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Crosslight now includes built-in social network services enabling you to easily add social functionality to your apps such as user authentication, posting feeds, getting user profile, and more. Written with modern async APIs, Crosslight social services can be easily consumed at the view model layer which support popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The key advantages of Crosslight social network services is that it gives you the power and flexibility you need to integrate these social features through a unified, platform-agnostic API. This means that you are free to build your own custom interface and implement user authentication on the supported social networks without depending on third-party platform SDK.


To use the social network integration with Crosslight, you will need to have the following setup ready. In the AppService of the shared Core project, register the social networks you want to use in the constructor. To learn more about Crosslight application service, see Implementing Crosslight Application Service.

To use the social network services in your projects, you will need to add references to the Intersoft.Crosslight.Services.Social assembly in the Core project as well as the platform-specific Social assembly respectively. There are no extra configurations required in the platform-specific projects since the social services will automatically initialize itself during startup. All you need to do is simply adding the assembly references properly.

To see the list of Crosslight assemblies, refer to Redistributable Assemblies.

Integrating Facebook

To use Facebook, you will need to get a Facebook App key from Then, specify your Facebook App ID in the constructor of the AppService.cs (located in side the Core project, Infrastructure folder) that you would like to register with, and the scope of the Facebook actions.

Integrating Twitter

Likewise, to use Twitter in your Crosslight app, you need to get a Twitter account for developers and manage your consumer key and consumer secret from

The following lists the supported features available in social network services for Crosslight.