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Building a successful mobile app involves a series of tasks that you must implement such as presenting data, navigating around the screen, showing a message to user, capturing input from users, and much more. Crosslight allows you to perform these tasks much easier and faster compared to traditional approaches.

This page provides a comprehensive overview of cross-platform mobile apps development with Crosslight. You may prefer to jump to a specific section of interest, or start from the Crosslight app development fundamentals.


Crosslight Fundamentals

To effectively build cross-platform mobile applications with Crosslight, you need to understand the basic concepts and fundamentals of Crosslight, including how Crosslight was built, its technology stacks, its architecture and more.

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Crosslight Solution

The easiest way to get started with cross-platform mobile development with Crosslight is by creating a new Crosslight solution from Crosslight Project Wizard. It provides four app templates so you can quickly getting started.

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MVVM and Data Binding

Crosslight was built upon the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) design pattern which has becomes one of the modern design patterns that maximizes code reuse and maintainability through loosely-coupled code.

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Screen Navigation

Crosslight is thoughtfully engineered with sophisticated navigation framework that primarily address the navigation design challenges in cross-platform mobile apps development such as modal support, passing data, and more.

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Basic User Interactions

Crosslight makes such basic user interaction tasks very straightforward to achieve. With a single line of code, you can show a message to the user, display an activity indicator for long-running process, and even a toast notification. 

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Data Presentation

Managing data is one of the most crucial objectives in mobile business apps. Crosslight was designed with a vast array of powerful features that make working with data a breeze – enables you to build mobile business apps easily.

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Data Editing

Crosslight features a powerful Form Builder that allows you to build rich data entry form – fast and easy. With simple property and attributes definition, you can quickly create a data form that runs on various support platforms.

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Data Validation

Consistent data validation and graceful error handling makes your app work more reliably thus increasing overall user experiences and ultimately increase user adoption. Crosslight ships with validation-friendly editors.

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Mobile Services

One of the biggest advantages of building mobile apps in native platforms is the ability to leverage hardware and device capabilities to the fullest through the native API calls. Crosslight lets you easily access to the mobile services.

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