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This project includes a collection of samples showcasing various prebuilt services available in Crosslight such as navigation services, presenter services, platform services and mobile services. All services are programmable in the shared application layer which allows you to streamline the user interaction logic as well as enable maximum code sharing. Mobile services demonstrate a vast array of services commonly available to mobile platform such as telephony services, location services, camera services, social services, map services and much more. To learn more about mobile services in Crosslight, see Working with Mobile Services.

Features highlight:

  • Demonstrates usage of the navigation services, including push navigation, modal navigation, nested modal navigation and list navigation.
  • The use of built-in presenters, such as message presenter, toast presenter, action presenter, and activity presenter.
  • Useful mobile services such as telephony, camera, browser, mail, location, etc.
  • The use of the view service to run operations on UI thread or background thread.