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The main functionality any mobile app must satisfy is the ability to navigate users to views. As Crosslight is built around the powerful MVVM pattern, this allows very distinct separation of concerns, where the main caller is centralized around the view model, and the navigatoin request is automatically translated by platform-specific Crosslight frameworks. This page covers the concepts of navigation patterns in Crosslight apps. To learn more about the implementations of each navigation pattern, see Understanding Crosslight Navigation Services.

Any basic mobile app needs to be able to navigate the users in such a way that is consistent for the platforms built upon them. Since everything is centralized in the view model, when the associated view model calls the navigation service invokes push navigation which navigates the user from screen A to screen B, then all platforms must behave consistently, meaning all platforms should invoke push navigation as well.

Read the following pages to learn more about navigation patterns available in Crosslight applications: