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Crosslight for Windows Phone makes mobile apps development in Windows platform so much easier – thanks to the pre-built services and components that can be consumed with a simple one-line-of-code declaration. Building Windows Phone Apps never been easier.

In general, Crosslight for Windows Phone includes the following key components and features:

  • Application infrastructure
  • Messaging infrastructure for communication with Crosslight Foundation
  • MVVM-enabled pages
  • Platform and view services
  • Navigation services
  • Form builder services
  • Presenter services
  • Mobile services including camera, location, telephony, messaging and much more
  • View components supporting over 20+ editor types
  • Pre-built UX features that conform to Windows Phone Development Guidelines

The following sections are focused on building Windows Phone apps with Crosslight that exposes MVVM patterns and clear separation between user interaction logic and view.

This guide presumes you have basic understanding of the MVVM design pattern. If you are not familiar with MVVM design pattern, please visit the MVVM Overview page to learn more.