController<TViewModel> Represents an advanced UIViewController with built-in MVVM and data binding support.
UIViewControllerBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UIViewController.
UIViewControllerExtensions UIViewController extensions
UIViewExtensions UIView extensions.
UIViewTemplate Represents a custom view template.
UIViewTemplateSelector Represents a view template selector for use in UITableViewController<TViewModel> or UICollectionViewController<TViewModel>.
UIWebViewBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for UIKit.UIWebView.
ViewService Represents the iOS view service.
ViewTransitionBase Represents a base class for all Crosslight iOS view transitions.
ViewTransitionController Represents a generic view transition controller which serve as the base functionality for all Crosslight iOS transition controllers.
ViewWrapper Provides a wrapper for view.
WatchApplicationContext Represents the Watch application context.
WatchInterfaceController<TViewModel> Represents an advanced WKInterfaceController with built-in MVVM and data binding support.
WatchStartInterfaceController<TViewModel> Represents the startup/initial interface controller for Watch app.
WebViewBuilder Represents the webview builder.
WebViewCell Represents the web view cell.
WebViewController Represents the web view controller.
WebViewModel Represents the web view model.
WKButtonBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for WatchKit.WKInterfaceButton.
WKControlBindingAdapterBase<T> Represents the binding adapter for WatchKit.WKInterfaceObject.
WKExtensions WatchKit extensions.
WKImageBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for WatchKit.WKInterfaceImage.
WKLabelBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for WatchKit.WKInterfaceLabel.
WKNavigationService Represents the Crosslight navigation service for iOS platform.
WKObservableTableSource Represents a lightweight observable table source designed for WatchKit.
WKProperties Provides predefined bindable properties for WatchKit objects.
WKSliderBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for WatchKit.WKInterfaceSlider.
WKSwitchBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for WatchKit.WKInterfaceSwitch.
WKTableSelectionSettings Represents the WatchKit table selection settings.
WKTableViewBindingAdapter Represents the binding adapter for WatchKit.WKInterfaceTable.
WKTableViewSettings Represents the WatchKit table view settings.
XLPlacemark Represents an extended placemark.
XLTableViewCell Crosslight TableViewCell designed to support internal infrastructure. Not intended for developer use.
ZoomTransition Represents a zoom-in and zoom-out transition.


IChildController A marker interface indicating the controller class can be added as a child of another controller.
ICollectionViewController Defines the members required to support collection view controller.
ICompositePart Defines the members required to support composite view part.
IContainerViewController Marks a view controller as a container view controller such as tab, drawer, and master detail view controller.
IContentPresenter Defines the members of content presenter.
IContentPresenterSettings Represents the available settings for content presenter.
IDrawerNavigationController Defines the members required to support drawer navigation controller.
IFormViewController Defines the members to support form view controller.
IKeyboardResponder Defines the members required to implement a keyboard responder view.
IMasterDetailViewController Defines the members required to support master detail view controller.
IMasterDetailViewNotification Provides notifications to the master detail view.
INavigableController Represents a navigable controller.
IPicker Defines the members required to implement a picker interface.
IPopoverNotification Notifies the dismissal of a popover.
IPresentationController Defines the members of a presentation controller.
IPushNotificationDelegate Defines the methods required to handle push notification services.
ISelectionDetailViewController Defines the members required to support selection detail view controller.
IStaticView Defines the members to support static view.
ISupportDynamicHeight Provides a mechanism to support dynamic item height for virtualized list.
ISupportVisualEffect Defines the members required to support visual effect.
ITabBarController Defines the members required to support tab bar controller.
ITableViewController Defines the members required to implement table view controller.
IUpdateableBindingAdapter Represents an updateable binding adapter.
IViewController Defines the members required to implement Crossight view controller.
IViewTransition Defines the members required to support view transition.


BlurBackgroundStyle Specifies the blur background style.
CancelButtonVisibility Specifies the cancel button visibility.
ChoiceInputMode Specifies the choice input mode.
CollectionViewInteraction Specifies the collection view interaction.
ContentPresentationStyle Specifies the presentation style for modal dialog.
DisclosureIndicatorVisibility Specifies the disclosure indicator visibility.
DoneButtonVisibility Specifies the done button visibility.
DrawerAnimationKind Specifies the drawer animation kind.
EdgePresentationPosition Specifies the presentation position when used in conjunction with Edge presentation style.
EditingOptions Specifies the editing options.
EditorControlType Specifies the editor control type.
PickerHideInitiator Specifies the picker hide initiator.
RoundedButtonContentStyle Specifies the rounded button content style.
RoundedButtonStyle Specifies the rounded button style.
StatusBarContentStyle Represents the status bar content style.
StatusBarTransitionMode Represents the status bar transition mode.
TableSourceMode Specifies the table source mode.
TableViewCellStyle Specifies the table view cell style.
TableViewInteraction Specifies the table view interaction.
TransitionKind Specifies the transition kind for the target view.
ViewTransitionMode Specifies the view transition mode.
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