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Crosslight 4 is a major improvement over the previous version and provides many new features in data-related framework such as better and faster entity relationship management, view projection, and advanced query descriptor. These major improvements will be enabled directly when you create a new project using Crosslight Project Wizard and latest Crosslight 4 development tools. For existing projects, you will need to follow this simple guide to enjoy the new features.

On this page:

This page presumes you have installed Crosslight 4 in your Mac and Windows development environment. If you haven't done so, please sign-in to your account to download.
This page includes upgrade guide specific to the WebApi and server data access only. For general upgrade guide, please see Updating Crosslight.

Updating Code Generated Model

First of all, you need to update the code generated model using the latest code generation tools. To do this, simply open the EDMX file that you would like to update and re-save the file. This will trigger the code generation tools to regenerate the code generated model.

The new code generated model will have a new class called EntityRelations and you'll see that the Version property is now set to V2.

If you don't see the resulting code similar to the above example, most likely culprit is that you haven't properly installed Crosslight for Windows using the latest installer. Note that Crosslight 4 installer includes updated Intersoft Entity Designer extension for Visual Studio. It also includes support for Visual Studio 2015 release.

Updating Server Assemblies

Crosslight 4 introduces a new server assembly called Intersoft.Data.WebApi.v4. The use of this assembly requires newer version of WebApi.OData, so you will need to update the NuGet package in your WebAPI project as follows.

On Visual Studio 2015, this might look slightly different.

Also, you will need to update ASP.NET WebAPI assemblies as well.

These nuget packages will update the WebApi.OData related assemblies and configurations automatically. In particular, the web.config file will be automatically updated to have the following entries.

Finally, remember to change the Intersoft.Data.WebApi reference to Intersoft.Data.WebApi.v4.

For more information about general upgrade process such as applying the client assemblies to your project, see Updating Crosslight.