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One of the biggest advantages of building mobile apps in native platforms is the ability to leverage hardware and device capabilities to the fullest through the native API calls. More importantly, accessing the mobile features through native API delivers the best performance possible. Crosslight provides solid services abstraction that lets you access common mobile capabilities from the ViewModel, hence enable you to streamline all user interactions and application logic code in the shared application layer.

For instance, you can write code that makes a voice call to a specific number, compose a mail message, locate an address, navigate to a placemark, check Internet connection, and much more – all with just a single method call.

Webinar - Building Gorgeous Apps with Advanced Crosslight UI and Services

This video is a last-day recording of 3-days webinar session for Crosslight 2 (10-12 June 2014). Watch as Nicholas introduces you to new enterprise reporting features working seamlessly between ClientUI and Crosslight, sending push notification across multiple platforms at once, and using Facebook login authentication. Visit our site at to learn more about Crosslight

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The following topics discuss the pre-built mobile services that you can consume in your ViewModel classes.