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Defines the direction status code.


public enum DirectionsStatusCodes


The following table summarizes the members exposed in this enumeration.


OK indicates the response contains a valid result.
NOT_FOUND indicates at least one of the locations specified in the requests's origin, destination, or waypoints could not be geocoded.
ZERO_RESULTS indicates no route could be found between the origin and destination.
MAX_WAYPOINTS_EXCEEDED indicates that too many waypointss were provided in the request The maximum allowed waypoints is 8, plus the origin, and destination. ( Google Maps Premier customers may contain requests with up to 23 waypoints.)
INVALID_REQUEST indicates that the provided request was invalid.
OVER_QUERY_LIMIT indicates the service has received too many requests from your application within the allowed time period.
REQUEST_DENIED indicates that the service denied use of the directions service by your application.
UNKNOWN_ERROR indicates a directions request could not be processed due to a server error. The request may succeed if you try again
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