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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


ActionBarDrawer Represents an action bar drawer.
ActionButton Represents an action button.
ActionToastPresenter Represents presenter that displays transient message to the user with callback action.
ActivityPresenter Represents presenter that provides indeterminate progress indicator to the user.
AppBarLayout Represents an application bar layout.
AppCompatActivity<TViewModel> Represents activity that represents a view model.
AppCompatActivityBase Represents activity that represents a view model.
AppCompatActivityContainer Represents a default activity for modal navigation.
AppearanceSettings Represents a view's appearance settings.
BarItem Represents component model for tool bar item.
ButtonWidget Represents a Android.Widget.Button widget.
ButtonWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for Android.Widget.Button.
CardView Represents a card view.
CheckBoxWidget Represents a Android.Widget.CheckBox widget.
CheckBoxWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for Android.Widget.CheckBox.
ChildNavigationWidget Represents a child navigation widget.
ChildNavigationWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for child forms.
CollapsingContent Represents a collapsing content when the content is out of view.
CollapsingToolbarLayout Represents a collapsing toolbar layout.
CollapsingToolbarLayoutBindingAdapter Represents binding adapter for collapsing toolbar layout.
CollapsingToolbarSettings Represents a settings for collapsing toolbar.
ComponentViewBuilder Represents a view builder for Android.Views.View components.
ContextExtensions Represents extensions methods for context class.
ContextualActionDelegate Represents contextual action behavior.
ContextualListActionDelegate Represents contextual action mode for a recycler view.
ContextualToolbarSettings Represents a settings for contextual toolbar.
CoordinatorLayout Represents a coordinator layout.
DatePickerWidget Represents a date picker widget.
DatePickerWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for DatePickerWidget.
DateTimePickerWidget Represents a date-time picker widget.
DateTimePickerWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for DateTimePickerWidget.
DetailFragment<TDetailViewModel> Represents a detail fragment.
DialogActivity Represents an activity wrapper for dialog presenter.
DialogPresenter Represents the dialog presenter.
DrawerActivity<TViewModel> Represents an activity with predefined drawer navigation.
EditAction Represents a component model for list view editing actions.
EmptyDetailFragment Represents an empty detail fragment.
EmptyDetailViewModel Represents an empty detail view model.
FloatingActionButton Represents a component model for floating action button.
FloatingActionButton Represents a floating action button.
FloatingActionButtonBehavior Represent behavior for floating action button.
FloatingActionButtonBindingAdapter Represents a binding adapter for floating action button.
FormContainerBuilder Represents a IViewBuilder for form generation.
FormContainerView Represents a view container for forms.
FormFragment<TViewModel> Represents a form fragment.
Fragment<TViewModel> Represents a fragment view context.
FragmentBase Represents a base class for fragment view context.
FragmentExtensions Represents an extensions methods for IFragment interface.
GridViewFragment<TViewModel> Represents a grid view fragment.
HyperlinkWidget Represents a hyperlink widget.
HyperlinkWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for child forms.
IFragmentExtensions Represents an extensions methods for IFragment interface.
ImagePickerWidget Represents a Android.Widget.ImageView widget.
ImageWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for Android.Widget.ImageView.
ListContextualToolbarSettings Represents a settings for list view contextual toolbar settings.
ListViewWidget Represents a Android.Widget.ListView widget.
ListViewWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for Android.Widget.ListView.
MasterDetailFragment<TMasterViewModel> Represents a master detail fragment.
MasterDetailFragment<TMasterViewModel, TDetailViewModel> Represents a master detail fragment.
NavigationView Represents a navigation view.
NestedScrollView Represents a nested scroll view.
NumericStepperWidget Represents a NumericStepper widget.
NumericStepperWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for NumericStepper.
PopupSettings Represents a settings for popup menu of floating action button.
ProgressBarViewHolder Represents a view holder for progress bar element.
RadioButtonWidget Represents a Android.Widget.RadioButton widget.
RadioButtonWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for Android.Widget.RadioButton.
RadioGroupWidget Represents a Android.Widget.RadioGroup widget.
RadioGroupWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for Android.Widget.RadioGroup.
RecyclerView Represents a recycler view.
RecyclerViewAdapter Represents adapter for recycler view.
RecyclerViewAdapterOptions Represents an adapter options for recycler view.
RecyclerViewBindingAdapter Represents a base class for recycler view binding adapter.
RecyclerViewFragment<TViewModel> Represents a recycler view fragment.
RecyclerViewHolder Represents a view holder for recycler view item.
SearchableRecyclerViewFragment<TViewModel> Represent searchable recycler view fragment class.
SectionContainerBuilder Represents a FormContainerBuilder used for section generation in forms.
SectionContainerView Represents a container for sections in form generation.
SeekBarWidget Represents a Android.Widget.SeekBar widget.
SeekBarWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for Android.Widget.SeekBar.
SelectionWidget Represents a selection widget.
SelectionWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for SelectionWidget.
SelectorSettings Represents settings for list view's selector.
ServiceInitializer Represents service initializer for logging service.
SpinnerWidget Represents a Android.Widget.Spinner widget.
SpinnerWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for Android.Widget.Spinner.
SplitFragment<TMasterViewModel> Represents a split fragment.
SplitFragment<TMasterViewModel, TDetailViewModel> Represents a split fragment.
SwipeRefreshLayout Represents a swipe refresh layout.
SwitchWidget Represents a Android.Widget.Switch widget.
SwitchWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for Android.Widget.Switch.
TabFragment<TViewModel> Represents a tab fragment.
Thickness Represents model for margin or padding.
TimePickerWidget Represents a time picker widget.
TimePickerWidgetBuilder Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for Android.Widget.TimePicker.
Toolbar Represents toolbar view.
ToolbarSettings Represents a settings for toolbar.
ViewExtensions Represents extensions methods for View class.
ViewHolderBase Represents a base class for recycler view holder.
ViewPagerAdapter Represents a view adapter for view pager.
ViewPagerFragment<TViewModel> Represents a view pager fragment.
ViewSliderFragment<TViewModel> Represents a fragment base for view with view slider.
WidgetSettings Represents a ComponentViewBuilder for Android.Widget.Button.


IFragmentCompat Defines members for fragment.
IGridViewFragment Identifies grid fragment.
IListAdapter Represents data member for list adapter.
IMasterDetailFragmentCompat Defines member for master detail fragment.
IMultipleSelectionAdapter Defines data member for multiple selection adapter.
IRecyclerViewAdapter Defines data member for recycler view adapter.
IRecyclerViewFragment Defines members for recycler view fragment.
ISelectionAdapter Represents selection list adapter.
ISplitFragment Identifies a split fragment.
ISupportBatchUpdate Defines data member for batch update support.
IViewModelAdapter Defines data member for adapter that dependent to a view model.
IViewModelObject Defines members for IViewModelObject


CellStyle Specifies the cell style.
ContextualMode Specifies contexutal mode behavior.
FloatingActionButtonDirection Specifies layout direction for floating action button.
FloatingActionButtonMenuType Specifies menu type for floating action button
FloatingActionButtonPosition Specifies the position of floating action button.
FloatingActionButtonSize Specifies the size of floating action button.
ToolbarMode Specifies the toolbar mode.
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