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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AddressComponent Defines the address.
AdvancedAutoCompleteBindingAdapter Represents a binding adapter for AutoCompleteTextView.
AutoCompleteBindingAdapter Represents a binding adapter for Android.Widget.AutoCompleteTextView.
AutoCompleteBindingAdapterBase<T> Represents a base class for auto complete binding adapter.
AutoCompleteTextView Represents an text view which support autocomplete.
Bounds Bounds contains the viewport bounding box of the overview polyline.
Calendar Represents a calendar control.
CalendarBindingAdapter Represents a binding adapter for Calendar.
CalendarDay Represents a calenday day control.
CalendarEvent Represents a calendar event.
CalendarItem Represents the calendar item control.
DirectionsRequest Defines the metadata required to call directions API.
DirectionsResponse Defines the response metadata which is returned by Directions API
Distance Defines the distance.
Duration duration indicates the total duration of this leg These fields may be absent if the duration is unknown.
FramedLocation Defines the location metadata.
GeocodingGeometry Defines the geocoding geometry.
GeocodingRequest Defines the required metadata to call geocoding API.
GeocodingResponse Defines the response metadata which is returned from geocoding API.
GeocodingResult When the geocoder returns results, it place them within a (JSON) results array. Even if the geocoder returns no results (such as if the address doesn't exist) it still returns an empty results array. (XML responses consist of zero or more result elements.)
Leg Each element in the legs array specifies a single leg of the journey from the origin to the destination in the calculated route. For routes that contain no waypoints, the route will consist of a single "leg," but for routes that define one or more waypoints, the route will consist of one or more legs, corresponding to the specific legs of the journey.
Line Defines the line.
Location Defines the location.
MapActivity<TViewModel> Represents an Activity<TViewModel> class for displaying a map.
MapBindingAdapter Represents a binding adapter for MapView.
MapFragment<TViewModel> Represents a Fragment<TViewModel> class for displaying a map.
MapsBaseRequest Defines a base class for request metadata.s
MapUIProperties Represents a static class that provides UI-related fields.
MapUtility Represent an utility class to perform various map operation.
MapView Represents a map view.
MapViewState Encapsulates information which is retained when the instance of activity or fragment is re-created after being destroyed.
MarkerAdapter Represents an adapter for map marker.
OverviewPolyline Contains the encoded and decoded data returned in the overview_polyline field.
PointsDecodingException Defines the points decoding exception.
PolylineAdapter Represents an adapter for map polyline.
QueryStringParametersList Defines the query string parameters.
Route When the Directions API returns results, it places them within a (JSON) routes array. Even if the service returns no results (such as if the origin and/or destination doesn't exist) it still returns an empty routes array. (XML responses consist of zero or more route elements.) Each element of the routes array contains a single result from the specified origin and destination. This route may consist of one or more legs depending on whether any waypoints were specified. As well, the route also contains copyright and warning information which must be displayed to the user in addition to the routing information.
RouteData Represents a wrapper for route data.
SearchableListAdapter Represents a list adapter for Android.Widget.AutoCompleteTextView.
ServiceInitializer Implements service for auto initializer.
SignableRequest An abstract base class for requests that can be authenticated via URL signing.
SignatureCanvasView Represent signature canvas view.
SignaturePadView Represent signature pad view.
SignaturePadWidget Represent signature pad widget.
SignaturePadWidgetBuilder Represent signature pad widget builder.
Step Each element in the steps array defines a single step of the calculated directions. A step is the most atomic unit of a direction's route, containing a single step describing a specific, single instruction on the journey. E.g. "Turn left at W. 4th St." The step not only describes the instruction but also contains distance and duration information relating to how this step relates to the following step. For example, a step denoted as "Merge onto I-80 West" may contain a duration of "37 miles" and "40 minutes," indicating that the next step is 37 miles/40 minutes from this step.
Stop Contains information about the stop/station for this part of the trip
TransitAgency Information about the transit agency. Note: You must display the names and URLs of the transit agencies servicing the trip results.
TransitDetails Defines the transit details.
UnixTimeConverter Provides a helper to process Unix time.
Vehicle Defines the vehicle.


AvoidWay Defines the routes which should be avoided.
DirectionsStatusCodes Defines the direction status code.
GeocodingLocationType Defines the geocoding location type.
GeocodingStatusCodes The "status" field within the Geocoding response object contains the status of the request, and may contain debugging information to help you track down why Geocoding is not working. The "status" field may contain the following values:
MapType Defines the map type.
TravelMode Defines the travel mode.
VehicleType Defines the vehicle type.
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