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While it sounds like a common task, working with remote resources is arguably one of the most challenging tasks in mobile apps development due to many complex handling such as network connectivity, progress tracking, download queues, resources allocation management and much more. Furthermore, the completely different API in each platform makes it even more difficult to implement remote resources in cross-platform mobile development.

Crosslight introduces a versatile resource loader service which makes working with remote resources a breeze. The resource loader takes care all the internal connectivity handling with smart auto-retry and efficient resources allocation, so you can download remote resources with just a simple line-of-code. Better yet, the resource loader service can be consumed directly in the shared ViewModel layer, so all platforms are automatically supported with the same API and code base.

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Working with remote resources typically involve a number of tasks such as downloading from a remote site asynchronously, saving them to a local cache, and retrieve from the cache when the app is working offline.

To learn more about specific topics in working with remote resources, please see the following links: