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Crosslight 3 release adds full support for iOS 8 which includes both new iOS 8 specific features and compatibility with Xamarin.iOS 8 framework. In addition, this release also adds several improvements to the overall stability related to the changes in iOS 8. For instances, modal navigation in master-detail scenario now works in iOS 8, while the message input view component is now enhanced to support iOS 8's custom keyboards and auto-suggest bar.

You can no longer use Crosslight iOS with an older version of Xamarin due to breaking changes introduced in Xamarin.iOS  API. If you need wish to continue developing with older version of Xamarin, you can use Crosslight 2.0 Update 4 assemblies.



Enhancements for iOS 8

iOS 8 brings major changes to the existing API to support various key new technologies of Apple devices such as multiple screen size support. It inevitably breaks a number of fundamental functionalities such as the way rotation is handled. Crosslight 3 for iOS have been enhanced in many areas to support the changes made in iOS 8. Most of these enhancements do not require changes in your application code. As the result, you can simply upgrade to Crosslight 3 and continue using all the features provided in Crosslight which work seamlessly in the latest version of iOS.

Crosslight comes with dozens of pre-built UI components for iOS such as drawer navigation and master-detail component. These components have been specifically enhanced to work flawlessly in iOS 8, particularly to support the new auto rotation behavior. The following illustration shows the master-detail component with multiple orientation running in an iPad.

Navigation Enhancements

iOS 8 introduces a host of user interface enhancements such as those related to view controller, presentation controller, popover controller, and more. Some of these changes affect the navigation functionalities provided in Crosslight such as the push, modal, and the popover navigation. Crosslight 3 is now supercharged to support latest iOS 8 user interface features, while keeping all navigation patterns working as expected.

The following illustration shows the key navigation features combined with master-detail scenario running in Crosslight 3 and iOS 8.

SplitViewController Enhancements

One of the major improvements in iOS 8 is the support for larger screen in the split view pattern. In particular, Crosslight has now improved its UIMasterDetailController to work flawlessly in iOS 8, optimized for both iPhone and iPad. Key areas of improvement also include the changes to rotation, integration with table view, and detail navigation.

In addition to iOS 8 support, Crosslight 3 also brings a multitude of new gorgeous user interface components and powerful features that you will surely love to see in your Crosslight apps. For more information, see What's New in Crosslight for iOS.