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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AutoGeneratedKeyMetadata Represents metadata for auto generated key column.
ComplexObject Represents a base class for complex object.
DataEntityProperty Represents a base class for data entity property.
DataEntityProperty<TInstance, TValue> Represents a data entity property
EntityAspect Represents the state of an entity.
EntityBase Represents a base class for entity model.
EntityCollection<T> Represents collection of entity model.
EntityContainer Represents an entity container, used to store and linked and synchronized entity relationship models.
EntityError Represents a model for storing entity errors.
EntityMetadata Represents metadata information of an entity.
EntityMetadataAttribute Specifies additional entity metadata attribute class.
EntityMetadataStore Represents a data structure for storing entity metadata.
EntityProperty Represents a base class for entity property metadata.
EntityPropertyCollection Represent read only collection of entity properties.
EntityRelation Represents the relationship between entities in entity container.
EntityRelationshipMetadata Represents entity relationship metadata.
EntityServerError Represents a model for storing entity server error.
EntitySynchronizationState Represents the synchronization state for a specific entity.
EntityTypeManager Represents a manager for server-side types resolving process.
IEntityCollectionExtensions Represents extensions methods for IEntityCollection interface.
IEntityExtensions Represents extensions methods for IEntity interface.
KeyMapping Represents a model for storing values mapping between temporary key value with actual key value retrieved after insertion process.
NavigationEntityProperty Represents base class for entity navigation property
NavigationListEntityProperty<TInstance, TValue> Represents entity list navigation property.
NavigationScalarEntityProperty<TInstance, TValue> Represents entity scalar navigation property.
NotMappedAttribute Represents a not mapped attribute.
RelatedList<T> Represents a collection of related entities.
RequestAutoGeneratedKeyMetadata Represents a model for storing auto generated key metadata to be sent to WebAPI services.
RequestEntityAspectMetadata Represents a model for storing entity aspect metadata to be sent to WebAPI services.
SaveOptions Represents a model for storing save process options.
SaveRequest Represents a save request model.
SaveResult Represents a save result.
SelectResult<T> Represents a model for storing a select result from an entity query.
SynchronizationInfo Represents a model for storing synchronization info.
SynchronizationRequest Represents a synchronization reequest.
SynchronizationResult Represents a synchronization result.
TypeExtensions Represents extensions methods for Type class.
ValidationService Represents a service that handles entity validation.


IAppDomainInfo Defines the members for AppDomainInfo implementors.
IEntity Define data member for entity model.
IEntityCollection Defines data member for entity collection.
IEntityCollection<T> Defines data member for entity collection.
IEntityContainer Define data member for entity container.
IValidationService Defines data member for validation services.


ApplicationType Specifies the type of application.
AutoGeneratedKeyType Specifies the type of auto generated key.
EntityConflictResolution Specifies the type of conflict resolution.
EntityState Specifies the state of an entity.
EntityVersion Specifies a value that represents the state of entity property.
ErrorKind Specifies the type of errors.
FindEntityState Specifies the find entity state.
MergeStrategy Specifies strategy for merging entities.
Multiplicity Specifies multiplicity type for entity relation.
OptimisticConcurrencyStrategy Specifies the strategy for optimistic concurrency.
ProviderType Specifies the type of data provider.
QueryDirection Specifies the query direction.
Version The version of entity container.
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