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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AutoCompleteProperties Represents auto complete properties.
CalendarEventBindingDescription Represents the calendar event binding description.
CalendarProperties Represents the calendar properties.
CameraSettings Represents the camera settings.
ClickMarkerCommandArgs Represents the click marker command arguments.
CreateMarkerCommandArgs Represents the create marker command arguments.
DirectionsMetadata Represents the directions metadata.
MapProperties Represents the map properties.
MapRectBounds Represents a map rect coordinate.
MarkerBindingDescription Represents the binding description for marker.
MarkerNavigateCommandArgs Represents marker navigate command arguments.
Route Represents a route.
SignaturePadAttribute Represent the signature pad attribute.
SignaturePadViewProperties Represent signature pad view properties.
Step Represents a route step.


AvoidWay Specifies the avoid way.
MarkerColors Specifies the marker colors.
TravelMode Specifies the travel modes.
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