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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


CategoryFilter Represents a client-side log filter based on message category. Either specific categories can be explicitly allowed, or specific categories can be denied.
CategorySeverityFilter Represents a client-side log filter based on log severity and category.
DefaultLogger Represents the default logger class.
DefaultTraceListener Represents the default trace listener.
DiagnosticTraceListener Represents the diagnostic trace listener.
ExceptionFormatter Provides exception formatting when not using the Exception Handling block.
FileTraceListener Represents the file trace listener.
GenericTextFormatter<T> Formats an instance for <typeparamref name="T" /> with a sequence of Formatter<T> instances.
JsonFormatter Represents the formatter to json format.
ListTraceListener Represents the list trace listener.
LogEnabledFilter Represents a boolean on/off filter.
LogEntry Represents a log message. Contains the common properties that are required for all log messages.
LogFileRepository Represents repository to store log entry to specified file storage.
LogFilter Abstract implementation of the ILogFilter interface.
LogFilterHelper Provides client-side log filtering based on category and priority. Each filter implements the ILogFilter interface and is registered in this class. Category filtering is done using a CategoryFilter and priority filtering is done using a PriorityFilter.
LogFormatter Abstract implememtation of the ILogFormatter interface.
LoggingException Logging block exception.
LogSource Provides tracing services through a set of TraceListeners.
LogWriter Instance based class to write log messages based on a given configuration. Messages are routed based on category.
LogWriterService Represents the log writer service.
LogWriterStructureHolder This type supports the Enterprise Library infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code. Holds the collaborators of a LogWriter to allow for an easy replacement should configuration change.
PriorityFilter Represents a client-side log filter based on message priority. Messages with priorities between the minimum and maximum values are allowed to be processed, all other messages are dropped.
TextFormatter Represents a template based formatter for LogEntry messages.
TraceEventCache Represents the trace event cache.
TraceFilter Represents the trace filter.
TraceListener Represents the base class for log trace listener.
TraceListenerFilter Used by LogSources to keep the knowledge of which N:Intersoft.Crosslight.Logging.TraceListeners have been already traced through.
Tracer Represents a performance tracing class to log method entry/exit and duration.


ICloneable Supports cloning, which creates a new instance of a class with the same value as an existing instance.
ILogFilter Represents the interface for client-side message filters.
ILogFilterErrorHandler Contract for handling errors during evaluation of an ILogFilter.
ILogFormatter Represents the interface for formatting log entry messsages.
ILogWriter Defines members for ILogWriter implementors.
ILogWriterService Defines members for ILogWriterService implementors.
ITraceService Defines data member for ITraceService implementors.


Formatter<T> Returns a string representation of <paramref name="instance" />
ParameterizedFormatterFactory<T> Creates a Formatter<T> based on a <paramref name="parameter" />.
TokenHandler<T> Transforms a token definition from a string template into a Formatter<T>.


CategoryFilterMode Represents the possible modes for client-side category filtering.
SeverityType Identifies the type of event that has caused the trace.
SourceLevel Specifies the levels of trace messages filtered by the source switch and event type filter.
TraceOptions Specifies the trace options
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