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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AlphaNumericAttribute Specifies the alpha numeric regular expression validation for the value of a property.
AnyFilterDescriptor Represents filter descriptor object that represents an any filter query.
AutoIncrementAttribute Indicates whether the property is auto increment.
CheckAttribute Specifies the check expression used to limit the value range that can be placed in a column.
CollationAttribute Specifies collation clause used for text entries in that column.
ColumnAttribute Specifies the column name used to represent the property in sqlite table.
CommonVirtualTableModules Represents sqlite virtual tables modules.
CommonVirtualTableTokenizers Represents sqlite virtual table tokenizers.
CompositeFilterDescriptor Represents a composite filter descriptor object that represents composite filter query.
CompositeFilterDescriptorCollection Represents collection of composite filter descriptor.
DataConverterAttribute Specifies the converter used to convert the data when storing and retrieving data from sqlite.
EmailAttribute Specifies the alpha numeric regular expression validation for the value of a property.
EnumAffinityAttribute Specifies enum type for the property.
ExpressionBuilderOptions Represents options for expression builder.
FilterDescriptor Represents filter descriptor object that represents a simple filter query.
FilterDescriptorBase Represents base class of common implementation for filter descriptor.
FilterDescriptorCollection Represents collection of filter descriptor.
FilterValue Represent value for data filtering.
ForeignKeyAttribute Specifies the foreign key contraints of the property.
IEnumerableExtensions Extension methods for IEnumerable class.
IncludeDescriptorCollection Represents collection of include query.
IndexAttribute Specifies the indexing configuration of an entity.
IndexedAttribute Specifies the property used for indexing.
ItemChangedEventArgs Provides data for the INotifyItemChanged event.
ItemChangedEventArgs<T> Provides data for the ObservableItemCollection<T> event.
MaxAttribute Specifies the range validation for the value of a property.
MaxLengthAttribute Specifies the maximum length of array or string data allowed in a property.
MinAttribute Specifies the min validation for the value of a property.
NavigationPropertyAttribute Specifies the navigation property type.
NotNullAttribute Indicates whether the property is not nullable.
ObservableItemCollection<T> Represent observable collection that listen to item property changed.
PageDescriptor Represent query descriptor for paging.
PasswordAttribute Specifies the validation for password property.
PasswordValidation Represents a password validation rules.
PasswordValidationResult Represents password validation result.
PrimaryKeyAttribute Denotes one or more properties that uniquely identify an entity.
QueryableExtensions Represents extensions methods for IQueryable interface.
QueryChangedEventArgs Provides data for QueryDescriptor event.
QueryDescriptor Represents query descriptor object that represents complex data query in structural model.
QueryDescriptorExtensions Represents extensions methods for QueryDescriptor class.
QueryProviderExtensions Represens extensions methods for System.Linq.IQueryProvider interface.
RangeAttribute Specifies the range validation for the value of a property.
RegularExpressionAttribute Specifies the regular expression validation for the value of a property.
RenameTableAttribute Specifies the action to rename the table definition in sqlite.
RequiredAttribute Specifies that a property value is required.
SelectAttribute Specifies the select descriptor definition.
SelectDescriptor Represents a descriptor object that represents select query.
SelectDescriptorCollection Represents collection of select descriptor.
SelectDescriptorExtensions Extension methods for SelectDescriptorCollectionc lass
SortDescriptor Represents sort descriptor object that represents sort query.
SortDescriptorBase Represents a base class for sort descriptor object.
SortDescriptorCollection Represent collection of sort descriptor.
StringLengthAttribute Specifies the minimum and maximum length of characters that are allowed in a property.
TableAttribute Specifies the table attributes for sqlite table definition.
TokenizerAttribute Specifies the virtual table tokenizer.
TypeExtensions Represents extensions method for Type class.
UniqueAttribute Indicates whether the property is unique.
ValidationAttribute Serves as the base class for all validation attributes.
ValidationContext Represents a context for validation process.
VerifyPasswordAttribute Specifies validation to check whether the password and verify password is match.
VirtualAttribute Specifies the virtual table module.


ICompositeFilter Defines data member for ICompositeFilter implementors.
ICompositeFilterDescriptor Defines data member for composite filter descriptor.
IDataConverter Defines the members required for a data converter.
IDescription Defines the members for description object.
IFilter Define data member for filter description.
IFilterDescriptor Defines data member for filter descriptor.
IFilterValue Defines data member for IFilterValue implementors.
INotifyItemChanged Defines data member for INotifyItemChanged implementors.
ISort Defines the members for sort description.


Aggregate Specifies the aggregate type for select descriptor.
Collation Specifies the type for collation clause.
Deferred Specifies the type of setter action.
Direction Specifies the order direction for sqlite command.
FilterCompositionLogicalOperator Specifies the type of logical filter composition operator.
FilterOperator Specifies the type of filter operator.
ForeignKeyAction Specifies the type for foreign key action.
ListSortDirection Specifies the direction of a sort operation.
NavigationPropertyType Specifies the type for navigation property.
NullMatch Specifies the type for null match value.
QueryChangedAction Specifies the type of query changed action.
SqliteConflictResolution Specifies the action for conflict resolution in sqlite.
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