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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AuthenticationException The exception that is thrown when authentication fails.
AuthenticationResult A class that represents the result of authentication.
AuthenticationService Service that handle authentication process.
AuthenticatorBase<TAuthContext> Represents a base class for authenticator objects.
AuthUtility Represents a helper class for authentication process.
HttpBasicAuthenticator Represents a web authentiator that handles basic authentication.
NtlmAuthenticator Tries to Authenticate with the credentials of the currently logged in user, or impersonate a user
OAuth1Authenticator Represents an authenticator for OAuth1 protocol.
OAuth1RequestData Represents an OAuth request data.
OAuth1WebAuthenticator Represents an OAuth1 web authenticator.
OAuth2Authenticator Represents a base class for OAuth 2 Authenticators.
OAuth2AuthorizationRequestHeaderAuthenticator Represents an OAuth 2 authenticator using the authorization request header field.
OAuth2RequestData Represents an OAuth2 request data.
OAuth2UriQueryParameterAuthenticator Reprsents an OAuth 2 authenticator using URI query parameter.
OAuth2WebAuthenticator Represents an OAuth2 web authenticator.
OAuthWebQueryInfo Represents a query info for OAuth web request that will be passed to an IAuthenticator. IAuthenticator
OAuthWorkflow A class to encapsulate OAuth authentication flow. <seealso cref="!:" />
SimpleAuthenticator Represents a simple web authenticator that uses HTTP Header to store the account information.
WebApiAuthenticator Represents a basic web authenticator for WebApi controllers.
WebAuthenticatorBase Represents a base class for web authenticator objects.
WebNavigationAuthenticatorBase Represents a base class for web navigation authenticator objects.
WebPair Represents a key pair value for authentication data.
WebPairCollection Represents collection of WebPair objects.
WebParameterCollection Represents collection of WebPair objects.


IAuthenticatorInitializer Specifies methods for authenticator initializer.
IAuthenticatorInitializer<T> Specifies methods for authenticator initializer.
ISupportReauthorize Specifies methods for reauthorization process.
ISupportVerification Specifies methods for verification process.
IWebNavigationAuthenticator Defines data member for web navigation authenticator.


OAuthParameterHandling Specifies parameter handling for OAuth authentication process.
OAuthSignatureMethod Specifies signature method for OAuth data.
OAuthSignatureTreatment Specfies the treatment for OAuth Signature
OAuthType Specifies the type of OAuth request.
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