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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AzureInsightsException Represents the azure insight exception.
AzureInsightsResult Represents the AzureInsightsResult class.
AzureInsightsService Represents the azure insight service.
AzureInsightsSubmitRequest Represents the submit request data for azure insight.
AzureInsightsTelemetry Represents the azure insights telemetry data.
DeviceContext Represents the device context for telemetry.
EventTelemetry Represents the event telemetry.
ExceptionData Represents a simplified data of exception object.
ExceptionTelemetry Represents the exception telemetry.
LocationContext Represents the location context for telemetry.
MetricTelemetry Represents the metric telemetry.
OperationContext Represents the operation context for telemetry.
PageViewTelemetry Represents the page view telemetry.
RequestTelemetry Represents the request telemetry.
SessionContext Represents the session context for telemetry.
TelemetryContext Represents the contexts for telemetry.
TimeSpanConverter Represents json converter for timespan object.
TraceTelemetry Represents the trace telemetry.
UserContext Represents the user context for telemetry.


ITelemetry Defines members for ITelemetry implementors.


ExceptionHandledAt This enumeration is used by ExceptionTelemetry to identify if and where exception was handled.
SeverityLevel This enumeration is used by ExceptionTelemetry and TraceElemetry to identify severity level.
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