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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


DeserializeAsAttribute Allows control how class and property names and values are deserialized by XmlAttributeDeserializer
DotNetXmlDeserializer Represents a .NET System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer.
DotNetXmlSerializer Represents a .NET System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer.
EntityTypeResolver Represents an entity type resolver.
ExtendedRestRequest Represents an extended rest request.
FileParameter Container for files to be uploaded with requests
HostUnreachableException Exception that is thrown when the host is unreacable.
Http Represents a HttpWebRequest wrapper (async methods)
HttpCookie Represents a HTTP cookie data.
HttpFile Represents a HTTP file data.
HttpHeader Represents a HTTP header data.
HttpParameter Representation of an HTTP parameter (QueryString or Form value)
HttpResponse Represents a HTTP response data
JsonDeserializer Represents a deserializer for json data.
JsonSerializer Represents a default JSON serializer for request bodies Doesn't currently use the SerializeAs attribute, defers to Newtonsoft's attributes
MiscExtensions Represents extensions methods for rest client.
ObjectFactory Represents an object factory.
Parameter Represents a parameter object for REST requests
ReflectionExtensions Represents an extensions methods for reflection types.
Require Represents a helper methods for validating required values
ResponseExtensions Represents extensions methods for IRestResponse interface.
ResponseStatusExtensions Represents extensions method for ResponseStatus.
RestClient Client to translate RestRequests into Http requests and process response result
RestClientExtensions Represents extension methods for IRestClient.
RestRequest Represents a rest request object.
RestRequestAsyncHandle Represents async handler for REST request.
RestResponse Container for data sent back from API
RestResponse<T> Represents a container for data sent back from API including deserialized data
RestResponseBase Represents a base class for common properties shared by RestResponse and RestResponse[[T]]
RestResponseCookie Represents a response cookie for rest request.
SerializeAsAttribute Allows control how class and property names and values are serialized by XmlSerializer Currently not supported with the JsonSerializer When specified at the property level the class-level specification is overridden
SimpleFactory<T> Defines data member for simple http factory.
StringExtensions Represents an extensions methods for string value.
TypeResolver Represents a base class for type resolver object.
Validate Represents a helper methods for validating values
WebAuthenticationContext Represents a web authentication context.
XmlAttributeDeserializer Represents a deserializer for XML attribute.
XmlDeserializer Represents a deserializer for XML data.
XmlExtensions Represents extensions extensiond methods for XML string.
XmlSerializer Default XML Serializer


DateFormat Specifies format strings for commonly-used date formats.


IDeserializer Defines data member for deserializer object.
IHttp Defines data member for http object.
IHttpFactory Defines data member for HttpFactory.
IHttpResponse Defines data member for HTTP response data
IODataLightResult Defines data member for OData light result.
IRestClient Defines data member for rest client.
IRestRequest Defines data member for rest request.
IRestRequestFilter Defines members for IRestRequestFilter implementors.
IRestResponse Defines data member for rest response.
IRestResponse<T> Defines data member for rest response including deserialized data type.
IRestResponseFilter Defines members for IRestResponseFilter implementors.
ISerializer Defines data member for serializer object.
ITypeResolver Defines data member for type resolver object.
IWebAuthenticationContext Defines data member for web authentication context.
IWebAuthenticator Defines data member for web authenticator object.
IWebRequest Defines data member for web request.


HttpMethod Specifies HTTP method to use when making requests.
NameStyle Options for transforming casing of element names.
RequestDataFormat Specifies request data formats.
RequestParameterType Speciifes types of parameters that can be added to requests.
ResponseStatus Specifies the status for response.
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