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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AreaSeries Represent area series.
Arrow Represent arrow.
Axis Represent the axis of the chart.
AxisBase represent the base for the axis class.
BarSeries Represent Bar Series.
CategoryAxis Represent the category axis.
Chart Represent the chart.
ChartArea Represents chart area.
ChartEngine Represents class to do all the virtual rendering.
ChartProperties Represent chart properties.
ChartView Represents a chart view control.
CircularGauge Represent circular gauge.
CircularGaugeProperties Represent circular gauge properties.
ColorBase Represent color base.
ColorPalette Represent the color palette for the chart.
ColumnBarSeries Represent column and bar series.
ColumnSeries Represent column series.
DataAnnotation Represent data annotation.
DataPoint Represent data point
DataPointSeries Represent series that have data point.
DataPointSeriesWithAxis Represent series that have data point and axis.
DateTimeAxis Represent the date time axis.
DisplayAxis Represent the display axis.
DoughnutSeries Represent doughnut series.
Font Represent font.
Gauge Represent gauge.
GaugeAxis Represent gauge axis.
GaugeProperties Represent chart properties.
GaugeRegion Represent gauge region.
GaugeTitle Represent gauge title.
GradientColor Represent gradient color
GridLine Represent grid lines.
Legend Represent the legend of the chart.
LegendArea Represents legend area.
LineSeries Represent line series.
ModelBase Represent the model base.
NumericAxis Represent the numeric axis.
Palette Represent the palette for color palette class.
PaletteResources Represent the palette resources for the palette class.
PieSeries Represent pie series.
Point Represent a point.
RangeAxis Represent the range axis.
RangeAxis<T, U> Represent range axis
Rectangle Represent a rectangle.
ScatterSeries Represent scatter series.
Series Represent series of the chart.
SmoothAreaSeries Represent smooth area series.
SmoothLineSeries Represent smooth line series.
SolidColor Represent a solid color.
Stacked100AreaSeries Represent stacked 100 area series.
Stacked100BarSeries Represent stacked 100 bar series.
Stacked100ColumnBarSeries Represent stacked 100 column and bar series.
Stacked100ColumnSeries Represent stacked 100 column series.
Stacked100LineSeries Represent stacked 100 line series.
StackedAreaSeries Represent stacked area series.
StackedBarSeries Represent stacked bar series.
StackedColumnBarSeries Represent stacked column and bar series.
StackedColumnSeries Represent stacked column series.
StackedLineSeries Represent stacked line series.
StepAreaSeries Represent step area series.
StepLineSeries Represent step line series.
StyleSelector Represent style selector.
Title Represent a title from the chart.
TitleArea Represents title area.


Thickness Represent a thickness.


IAxis Represent member required for Axis class.
IChartArea Defines the member required for ChartArea.
IChartView Defines the members to support chart view implementation.
IDataPoint Defines the member for data point.
IDataPointColorSelector Defines the member for DataPointColorSelector.
ILegendArea Defines the members required for LegendArea.
ITitleArea Defines the members required for TitleArea.


AreaFillStyle Specifies area fill styles.
AxisPositions Specifies axis positions.
ColumnBarFillStyle Specifies column bar fill styles.
DateTimeIntervalTypes Specifies the date time interval types of date time axis.
DoubleTapModes Specifies double tap modes.
FontStyles Specifies font styles.
FontWeight Specifies font weight.
GridLinesStyles Specifies grid lines styles.
Modes Specifies the axis mode.
Orientations Specifies the orientation for axis.
PaletteOrders Specifies the palette orders.
PaletteTypes Specifies the palette types.
Positions Specifies positions.
TitleAlignments Specifies title alignments.
Visibility Specifies visibility.
ZoomModes Specifies zoom modes.
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