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At the heart of the Crosslight for Windows Store platform is the view components that have been enhanced to support data binding and MVVM design pattern. Crosslight enhances the view components in a way that does not require subclassing so you can continue using the controls in the same way and manner as in the common Windows Store development – whether designing them through Xaml editor or create them programmatically. As the results, Crosslight delivers the best of both worlds by extending the existing controls with new functionality in loosely-coupled fashion.

The following table lists the MVVM-enabled view components along with the supported bindable properties.

View ComponentSupported Bindable Properties
  • Text
  • Command
  • CommandParameter
  • IsChecked
  • Text
  • IsChecked
  • Value

For more information about the basic concept of Crosslight and MVVM pattern, see Crosslight and MVVM at a Glance.