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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


CalendarBindingAdapter Represents the calendar binding adapter.
CalendarCell Represents a customizable calendar cell.
CalendarEvent Represents events for UICalendar.
MapBindingAdapter Represents a map binding adapter.
MapDelegate Represents a map delegate.
MasterDetailViewAppearance Represents a master detail view appearance.
ServiceInitializer Implements service for auto initializer.
SignatureCanvasBindingAdapter Represent signature canvas binding adapter.
SignaturePadBindingAdapter Represent signature pad binding adapter.
SignaturePadWidget Represent signature pad widget.
SignaturePadWidgetBuilder Represent signature pad widget builder.
UICalendar Represents a customizable calendar control.
UICalendarSettings Represents settings for UICalendar .
UINestedMasterDetailViewController<TMasterViewModel, TDetailViewModel> Represents an advanced master detail view controller supporting navigation to self and detail content.
UISignatureCanvasView Represents a signature canvas control.
UISignatureCanvasViewController<TViewModel> Represent signature canvas view controller.
UISignaturePadView Represents a signature pad control.
UISignaturePadViewController<TViewModel> Represent signature pad view controller.
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