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The Intersoft.Crosslight assembly contains a set of core interfaces and classes that serve as the foundation of cross-platform apps development with Crosslight. This assembly mainly comprises of base components and services that will be referenced throughout all Crosslight projects including the shared and platform-specific projects. It provides the building block for application frameworks, data binding infrastructure, ViewModel infrastructure, commands, event aggregators, dependency containers, service providers, and a multitude of built-in mobile services.

If you're new to cross-platform mobile development with Crosslight, start with Getting Started with Crosslight.

To begin building right away, read Walkthrough: Creating Your First Crosslight Application.

To learn what's new in the latest Crosslight release, see Crosslight 2.0 Release Notes.

For more information about building cross-platform apps with Crosslight, please refer to the following topics:

Understanding Crosslight Architecture and Fundamentals

Understanding MVVM Pattern in Crosslight

Implementing Crosslight Application Service

Crosslight Mobile Development Guides

Learning Resources


Account Represents an Account class that contains a set of claims or credentials which can be used in services that support authentication such as RestClient and authentication services.
AccountStoreServiceBase Provides base functionality and services for an account store.
ActivatorService Represents the default activator service.
Address Represents an address.
AlwaysNewLifetime A Lifetime Manager that always returns a new instance.
ApplicationServiceBase Represents the base application service class that conforms to IApplicationService interface which contains the state and context information of the application. In addition, the application service class manages the life cycle of a Crosslight application and allows developers to implement custom user interaction logic through the provided virtual methods.
AuthenticateOptions Represents possible options for authentication.
AuthenticationContext Represents an authentication context.
AutoInitializeServicesAttribute When defined on an assembly, the IServiceInitializer implementation in the assembly will be automatically called when the application starts.
BackgroundEventSubscription<TPayload> Extends EventSubscription<TPayload> to invoke the EventSubscription<TPayload> delegate in a background thread.
BasicImageLoaderSettings Represents the basic image loader settings.
BindableAttribute Specifies the bindable properties for a form, section, or component definition.
BindableProperties Provides definitions for common bindable properties.
BindableProperty Represents a bindable property.
BindablePropertyMetadata Represents the metadata used in a bindable property.
BindingAdapterBase<T> Represents the base class that serves as an adapter to connect an object with a bindable property.
BindingAttribute Specifies the binding properties and behaviors for a form, section or component definition.
BindingContext Represents the context of a BindingDescription.
BindingDefinition Represents the definition for data binding.
BindingDescription Represents information and metadata about a binding instance, such as the binding mode, path, source, and more.
BindingManager Provides binding management functionality such as adding, registering, and removing binding adapters.
BindingProvider Provides functionality to access to the instance's binding definitions.
ButtonAttribute Specifies the properties for button.
CameraCaptureSettings Provides settings applicable for camera capture.
Colors Represents a collection of predefined common colors.
CommandActionAttribute Specifies the command action attribute.
CommandBindingAttribute Specifies the command binding attribute.
CommandManager Provides functionality to manage commands.
ComponentDefinitionBase Provides base functionality for component definition.
ComposeMailResult Represents the compose mail result.
Contact Represents a contact.
ContactPickerResult Represents the contact picker result.
ContainerLifetime A lifetime manager that scopes the lifetime of created instances to the lifetime of the container.
ContentControlAttribute The base attribute for a content control implementation.
Converter Represents a generic converter class to convert an object from, or to specific type.
DataChangedEvent<T> Represents the data changed delegate event.
DataChangedEventArgs Provides arguments for data changed event.
DataCollectionChangedEventArgs Provides arguments for data collection changed event.
DataEventArgs<TData> Represents a generic class which passes a simple object to the event handlers.
DataInsertedEvent<T> Represents the data inserted delegate event.
DataRemovedEvent<T> Represents the data removed delegate event.
DataViewAttribute Represents the required properties and customizable attributes for data view editor type.
DateTimeSerializationAttribute Represents the date time serialization attribute.
DefaultTypeResolverService Represents the default type resolver service.
DelegateCommand Defines a command that implements ICommand which passes CanExecute and Executed as delegated method. The DelegateCommand is commonly used in M-V-VM pattern application development.
DelegateCommand<T> Defines a command that implements ICommand which passes CanExecute and Executed as delegated method. The DelegateCommand is commonly used in M-V-VM pattern application development.
DelegateEvent<TPayload> Defines a generic class that manages publication and subscription to events.
DelegateEventBase Represents the base class used to publish and subscribe to events.
DelegateReference Represents a reference to a System.Delegate that may contain a System.WeakReference to the target.
DeserializationContext Represents deserialization context.
DetailViewModelBase<T> Represents the base class for detail view model.
DeviceInfo Represents information about a device.
DeviceToken Represents device token model.
DialogButtonStyle Represents a dialog button style.
DialogOptions Represents the options applied to the IDialogPresenter.
DialogResult Represents the dialog result.
DismissViewEventArgs Provides arguments for dismiss view event.
DisplayAttribute Specifies the display properties and behaviors of a form component.
DrawerViewModelBase Represents the base class for drawer view model.
EditableAttribute Specifies the editable attribute for a component definiton.
EditableDetailViewModelBase<T> Represents the base class for editable detail view model base.
EditableListViewModelBase<T> Represents the base class for editable list view model.
EditingParameter Provides parameters for data editing.
EditorAttribute Specifies the properties and behaviors for an editor.
EditorViewModelBase<T> Represents the base class for editor view model.
Email Represents an email.
EmptyLogger Provides a mockup implementation of ILog.
EmptyTracer Provides a mockup implementation of ITracer
EmptyViewModel Represents an empty view model. For internal use only.
EnabledBindingAttribute Specifies the enabled binding attribute.
EnumerableExtensions Extensions for IEnumerable types.
EventAggregator Represents a class that serves as the hub/aggregator for events messaging.
EventSource Represents the base class for semantic logging.
EventSource<T> Represents the base class for semantic logging.
EventSubscription<TPayload> Provides a way to retrieve a System.Delegate to execute an action depending on the value of a second filter predicate that returns true if the action should execute.
FormAttribute Specifies the properties and behaviors of the form.
FormBuilderServiceBase<T> Represents the base class for form builder service.
FormDefinition Form definition.
FormMetadataTypeAttribute Specifies the type information for a form metadata.
FrameworkModel Represents an object that supports notification when its properties are changed.
GroupItem<T> Represents a generic group item.
GroupListViewModelBase<TGroup, TItem> Represents the base functionality for grouped list view model.
Guard Framework helper.
ImageAttribute Specifies the properties for image editor.
ImageLoaderDelegate Represents the delegate for image loader.
ImageLoaderGlobalSettings Represents the image loader global settings.
ImageLoaderSettings Represents the advanced image loader settings.
ImagePickerActivateParameter Represents the image picker activate parameter.
ImagePickerAttribute Specifies properties and behaviorsf or image picker.
ImagePickerResultParameter Reperesents the image picker result parameter.
ImagePickerSettings Represents the image picker settings.
ImportBindingAttribute Specifies the type of the binding provider which contains binding definitions that will be imported to the designated view context class, typically classes that implement IViewContext.
IndexPath Represents index and path information used in data presentation.
InstantMessagingAccount Represents the IM Account.
IntersoftLicenseAttribute Specifies the license data for Crosslight runtime application licensing. Place the entire XML content to the licenseData parameter, for example, [IntersoftLicense(@"{insert the XML license data here})]
IocContainer Represents the ClientUI built-in implementation of IDependencyContainer. This class implements the IDependencyRegistrar and IDependencyResolver, along with the IContainerFluent and IDisposable interfaces. The container is thread safe.
ItemBindingDescription Represents the binding description for items control such as list, table or collection view.
ItemBindingDescriptionBase Represents the binding description for items control such as list, table or collection view.
IViewServiceExtensions IViewService extensions.
JsonSerializationOptions Represents JSON serialization options.
KeepAliveAttribute Represents keep alive attribute.
LayoutAttribute Specifies layout-related properties and behaviors.
ListViewAttribute Represents the required properties and customizable attributes for list view editor type.
ListViewModelBase<T> Represents the base class for list view model base.
LocalFileInfo Provides information about a file entry.
LocalizableNavigationItem Represents a localizable navigation item which can be used in various Crosslight navigation patterns.
LocalNotification Represents a local notification.
Location Represents a location.
LocationAccuracy Provides predefined values for location accuracy.
LocationCoordinate Represents a location coordinate.
LocationRegion Represents a location region.
LocationResult Represents the location result.
LogService Provides application logging service.
MailAttachment Represents a mail attachment.
MailMessage Mail message.
MediaLibrarySettings Provides settings for media library picker.
MediaPickerResult Represents the media picker result.
MobileComponentServiceBase Represents the base class for mobile component service.
MobileService Represents the default mobile service.
MultiPageViewModelBase Represents the base functionality for multi-page view model.
NavigateActionAttribute Specifies the properties and behaviors for navigation.
NavigatedParameter Represents the navigated parameter.
NavigationItem Represents the navigation item which can be used in various Crosslight navigation patterns.
NavigationParameter Represents the navigation parameter.
NavigationResult Represents the navigation result.
NavigationSettingsAttribute Specifies properties for navigation settings.
NavigationTarget Represents the navigation target.
NonSerializableAttribute Mark a member as non serializable.
Note Represents a note.
Notification Represents a generic notification.
ObjectExtensions Extensions for object.
ObservableResource<T> Represents an observable resource which automatically updates UI elements when the value of its resource has changed.
Organization Represents an organization.
Phone Represents a phone detail.
PickerAttribute Specifies the properties for picker control.
Placemark Represents a placemark.
PlacemarkAddress Represents a placemark address.
PlacemarkResult Represents the result of a placemark query.
PlatformInfo Represents platform information.
PresenterService Represents the default presenter service.
ProductInfo Provides information about the product.
PropertyDefinition Represents a property definition which can be added to SectionDefinition.
RangeInputAttribute Specifies properties for range input.
ReachabilityEventArgs Provides arguments for reachability event.
ReachabilityResult Represents the reachability result.
RegisterNavigationAttribute Specifies properties for navigation registration.
Relationship Represents the relationship of a contact.
ReorderParameter Represents the reorder parameter.
ResourceCacheItem Represents the resource cache item.
RuntimeStyles Represents runtime styles.
SectionAttribute Specifies properties for a form section.
SectionDefinition Represents a section definition which can be added to FormDefinition.
SelectedItemBindingAttribute Specifies the selected item binding attribute.
SelectedItemsBindingAttribute Specifies the selected items binding attribute.
SelectedValueBindingAttribute Specifies the selected value binding attribute.
SelectionInputAttribute Represents the required properties and customizable attributes related to the Selection editor type.
SerializableAttribute Marks a member as serializable.
SerializationContext Represents the serialization context.
ServiceProvider Represents the service provider where all Crosslight services are registered and provided.
StartParameter Provides parameters available during application start.
StateAwareAttribute Provides functionality to automatically save and restore state during certain application life cycle.
StringInputAttribute Defines properties for string/text input.
StyleAttributes Represents style properties.
SubscriptionToken Subscription token returned from DelegateEventBase on subscribe.
SyncContext Represents the context for Crosslight sync process.
SyncInterval Provides default values for synchronization intervals.
TaskExtensions Task extensions.
ToastSettings Represents toast settings.
Tracer Tracer class. For internal use only.
TypeExtensions Type extensions.
ValidationResult Represents the result of data validation.
ViewModelBase Provides common functionality for ViewModel classes.
ViewModelBase<T> Provides the base class for generic ViewModel classes.
ViewModelBindingContext Represents the context of a BindingDescription designated for ViewModel.
ViewModelTypeAttribute Specifies the view model type for this class.
VisibilityBindingAttribute Specifies the visibility binding attribute.
WeakAction Represents a weak action, which references an action while still allowing the owner of the action to be reclaimed by garbage collection.
WeakAction<T> Represents a generic weak action, which references an action while still allowing the owner of the action to be reclaimed by garbage collection.
Website Represents the website of a contact.


Color Represents a color.
ToastDisplayDuration Represents values for toast display duration.


IAccount Defines the members required for an account that can be used by authenticators.
IAccountStoreService Provides functionality for an account store service.
IActionPresenter Provides functionality to present an action choice to the view.
IActionToastPresenter Provides functionality to present an action toast presenter to the view.
IActivatorService Defines the members required to implement activator service.
IActivityPresenter Provides functionality to present an activity indicator to the view.
IApplicationContext Defines the members required to provide a context for an application.
IApplicationEventSource Defines the members that provide semantic logging for a Crosslight application.
IApplicationHost Defines the members required to host an application.
IApplicationInitializer Defines the members required to provide application initializer functionality.
IApplicationService Provides functionality to run a Crosslight application and manage its lifecycle.
IAuthenticationContext Defines the members required for an authentication context.
IAuthenticationResult Defines the result of an authentication process.
IAuthenticationService Provides functionality required for an authentication service.
IAuthenticator Provides functionality for an authenticator such as authenticating an IAccount and getting stored account.
IAuthenticator<TAuthContext> Provides functionality for an authenticator such as authenticating an IAccount and getting stored account.
IBindingAdapter Provides functionality to support bindable properties on an object.
IBindingAdapter<T> Provides functionality to support bindable properties for specified generic type.
IBindingProvider Provides functionality to access to the instance's binding definitions.
IBrowserService Defines a service that provides browser functionality.
ICameraService Defines a service that provides camera functionality.
IChildViewModel Defines the members to support child view model.
ICommandBindingAdapter Provides functionality required by a command adapter.
IComponentView Defines the members required to implement a component view.
IComponentViewDelegate Provides a way to delegate activation for a component view.
IContactService Defines a service that provides contact functionality.
IContainerFluent Defines the fluent interface that can be used to configure the container.
IContainerView Defines the members required to implement a container view.
ICustomDeserializer Provides a way to implement custom deserialization.
ICustomSerializer Provides a way to implement custom object serialization.
IDataChangeTracker Provides a way to track data changes.
IDataValidation Provides functionality to validate a data item.
IDataValidationErrorManager Provides functionality to clear errors that occur during data validation.
IDelegateReference Represents a reference to a System.Delegate.
IDependencyContainer Defines the members required to implement a dependency container. This is only a marker interface that represents the interface requirement of IDependencyRegistrar and IDependencyResolver.
IDependencyRegistrar Defines the methods used to manage Registration of functions or instances which will be used to resolve instances of specified types, either without or without a distinguishing name.
IDependencyResolver Defines the container members required to resolve instances by specified type and name.
IDetailViewModel Defines the members to support detail view model.
IDetailViewModel<T> Defines the members to support detail view model.
IDialogPresenter Provides functionality to present a dialog to the view, typically contains dialog buttons.
IDrawerViewModel Defines the members required to implement a drawer view model.
IEditableListViewModel Defines the members required to support editable list view model.
IEditableListViewModel<T> Defines the members required to support editable list view model.
IEditorViewModel Defines the members required to implement an editor view model.
IEventAggregator Defines the methods required in event aggregator implementation.
IEventSource Defines the members to provide an event source for semantic logging functionality.
IEventSubscription Defines the members to implement an event subscription.
IFilteredSource Provides functionality to perform filtering on a data source.
IFormBuilderService Defines the members required to implement form builder service.
IGroupedSource Provides functionality to access and manipulate grouped data source.
IGroupItem Defines the members required to implement a group item.
IHashCryptographicService Defines members required to implement hash cryptographic service.
IImageLoaderContext Provides a context for image loading process.
IImageLoaderDelegate Defines the delegate methods for image loader.
IImageLoaderService Defines a service that provides image loading functionality.
IItemBindingAdapter Provides functionality to support bindable properties on an object in a virtualized UI.
ILifetimeManager Defines the functionality for Lifetime Managers. Implementation should instantiate an instance store and use the Registration's Key property to index the data in the store. This allows one lifetime manager to service multiple Registrations.
IListAccessor Provides functionality to access and manipulate items list.
IListViewModel Defines the members required to implement a list view model.
ILocalStorageService Defines a service that provides local storage functionality.
ILocationService Defines a service that provides location and GPS functionality.
ILog Defines the members that provides common logging functionalities.
ILogRepository Defines the members to provide functionality for log repository.
ILogService Provides application and component logging service.
IMailService Defines a service that provides mail functionality.
IMapService Defines a service that provides mapping functionality.
IMediaLibraryService Defines a service that provides media library functionality.
IMediaService Defines a service that provides multimedia functionality.
IMessagePresenter Provides functionality to present a message to the view.
IMessagingService Defines a service that provides short text messaging functionality.
IMobileComponent Defines the members required to implement a mobile component.
IMobileComponentService Provides common functionality related to mobile components.
IMobileService Provides a common implementation for mobile service, including access to telephony, camera, location, and more.
IMultiPageViewModel Defines the members required to implement a multi page view model.
IMultipleSelectionObserver Provides a way to observe changes in multiple selection list.
INavigable Defines the members required to support navigation service in ViewModel.
INavigationContext Provides a way to determine the context of the navigation process.
INavigationService Defines the members required to implement a navigation service.
INotificationService Defines a service that provides notification functionality.
INotifyApplicationStateChanged Notifies when application state has changed.
IObservableResource Defines the properties and methods to support an observable resource implementation.
IPopupControl Provides functionality required by a popup control.
IPresenter Provides functionality to present a user interface.
IPresenterService Defines the members required to implement presenter service.
IReachabilityService Defines a service that provides reachability/connectivity functionality.
IRegistration Defines the members to support registering a type in the container.
IResourceCacheService Provides functionality to access and manage resource cache.
IResourceCacheSession Defines the members required to implement resource cache session.
IResourceCacheSettings Defines the resource cache settings.
IResourceLoaderContext Provides a context for resource loading process.
IResourceLoaderDelegate Defines the delegate methods for resource loader.
IResourceLoaderProgress Provides information about resource loading progress.
IResourceLoaderService Defines a service that provides resource loading functionality.
IService Marker interface for a service. Reserved for future's extensibility.
IServiceAccessor Provides a way to access the registered services.
IServiceInitializer Provides a way to initialize component services.
ISocialService Defines a service that provides social and sharing functionality.
ISupportBackNavigation Provides support for back navigation.
ISupportCancellation Provides support for cancelling an asynchronous or long-running process.
ISupportIncrementalLoading Provides support for incremental loading.
ISupportItemBinding Defines the members required to support item binding.
ISupportMobileService Provides support for mobile services.
ISupportRefresh Provides support for data refresh.
ISupportViewModel Provides support for ViewModel design pattern.
ISyncService Defines the members needed to support native OS level synchronization.
ITelephonyService Defines a service that provides telephony functionality.
IToastPresenter Provides functionality to present a timed message that doesn't require user action such as notifications.
ITracer Defines members to provide log/tracing functionality.
ITrackChanges Provides a way to track changes in a data item.
ITypeResolverService Defines the members required to ipmlement type resolver service.
IValueConverter Provides a way to apply custom logic to a binding.
IView Defines the members required to implement a view.
IViewBuilder Provides functionality for a view builder.
IViewContext Provides functionality and context for a view.
IViewModel Defines the members required to implement ViewModel.
IViewModelBinder Defines the members required to implement a custom binder class that binds a ViewModel and Model to the view.
IViewModelBinder<TViewModel, TModel> Defines the members required to implement a custom binder class that binds a ViewModel and Model to the view.
IViewModelInitializer Defines the members to support view model initialization in early object's life cycle.
IViewNotification Provides a way to get notification for view dismissal.
IViewService Defines the members required to implement a view service.


ReachabilityChangesDelegate Represents the reachability changes delegate.


ActivityStyle Specifies the activity style.
AddressType Specifies the address type.
ApplicationState Specifies the application state.
AutoCorrectionType Specifies the auto correction type.
BindingDirection Specifies the binding direction.
BindingMode Specifies the binding mode.
BindingSourceType Specifies the binding source type.
BindingState Specifies the binding state.
ButtonStyle Specifies the button style.
CacheExpirationPolicy Specifies the cache expiration policy.
CameraCaptureMode Specifies the camera capture mode.
CameraDeviceKind Specifies the camera device kind.
CameraFlashMode Specifies the camera flash mode.
CameraMediaType Specifies the camera media type.
ClearButtonVisibility Specifies the clear button visibility.
CommandItemType Specifies the system command item type.
ComponentType Specifies the component type.
CustomEditorSource Specifies the custom editor source.
DateInputMode Specifies the date input mode.
DateTimeInterval Represents the date time interval.
DeviceKind Specifies the device kind.
DialogButton Specifies the type of the dialog button.
DrawerSide Specifies the drawer side mode.
EditAction Specifies the edit action.
EditorType Specifies the editor type.
EmailType Specifies the email type.
FileWriteMode Specifies the file write mode.
FormBindableProperty Specifies the form bindable property.
FormState Specifies the form state.
HashAlgorithmKind Specifies the hash algorithm kind.
ImageResultMode Specifies the image result mode.
ImageScaleMode Specifies the image scaling mode.
InputType Specifies the input type.
InstantMessagingService Specifies the IM service.
LayoutAlignment Specifies the layout alignment.
LayoutStyle Specifies the layout style.
ListViewCellStyle Specifies the list view cell style.
ListViewInteractionMode Specifies the list view interaction mode.
LocalFolderKind Specifies the local folder kind.
MailComposeStatus Specifies the nail compose status.
MapDirectionMode Specifies the map direction mode.
MediaLibraryType Specifies the media library type.
ModalPresentationStyle Specifies the modal presentation style.
ModalTransitionStyle Specifies the modal transition style.
NavigationMode Specifies the navigation mode.
NavigationResultAction Specifies the navigation result action.
NavigationTargetKind Specifies the navigation target kind.
NetworkConnectionStatus Represents the network connection status of the device.
NetworkConnectionType Specifies the network connection type.
NotificationType Specifies the notification type.
OrganizationType Specifies the organization type.
OSKind Specifies the operating system kind of a device.
PhoneType Specifies the phone type.
PickerStyle Specifies the picker style applicable for picker editor.
PopupCloseAction Specifies the popup close action.
ReachabilityStatus Represents the reachability status of a given resource.
RelationshipType Specifies the relationship type.
ReorderAction Specifies the reorder action.
ResourceCacheMode Specifies the cache mode for resources after they are downloaded.
ReturnKeyType Specifies the return key type.
SectionLayoutStyle Specifies the section layout style.
SelectionMode Specifies the selection mode.
ShareActivityType Specifies the share activity type.
StateRestorationOrder Specifies the state restoration order.
SubscribeOptions Specifies the options used in Subscribe methods in an event aggregator.
TargetBindingType Specifies the target binding type.
TextAlignment Specifies the text alignment mode.
TintColorMode Specifies the tint color mode.
ToastAppearance Specifies the toast appearance.
ToastGravity Specifies the toast gravity.
UpdateSourceTrigger Specifies the update source trigger.
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CacheExpirationPolicy Enumeration Page: CameraCaptureMode Enumeration Page: CameraCaptureSettings Class Page: CameraDeviceKind Enumeration Page: CameraFlashMode Enumeration Page: CameraMediaType Enumeration Page: ClearButtonVisibility Enumeration Page: Color Structure Page: Colors Class Page: CommandActionAttribute Class Page: CommandManager Class Page: ComponentDefinitionBase Class Page: ComponentType Enumeration Page: ComposeMailResult Class Page: ContainerLifetime Class Page: Converter Class Page: CustomEditorSource Enumeration Page: DataChangedEvent(T) Class Page: DataChangedEventArgs Class Page: DataCollectionChangedEventArgs Class Page: DataContractJsonSerializerStrategy Class Page: DataEventArgs(TData) Class Page: DataInsertedEvent(T) Class Page: DataRemovedEvent(T) Class Page: DateInputMode Enumeration Page: DateTimeInterval Enumeration Page: DateTimeSerializationAttribute Class Page: DefaultTypeResolverService Class Page: DelegateCommand Class Page: DelegateCommand(T) Class Page: DelegateEvent(TPayload) Class Page: DelegateEventBase Class Page: DelegateReference Class Page: DeserializationContext Class Page: DetailViewModelBase(T) Class Page: DeviceInfo Class Page: DeviceKind Enumeration Page: DismissViewEventArgs Class Page: DisplayAttribute Class Page: DrawerSide Enumeration Page: DrawerViewModelBase Class Page: EditableAttribute Class Page: EditableDetailViewModelBase(T) Class Page: EditableListViewModelBase(T) Class Page: EditAction Enumeration Page: EditingParameter Class Page: EditorAttribute Class Page: EditorType Enumeration Page: EditorViewModelBase(T) Class Page: EmptyViewModel Class Page: EnabledBindingAttribute Class Page: EnumerableExtensions Class Page: EventAggregator Class Page: EventSubscription(TPayload) Class Page: FileWriteMode Enumeration Page: FormAttribute Class Page: FormBindableProperty Enumeration Page: FormBuilderServiceBase(T) Class Page: FormDefinition Class Page: FormMetadataTypeAttribute Class Page: FormState Enumeration Page: GroupItem(T) Class Page: GroupListViewModelBase(TGroup, TItem) Class Page: Guard Class Page: HashAlgorithmKind Enumeration Page: IAccount Interface Page: IAccountStoreService Interface Page: IActionPresenter Interface Page: IActivatorService Interface Page: IActivityPresenter Interface Page: IApplicationContext Interface Page: IApplicationHost Interface Page: IApplicationInitializer Interface Page: IApplicationService Interface Page: IAuthenticationContext Interface Page: IAuthenticationResult Interface Page: IAuthenticationService Interface Page: IAuthenticator Interface Page: IAuthenticator(TAuthContext) Interface Page: IBindingAdapter Interface Page: IBindingAdapter(T) Interface Page: IBindingProvider Interface Page: IBrowserService Interface Page: ICameraService Interface Page: IChildViewModel Interface Page: ICommandBindingAdapter Interface Page: IComponentView Interface Page: IComponentViewDelegate Interface Page: IContainerFluent Interface Page: IContainerView Interface Page: ICustomDeserializer Interface Page: ICustomSerializer Interface Page: IDataChangeTracker Interface Page: IDataValidation Interface Page: IDelegateReference Interface Page: IDependencyContainer Interface Page: IDependencyRegistrar Interface Page: IDependencyResolver Interface Page: IDetailViewModel Interface Page: IDetailViewModel(T) Interface Page: IDrawerViewModel Interface Page: IEditableListViewModel Interface Page: IEditableListViewModel(T) Interface Page: IEditorViewModel Interface Page: IEventAggregator Interface Page: IEventSubscription Interface Page: IFilteredSource Interface Page: IFormBuilderService Interface Page: IGroupedSource Interface Page: IGroupItem Interface Page: IHashCryptographicService Interface Page: IImageLoaderContext Interface Page: IImageLoaderDelegate Interface Page: IImageLoaderService Interface Page: IJsonSerializerStrategy Interface Page: ILifetimeManager Interface Page: IListAccessor Interface Page: IListViewModel Interface Page: IListViewModel(T) Interface Page: ILocalStorageService Interface Page: ILocationService Interface Page: ImageAttribute Class Page: ImageLoaderDelegate Class Page: ImageLoaderGlobalSettings Class Page: ImageLoaderSettings Class Page: ImagePickerActivateParameter Class Page: ImagePickerAttribute Class Page: ImagePickerResultParameter Class Page: ImagePickerSettings Class Page: ImageResultMode Enumeration Page: IMailService Interface Page: IMapService Interface Page: IMediaLibraryService Interface Page: IMediaService Interface Page: IMessagePresenter Interface Page: IMessagingService Interface Page: IMobileComponent Interface Page: IMobileComponentService Interface Page: IMobileService Interface Page: ImportBindingAttribute Class Page: IMultiPageViewModel Interface Page: IMultipleSelectionObserver Interface Page: INavigable Interface Page: INavigationContext Interface Page: INavigationService Interface Page: IndexPath Class Page: INotificationService Interface Page: INotifyApplicationStateChanged Interface Page: InputType Enumeration Page: IntersoftLicenseAttribute Class Page: IocContainer Class Page: IPopupControl Interface Page: IPresenter Interface Page: IPresenterService Interface Page: IReachabilityService Interface Page: IRegistration Interface Page: IResourceCacheService Interface Page: IResourceCacheSession Interface Page: IResourceCacheSettings Interface Page: IResourceLoaderContext Interface Page: IResourceLoaderDelegate Interface Page: IResourceLoaderProgress Interface Page: IResourceLoaderService Interface Page: IService Interface Page: IServiceAccessor Interface Page: IServiceInitializer Interface Page: ISocialService Interface Page: ISupportBackNavigation Interface Page: ISupportCancellation Interface Page: ISupportIncrementalLoading Interface Page: ISupportMobileService Interface Page: ISupportRefresh Interface Page: ISupportViewModel Interface Page: ITelephonyService Interface Page: ItemBindingDescription Class Page: ItemBindingDescriptionBase Class Page: IToastPresenter Interface Page: ITrackChanges Interface Page: ITypeResolverService Interface Page: IValueConverter Interface Page: IView Interface Page: IViewBuilder Interface Page: IViewContext Interface Page: IViewModel Interface Page: IViewNotification Interface Page: IViewService Interface Page: JsonArray Class Page: JsonObject Class Page: JsonSerializationOptions Class Page: LayoutAlignment Enumeration Page: LayoutAttribute Class Page: LayoutStyle Enumeration Page: ListViewModelBase(T) Class Page: LocalFolderKind Enumeration Page: LocalNotification Class Page: Location Class Page: LocationAccuracy Class Page: LocationCoordinate Class Page: LocationRegion Class Page: LocationResult Class Page: MailAttachment Class Page: MailComposeStatus Enumeration Page: MailMessage Class Page: MapDirectionMode Enumeration Page: MediaLibrarySettings Class Page: MediaLibraryType Enumeration Page: MediaPickerResult Class Page: MobileComponentServiceBase Class Page: MobileService Class Page: ModalPresentationStyle Enumeration Page: ModalTransitionStyle Enumeration Page: MultiPageViewModelBase Class Page: NavigateActionAttribute Class Page: NavigatedParameter Class Page: NavigationItem Class Page: NavigationMode Enumeration Page: NavigationParameter Class Page: NavigationResult Class Page: NavigationResultAction Enumeration Page: NavigationSettingsAttribute Class Page: NavigationTarget Class Page: NavigationTargetKind Enumeration Page: NetworkConnectionStatus Enumeration Page: NetworkConnectionType Enumeration Page: NonSerializableAttribute Class Page: Notification Class Page: NotificationType Enumeration Page: OSKind Enumeration Page: PickerAttribute Class Page: PickerStyle Enumeration Page: Placemark Class Page: PlacemarkAddress Class Page: PlacemarkResult Class Page: PlatformInfo Class Page: PocoJsonSerializerStrategy Class Page: PopupCloseAction Enumeration Page: PresenterService Class Page: ProductInfo Class Page: PropertyDefinition Class Page: RangeInputAttribute Class Page: ReachabilityChangesDelegate Delegate Page: ReachabilityEventArgs Class Page: ReachabilityResult Class Page: ReachabilityStatus Enumeration Page: RegisterNavigationAttribute Class Page: ReorderAction Enumeration Page: ReorderParameter Class Page: ResourceCacheItem Class Page: ResourceCacheMode Enumeration Page: ReturnKeyType Enumeration Page: RuntimeStyles Class Page: SectionAttribute Class Page: SectionDefinition Class Page: SectionLayoutStyle Enumeration Page: SelectedItemBindingAttribute Class Page: SelectedValueBindingAttribute Class Page: SelectionInputAttribute Class Page: SelectionMode Enumeration Page: SerializableAttribute Class Page: SerializationContext Class Page: ServiceProvider Class Page: ShareActivityType Enumeration Page: SimpleJson Class Page: StartParameter Class Page: StateAwareAttribute Class Page: StateRestorationOrder Enumeration Page: StringInputAttribute Class Page: StyleAttributes Class Page: SubscribeOptions Enumeration Page: SubscriptionToken Class Page: TargetBindingType Enumeration Page: TextAlignment Enumeration Page: TintColorMode Enumeration Page: ToastAppearance Enumeration Page: ToastDisplayDuration Structure Page: ToastGravity Enumeration Page: ToastSettings Class Page: Tracer Class Page: UpdateSourceTrigger Enumeration Page: ValidationResult Class Page: ViewModelBase Class Page: ViewModelBase(T) Class Page: ViewModelTypeAttribute Class Page: VisibilityBindingAttribute Class Page: WeakAction Class Page: WeakAction(T) Class Page: DeviceToken Class Page: IDataValidationErrorManager Interface Page: NavigationTargetExtensions Class Page: TaskExtensions Class Page: CommandBindingAttribute Class Page: ILocalizationService Interface Page: IObservableResource Interface Page: ISupportLocalization Interface Page: LocalizableNavigationItem Class Page: LocalizationService Class Page: ObservableResource(T) Class Page: FrameworkModel Class Page: IItemBindingAdapter Interface Page: ISupportItemBinding Interface Page: ISyncService Interface Page: IViewModelBinder Interface Page: IViewModelBinder(TViewModel, TModel) Interface Page: SyncContext Class Page: SyncInterval Class Page: ViewModelBindingContext Class Page: DataViewAttribute Class Page: ListViewAttribute Class Page: ListViewCellStyle Enumeration Page: ListViewInteractionMode Enumeration Page: SelectedItemsBindingAttribute Class Page: DialogButton Enumeration Page: DialogButtonStyle Class Page: DialogOptions Class Page: DialogResult Class Page: EmptyLogger Class Page: EmptyTracer Class Page: EventSource Class Page: EventSource(T) Class Page: IApplicationEventSource Interface Page: IDialogPresenter Interface Page: IEventSource Interface Page: ILog Interface Page: ILogRepository Interface Page: ILogService Interface Page: ITracer Interface Page: IViewModelInitializer Interface Page: IViewServiceExtensions Class Page: LocalFileInfo Class Page: LogService Class Page: Address Class Page: AddressType Enumeration Page: CommandItemType Enumeration Page: Contact Class Page: ContactPickerResult Class Page: ContentControlAttribute Class Page: Email Class Page: EmailType Enumeration Page: IActionToastPresenter Interface Page: IContactService Interface Page: ImageScaleMode Enumeration Page: InstantMessagingAccount Class Page: InstantMessagingService Enumeration Page: KeepAliveAttribute Class Page: Note Class Page: Organization Class Page: OrganizationType Enumeration Page: Phone Class Page: PhoneType Enumeration Page: Relationship Class Page: RelationshipType Enumeration Page: Website Class Page: ObjectExtensions Class Page: TypeExtensions Class