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This page lists the platform-specific resources to help you easily build Crosslight-powered apps on the platforms you prefer. You can quickly find guides relating to understanding navigation pattern on each platform, working with data components, using the form builder, MVVM-enabled view components, and much more.

With Crosslight, you can reuse nearly 96% of your application codebase, including domain models, business logics, data access layer, mobile services, as well as user interaction logics such as screen navigation and data validation. For more information about Crosslight architecture and how it works, please refer to Understanding Crosslight Architecture and Fundamentals.

Built with solid design pattern, Crosslight maximizes code reusability at the ViewModel layer – thus minimizes the code required in the view layer that reside in each native platform. The view layer comprised of UI components and controllers that are specific to each platform. In addition to foundation components, Crosslight also includes view layers for each platform which have been designed with built-in MVVM and data binding capability. This enables you to implement the views with a simple constructor definition. Furthermore, most of the Crosslight view components can be easily customizable through simple property sets.

For more information, please refer to the following sections and links.