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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


ExportSettings Represents a base class for export settings.
KeyValuePair Defines a key/value pair that can be set or retrieved.
PdfExportSettings Defines export settings for PDF format.
ReportingServiceBase Represents a base class for reporting service.
ReportNavigationParameter Represents the report navigation parameter.
ReportParameter Defines a key-value pair that can be set or retrieved.
ReportSettings Represents the setting which is required to export a report.
ReportViewModelBase Represents a base class for report view model.


IReportingService Defines a service that provides reporting functionality.
IReportViewModel Defines the members required to implement report view model.


ExportFormat Specifies the export format.
ImageFormat Specifies setting format of the exported images.
MonochromeDitheringType Specifies a type of dithering for monochrome PCX file.
PdfEncryptionKeyLength Specifies an encryption key length of the resulting pdf file.
PdfImageCompressionMethod Specifies image compression method for PDF export.
ResponseType Specifies the response type.
UserAccessPrivileges Specifies user access privileges to the pdf document.
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