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Prior to deployment, you must appropriately license your Crosslight apps by applying the runtime license to each of the platform-specific projects. With a valid developer license seat, you are entitled to get a runtime key which you can use to license your application before deployment. To download your runtime license, please sign in to your Intersoft account, then goto the Licenses tab, find your Crosslight license and click on the Download License button. 

Note that the runtime license can be obtained without additional cost which is different with the design-time license. The design license is applied in the development environment to unlock the designer-related features such as Crosslight Project Wizard in Visual Studio 2012. To apply the design-time license, use the provided License Manager which you can find in the Intersoft’s program group.
To apply the runtime license to the target project, open the AssemblyInfo.cs file and instantiate an IntersoftLicense assembly attribute. Copy the content of the downloaded runtime license and paste it as the content of the IntersoftLicense assembly attribute. See the following example.

When properly licensed, the evaluation message will no longer appear when the application starts.

Note that Xamarin licenses are required to deploy Crosslight apps that target iOS and Android. Xamarin products are licensed separately. Intersoft has partnered with Xamarin to provide bundled licenses that includes Mobile Studio and Xamarion Platforms. For more information, please visit