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The easiest way to get started with cross-platform mobile development with Crosslight is by creating a new Crosslight solution from Crosslight Project Wizard. In this section, you will learn how to launch the project wizard, configure the settings, and get ready with your first Crosslight solution.

The Crosslight Project Wizards gives you a head-start over the competition by giving you a ready-to-use project that spans across multiple platforms, allowing you to customize the existing project and get your Crosslight enabled projects up and running in just a few clicks.

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Using Intersoft Crosslight Project Wizard

Crosslight provides four powerful templates for you to jump-start your Crosslight-enabled application, letting you begin development right away. There are several templates that you can use right away, such as the Navigation Drawer template, Master-detail template, Business template, and more. The Crosslight Project Wizard is fully integrated with Visual Studio 2012 upwards. 

Creating Business App Using Crosslight Project Wizard

This video provides you step-by-step tutorial on how to easily create enterprise business mobile apps using Crosslight Project Wizard. Find out more about Crosslight here:

Browse more tutorial videos.

Using the Crosslight Project Wizard, you can preview the expected result for each platform and template selected on-the-fly. Please keep in mind that you have 30 days to try out the full-featured evaluation version until the Crosslight Project Wizard stops working. The bottom section of the Crosslight Project Wizard shows how many days you have remaining to use the wizard. For more information about the Crosslight licensing, please see the Licensing Crosslight Application section.

The Crosslight Project Wizard is looks as follows:

Project Template

The project template dropdown is the main part of the Crosslight Project Wizard that lists of the variant of the templates available. Here are the list of the templates available:

Click on the link with the page above to learn more about the template.

Platform Selection

Currently, Crosslight supports four major mobile platforms, which are iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store. By default, all the four platforms will be selected as most users will likely want to target multiple platforms at once. This determines which projects for what platforms will be created when you hit the OK button. Crosslight will also include a Core project, which contains the shared application code. If you didn’t select any of the platforms, the project wizard will by default create a single Core project for you to use, corresponding on the currently selected Project Template dropdown. For example, if you wish to create a Master-Detail core project, select the Master-Detail in the Project Template dropdown, and don't select any of the platforms.


The iOS column consists of two options that you can choose from. The Device dropdown allows you to target either Phone, Pad, or both by choosing the Universal option. You can also preview the changes on the fly, to see what iOS devices you wish to target. The Template dropdown will be disabled and re-enabled depending upon the selected project template. By default, Crosslight Project Wizard will generate iOS.Unified project, allowing yo to publish to App Store with ease.


The Android column consists of five options: Device, Minimum Target, Target SDK, Template, and the Theme. Same with iOS, the Device dropdown allows you to select either Android phones, Android tablets, or both. The Minimum Target and the Target SDK corresponds to the generated AndroidManifest.xml file, which you can also change later in the Android project properties. The Template option will be disabled or re-enabled depending on the project template of your choice. The Theme option allows you to select either Holo Dark or Holo Light by default. You can also define your own themes by utilizing the AndroidManifest and the built-in Android themes. VIsit the Styles and Themes page to learn more about theming natively in Android. By default, Minimum Target SDK will be set to 4.0.3.

Windows Phone

The Windows Phone column only consists of one selectable option, which is the Template dropdown. The Template dropdown is also available only in certain types of project templates. Currently Crosslight Project Wizard only supports creation of Windows Phone 8.0 apps and above.

Windows Store

The Windows Store column also consists of only selectable option, which is the Template dropdown. Same with other platforms, the Template dropdown can be selected in certain types of project templates. The Crosslight Project Wizard creates Windows 8 apps, which are upgradable to Windows 8.1 apps. Note that this process is not reversible once you've upgraded the project version.

The Crosslight Project Wizard automatically populates the most recommended settings for all platforms such as the minimum target and the SDK target version. However, you can easily modify these settings to accommodate your requirements through the options provided in the user-friendly interface.