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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AccountStoreService Represents service that provides functionality for an account store.
ActionPresenter Represents functionality to present an action choice to the view.
ActivityPresenter Represents functionality to present an activity indicator to the view.
AdvancedListBox Represents list that support selection event running on UI-thread.
AmPmDataSource Represents data source for Am/Pm in DatePicker.
Application Represents initialization of Windows store application with services and navigation that encapsulates Windows.UI.Xaml.Application.
ApplicationContext Represents context for the application.
ApplicationService Represents service for the application service class that conforms to Intersoft.Crosslight.IApplicationService interface which contains the state and context information of the application. In addition, the application service class manages the life cycle of a Crosslight application and allows developers to implement custom user interaction logic through the provided virtual methods.
AssemblyManager Represents manager for loading assembly.
Behavior Represents attached behaviors for WinRT.
Behavior<T> Represents attached behaviors for types that is framework element.
BindableBase Represents implementation of System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged to simplify models.
BrowserService Represents service that provides browser functionality.
CameraService Represents service that provides camera functionality.
ConnectivityService Represents service that provides reachability/connectivity functionality.
ContentChangedRoutedEventArgs Provides data for ContentChanged event.
DatePicker Represents control that allows the user to choose a date (day/month/year).
DateTimeWrapper Represents a wrapper for DateTimeWrapper that provides formatted strings for DateTimeWrapper.
DayDataSource Represents data source for days in DatePicker.
DefaultAppInitializer Represents an application initializer that initializes the required services and components used by the application.
DrawerButtonControl Represents drawer button control.
DrawerPage Represents page that have drawer capabilities.
EventAsync Represents helper methods for event spesific task.
Extensions Represents extensions methods for working with visual tree and running task.
GeoCoordinate Represents a geographical location that is determined by latitude and longitude coordinates. May also include altitude, accuracy, speed, and course information
HashCryptographicService Represents service to implement hash cryptographic.
Interaction Represents attached dependency property for storing 'behaviors'.
ISContentControl Represents as the base for all Intersoft content controls.
ISFramework Represents as base for Intersoft control framework.
LocalStorageService Represents service that provides local storage functionality.
LocationService Represents service that provides location and GPS functionality.
LoopItemsPanel Represents panel that can loop items continously from last position into first position.
MailService Represents service that provides mail functionality.
MapService Represents service that provides mapping functionality.
MapSetting Represents map setting for location and map function.
MasterDetailViewModelTypeAttribute Represents attributes that used in master detail page.
MediaLibraryService Represents service that provides media library functionality.
MediaService Represent service that provides multimedia functionality.
MessagePresenter Represents functionality to present a message to the view.
MessagingService Represents service that provides short text messaging functionality.
MinuteDataSource Represents data source for minutes in DatePicker.
MonthDataSource Represents data source for months in DatePicker.
MultiSelectBehavior Represents behaviors for selecting multi items on list view.
NavigationService Represents service that contains methods, properties, and events to support navigation.
NotificationService Represents service that provides notification functionality.
Page Represents page that have content and support navigation.
PickerSelector Represents picker selector for year, month, or day in PickerSelector.
PickerSelectorItem Represents items on PickerSelectorItem.
PopupUtility Represents helper methods for Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Primitives.Popup.
PopupWindow Represent pop up window for Intersoft's CrossLight.
SecondDataSource Represents data source for seconds in DatePicker.
SocialService Represent service that provides social and sharing functionality.
TabControl Represents tab control for WinRT.
TaskEx Represents static methods for task.
TelephonyService Represent service that provides telephony functionality.
ToastPresenter Represents functionality to present a timed message that doesn't require user action such as notifications.
TraverseEventArgs Provides data for the UIElementExtensions method.
TwelveHourDataSource Represents data source for twelve hours in DatePicker.
TwentyFourHourDataSource Represents data source for twenty four hours in DatePicker.
TypeExtensions Represents extensions methods for type related.
UIElementExtensions Represents extensions methods for Windows.UI.Xaml.UIElement.
UpdateSourceTrigger Represents value that determines the timing of binding source updates for two-way bindings.
Utility Represents common methods for working with view.
ValueConverter Converts value into value type that specified in ConverterType property.
ViewService Represents service for working with view and threading.
VisualTreeHelperExtensions Represents extension methods for working with the visual tree.
WindowsRuntimeComponentServiceBase Represents base for windows mobile component service.
WinRTExtensionMethods Represents extension methods for asynchronous operation in WinRT.
YearDataSource Represents data source for years in DatePicker.


IApplicationStateService Defines the members required to provide service for application state.
IControl Defines data members that belongs to an Intersoft controls.
IDrawerPage Defines data members that belongs to Intersoft drawer page.
IFramework Defines data members that belongs to Intersoft Client UI Framework.
ILayoutAware Defines the members required to layout aware of its State.
ILicensing Defines data members that belongs to Intersoft control licensing.
IListNavigation Defines the members required to navigate inside item list.
IListNavigationService Defines the members required to provide service navigate inside item list.
IListPage Defines data members that belongs to list page.
IMasterDetail Defines data members that belongs to master detail.
INavigablePopup Provides functionality required by a popup control so it can be navigated.
IPage Defines data members that belongs to page.
ISplitPage Defines data members that belongs to split page.
ISupportLogicalPageNavigation Defines the members required to support navigate page by providing logical item.


ContentChangedRoutedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ContentChanged routed event.


DataSourceType Specifies type for data source DatePicker.
FocusSourceType Specifies type for focus source.
ScrollAction Specifies value for scroll action.
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