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The Intersoft.Crosslight.WinPhone assembly contains the application infrastructure, MVVM-enabled components, views, and services that are specific to Windows Phone platform. For more information about building Crosslight Windows Phone app, see Crosslight for Windows Phone.


AccountStoreService Represents service for an account store.
ActionItem Represents item for ActionMenu.
ActionMenu Represents action menu for action presenter.
ActionPresenter Represents functionality to present an action choice to the view.
ActivityIndicator Represents progress bar indicator for activity presenter.
ActivityPresenter Represents functionality to present an activity indicator to the view.
AdvancedListBox Represents control that support reorder with drag and drop functionality within the list box.
AdvancedListBoxItem Represents ListBoxItem inside the AdvancedListBox that support reorder with drag and drop functionality within the list box.
AppBarBindingBehavior Represents binding behavior for application bar.
AppBarItemBindingBase Represents base class for application bar item binding behavior.
AppBarItemBindingBehavior Represents binding behaviour for application bar item.
Application Represent a Windows Phone application which is responsible to initialize the required services and manage the application's life cycle.
ApplicationContext Represents context for the application.
ApplicationService Represents service that manages the life cycle of a Crosslight application and allows developers to implement custom user interaction logic through the provided virtual methods.
AssemblyManager Represents manager for loading assembly.
BitmapImageLoaderDelegate Represents delegate methods for image loader.
BooleanNegationConverter Converts boolean value into its negation value.
BooleanNegationToVisibilityConverter Converts the reverse boolean value into System.Windows.Visibility.
BooleanToVisibilityConverter Converts boolean value into System.Windows.Visibility.
BrowserService Represents service for browser functionality.
ButtonControl Represents button control.
ButtonControlBuilder Represents builder for a button control.
CameraService Represents service that provides camera functionality.
CheckBoxControl Represents check box control.
CheckBoxControlBuilder Represents builder for a Checkbox control.
ComponentViewBuilder Represents the component view builder for windows phone.
ConnectivityService Represents service that provides reachability/connectivity functionality.
ContextMenu Represents a pop-up menu that enables a control to expose functionality that is specific to the context of the control.
ContextMenuService Represents service that provide system implementation for displaying a ContextMenu.
CoordinateConverter Converts Windows.Devices.Geolocation.Geocoordinate to System.Device.Location.GeoCoordinate.
CropEditor Represents crop editor page.
CustomMessageBox Represents popup dialog for notification that consists of commands, and functions.
DatePicker Represents control that allows the user to choose a date value (day/month/year).
DatePickerControl Represents date picker control.
DatePickerControlBuilder Represents builder for a date picker control.
DatePickerPage Represents page for selecting date.
DateTimePicker Represents control that allows the user to choose a date value (day/month/year), and after that allows the user to choose a time.
DateTimePickerBase Represents a base functionality for DateTimePicker.
DateTimePickerControl Represents datetime picker control.
DateTimePickerControlBuilder Represents builder for a datetime picker control.
DateTimePickerPageBase Represents base class for DateTimePickerPage.
DateTimePickerResources Represents resources for DatePicker.
DateTimeValueChangedEventArgs Provides data for the DateTimeValueChangedEventArgs event.
DateTimeWrapper Represents formatted strings for date picker.
DefaultAppInitializer Represents an application initializer that initializes the required services and components used by the application.
DismissedEventArgs Provides data for the DismissedEventArgs method.
DismissingEventArgs Provides data for the DismissingEventArgs method.
DrawerHubPage Represents page for each panorama item that used inside drawer page.
EmptyViewModel Represents empty view model.
ExtensionMethods Represents extension methods for application bar.
FormBuilderService Represents service for building form by using form metadata that can be customized.
FormComponentBase Represents each control created by form builder that define in form metadata, with all the attributes, bindings, and layout.
FormContainerBuilder Represents form container builder for windows phone.
FormContainerView Represents container for collections of SectionContainerView.
FormLabel Represents password text box with hint text when condition is empty.
FormLayoutBase Represents initialization for form layout such as applying attributes, and bindings.
FormLayoutDetailOnly Represents style layout for editor only without using the caption.
FormLayoutLeftDetail Represents style for layout form where items is align to left side.
FormLayoutRightDetail Represents style for layout form where items is align to right side.
FormLayoutRowDetail Represents style for layout form where the next items is put into new line.
HashCryptographicService Represents service to implement hash cryptographic for creating signature from supplied algorithm.
HeaderedItemsControl Represents a control that contains a collection of items and a header.
HierarchicalDataTemplate Represents a System.Windows.DataTemplate that supports HeaderedItemsControl objects.
HubDrawerViewModel Represents data context for drawer page.
ImageButton Represents a button control that can use image inside it content.
ImageEditorViewModel Represents data context for image editor.
ImageLoader Represents control that have loading mechanism that will handle image loading that come from cloud or from internal cache.
ImageLoaderPicker Represents image picker control with image loader capability.
ImagePicker Represents image picker wihthout image loader.
ImagePickerControl Represents image picker control.
ImagePickerControlBuilder Represents builder for image picker control.
IncrementalListView Represents long list selector that implement incremental loading for better experience handling large data.
InputFocusBehavior Represents behavior to control next focus when user press next/enter in the keyboard.
LabelControl Represents check box control.
LabelControlBuilder Represents builder for a button control.
LengthConverter Converts instances of other types to and from instances of a double that represent an object measurement such as a height or width.
ListPicker Represents control with flexible list-picking experience and a custom interface for few/many items.
ListPickerControl Represents list picker control.
ListPickerControlBuilder Represents builder for list picker control.
ListPickerItem Represents content control that describe items for list picker.
ListPickerPage Represents list picker page that replace combo box in windows phone because not using metro-ui theme.
ListViewControl Represents check box control.
ListViewControlBuilder Represents builder for a button control.
LocalStorageService Represents service that provides local storage functionality.
LocationService Represents service that provides location and GPS functionality.
LoopingSelector Represents an infinitely scrolling, and data-virtualizing selection control.
LoopingSelectorItem Represents items that will be contained in the LoopingSelector.
MailService Represents service that provides mail functionality.
MapService Represents service that provides mapping functionality.
MediaHelper Represents collection of helper methods for media related functionality.
MediaHub Represents media control for playing music.
MediaLibraryService Represents service that provides media library functionality.
MediaService Represents service that provides multimedia functionality.
MediaViewModel Represents data context for media page.
MenuBase Represents a control that defines choices for users to select.
MenuItem Represents a selectable item inside a Menu or ContextMenu.
MessagePresenter Represents functionality to present a message to the view.
MessagingService Represents service that provides short text messaging functionality.
NavigationActionControl Represents control that support navigation services.
NavigationControl Represents navigation control.
NavigationControlBuilder Represents builder for a Navigation control.
NavigationInTransition Represents navigation-in TransitionElement..
NavigationOutTransition Represents navigation-out TransitionElement.
NavigationService Represents service that contains methods, properties, and events to support page navigation.
NavigationTransition Represents TransitionElement for navigation.
NotificationService Represents service that provides notification functionality.
OffOnConverter Converts bool? values to "Off" and "On" strings.
PasswordBoxControl Represents password box control.
PasswordBoxControlBuilder Represents builder for password box control.
PasswordTextBox Represents password text box with hint text when condition is empty.
PhoneApplicationPage Represents basic application page for windows phone that support Intersoft Crosslight features such as navigation and behaviors.
PhoneDrawerPage Represents page for creating drawer like control in windows phone.
PhoneFormPage Represents page that using form builder for its content. By using form metadata, this page will create controls that have all the property, style, behaviors and bindings.
PhoneListPage Represents page with list control in windows phone.
PhonePanoramaPage Represents page with panorama control in windows phone.
PhonePivotPage Represents page with pivot control in windows phone.
PhoneTextBox Represents text box for windows phone that can use hint text when condition is empty.
RadioButtonControl Represents radio button.
RadioButtonControlBuilder Represents builder for a radio button control.
Rating Represents control that allows a parameterized number of RatingItems, which can be arbitrarily styled using the FilledItemStyle and UnfilledItemStyle properties, or templated using an applied ControlTemplate.
RatingItem Represents control-derived class used by the Rating control to uniquely identify the objects used by the collections that contain the items displayed by the control.
RefreshControl Represents indicator progress bar that showed while the content being refreshed.
RelativeAnimatingContentControl Represents primitive control that works around a specific visual state manager issue. The platform does not support relative sized translation values, and this special control walks through visual state animation storyboards looking for magic numbers to use as percentages. This control is not supported, unofficial, and is a hack in many ways. It is used to enable a Windows Phone native platform-style progress bar experience in indeterminate mode that remains performant.
RelativeTimeConverter Represents time converter to display elapsed time relatively to the present.
RotateTransition Represent rotate ITransitions.
ScheduledAgent Represents background service used for toast notification.
SearchableListView Represents list view that can be search.
SearchApplicationBarIconButton Represents the search application bar button with an icon.
SectionBase Represents style for layout section that consist of header section, footer section, and content section.
SectionContainerBuilder Represents section container builder for windows phone.
SectionContainerView Represents container for collections of FormComponentBase that gather into one group called section. There are several styles to choose for custom the section, such as row detail, left detail, right detail.
SectionImagesWithFieldsLayout Represents style for layout section that consist of image placeholder and controls placeholder.
SectionLayout Represents style for layout section that consist of controls placeholder.
Selection Represents selection of items that can be selected.
SelectionControl Represents selection control.
SelectionControlBuilder Represents builder for selection control.
SelectionListViewModel Represents the selection list view model.
SelectionPage Represents selection of items.
Separator Represents control that is used to separate items in items controls.
SlideTransition Represents slide ITransitions.
SocialService Represents service that provides social and sharing functionality.
StringEnumConverter Converts string to the equivalent enum value.
SwivelTransition Represent swivel ITransitions.
TaskEx Represents static function for Task.
TelephonyService Represents service that provides telephony functionality.
TiltEffect Represents attached properties for adding a 'tilt' effect to all controls within a container.
TimePicker Represents a control that allows the user to choose a time (hour/minute/am/pm).
TimePickerControl Represents time picker control.
TimePickerControlBuilder Represents builder for a time picker control.
TimePickerPage Represents a page used by the TimePicker control that allows the user to choose a time (hour/minute/am/pm).
TimeTypeConverter Converts time so can be set from xaml.
ToastPresenter Represents functionality to present a timed message that doesn't require user action such as notifications.
ToastPresenterPrompt Represents control for toast presenter.
ToggleSwitch Represents a switch that can be toggled between two states.
ToggleSwitchButton Represents the button part in a ToggleSwitch control.
ToggleSwitchControl Represents toggle switch control.
ToggleSwitchControlBuilder Represents builder for a toggle switch control.
Transition Represents functionality that controls the page transitions.
TransitionElement Represent transition factory for a particular transition family.
TransitionFrame Represents navigation transitions for PhoneApplicationPages.
TransitionService Represents service that handle transition between navigation.
TraverseEventArgs Provides data for the UIElementExtensions method.
TurnstileTransition Represent turnstile ITransitions.
TypeExtensions Represents extensions methods for type related.
UIElementExtensions Represents extensions methods for System.Windows.UIElement.
ValueConverter Converts value into value type that specified in ConverterType property.
VideoRecorder Represents video recorder page for windows phone.
VideoRecorderViewModel Represents data context for video record page.
ViewService Represents service for working with view and threading.
VisualTreeExtensions Represents extension methods for working with the visual tree.
WindowsMobileComponentServiceBase Represents base for windows mobile component service.


IContainerPage Defines the members for determine view model that should be use in navigation service instead of using the current data context.
IDateTimePickerPage Defines data members for DatePicker to use for communicating with a picker page.
IFormPage Defines the members required to implement a FormPage.
IListNavigation Defines the members required to implement a list navigation.
IListNavigationService Defines the members required to implement a list navigation service.
ILoopingSelectorDataSource Defines members that allow looping selector communicates with data source.
INavigationParent Defines the members for determine parent view model of the current view model.
ITransition Defines members for controling the behaviors of transitions.


AppBarItemType Specifies type for application bar item.
CustomMessageBoxResult Specifies the different possible results for the dismissal of a CustomMessageBox.
ExpansionMode Specifies expansion mode of a list picker.
ListPickerMode Specifies mode supported by list picker.
RotateTransitionMode Specifies modes for rotate transition.
SlideTransitionMode Specifies value for slide transition modes.
SwivelTransitionMode Specifies mode for swivel transition.
TurnstileTransitionMode Specifies mode for turnstile transition.
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