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This update is a maintenance release which includes new services and significant enhancements that are crucial for enterprise apps development. This release is strongly focused in Crosslight for Android improvements such as the introduction of new form fragment, revamped pull-to-refresh user interface, customizable list fragment layout, and much more. Furthermore, this release ships iOS 8 support which is now built on Xamarin iOS 8 assemblies. This allows you to build Crosslight-powered iOS 8 apps today.

Upgrading to Crosslight 2 Update 5 is free to all customers with active subscriptions.

For more information about release band quality and how to obtain and apply updates, see Updating Crosslight.
Quality Band [?]STABLE
Build Number2.0.5000.95
Last Build DateSeptember 30, 2014

Release Highlight

The following sections highlight the noteworthy enhancements and new features included in this update.

iOS 8 Support

From this release onward, Crosslight iOS assemblies will be compiled upon Xamarin iOS 8 framework. This lets you build Crosslight apps that target both iOS 7 and iOS 8, although you can no longer use Crosslight iOS with older version of Xamarin due to breaking changes introduced in Xamarin iOS API. If you wish to continue developing with older version of Xamarin, please use Crosslight 2.4 assemblies.

In addition to the compatibility with iOS 8, this release also adds several improvements to the overall stability related to the changes in iOS 8. For instances, modal navigation in master-detail scenario now works in iOS 8, while the message input view component is now enhanced to support iOS 8's custom keyboards and auto-suggest bar. However, we have a lot more to cover for specific iOS 8 features which are planned to ship in the next major version of Crosslight.

Introducing Form Fragment

Many of you have been using the Crosslight Form Builder feature in Android, which currently only supports form in the form of FormActivity, which takes up the whole screen. Say what if you would like to use the form in a Fragment? Introducing the FormFragment. The FormFragment is a version of the Form Builder which allows you to create Crosslight forms and use it in a Fragment. The rotation has been highly considered as well, with consistent bindings behavior throughout the FormFragment. Learn how to use the Form Fragment here.

New Pull-to-Refresh

The highly popular pull-to-refresh gesture has been around in the Android community for some time, and many people have been implementing this feature with many difficulties using third-party libraries. Now Google has addressed this issue by standardizing the pull-to-refresh experience across all its products, including Gmail, Google+, Google Now, etc. Google calls this experience as Swipe-to-Refresh. Around last April, Google has introduced a new SwipeRefreshLayout component that allows developers to easily implement feature across their Android applications. Crosslight for Android has been upgraded to support this new component by default, replacing the previous pull-to-refresh implementation for Android platform. This is all done automatically after applying the new Crosslight for Android library.

Improved Presenter Service

In the previous Crosslight for Android versions, Android presenters simply uses the basic implementation of dialogs. In this iteration, the presenter service lifecycle has been greatly improved using the DialogFragment, therefore state persistence and correct orientation upon rotation. The use of the DialogFragment also increases the reliability of the presenters. Now developers can rest assured that the presenters used now works painlessly and seamlessly across their Android applications.

Improved ImageLoader Performance

You have been enjoying the great async image loader since Crosslight 2.0 Update 4. In this release, we've improved the image loader even further. Now the loading process is done using the Android AsyncTask to enhance the smooth scrolling experience.

ImageLoader Service Enhancements

You can now use the ImageLoaderService to load images from assembly or local storage using the following URI format.

  • Load from assembly: assembly://{AssemblyName}/{Folder]/{FileName}
  • Local storage: local:{FolderKind}//{FileName}

CheckBox and TextBox Supports Item Binding

Most enterprise applications' requirements goes beyond simple data listing. At times, developers will need to take advantage of input controls, such as check boxes and text boxes, as list view items, which can directly update the values in the models' property. In this release, Crosslight has been upgraded to support CheckBox and TextBox bindings directly to item models, allowing developers to easily achieve the scenario using the enhanced ItemBindingDescription.


Sample Updates

All of our iOS samples have been updated to support the new Xamarin.iOS 8 library.

API Documentation Updates

This release includes many new APIs across the Crosslight core frameworks and the platform-specific view components. To help you discover and learn more about the new API, the Crosslight API documentation has been updated to reflect the API changes in this release. Visit Crosslight API Documentation.

About Crosslight 2

This update is building on Crosslight 2 release which includes 200+ new features that make enterprise cross-platform apps development a breeze. Take a look at all the new features in the Crosslight 2.0 Release Notes  and see what you are missing out on!

Download Crosslight 2 today.

Updates and fixes in this release

This release includes the following updates and bug fixes:

T Key Summary P Status Component/s
Bug CROS-625 Update Xamarin.Android On The Build Server Critical Resolved Core
Bug CROS-588 Drawer incorrectly rendered on iPad running iOS 8. Major Resolved iOS
Task CROS-587 Revamp samples to support iOS 8. Major Closed
Bug CROS-584 ListFragment layout cannot be customized Major Resolved Android
New Feature CROS-582 ImageLoaderService now supports loading image from local storage. Major Closed Services
New Feature CROS-581 ImageLoaderService now supports loading image from assembly. Major Closed Services
New Feature CROS-579 iOS 8 support Major Closed iOS
Bug CROS-576 The "Navigation With Parameter" sample does not work properly in ServicesSamples. Major Resolved Android
Bug CROS-575 MediaService causes memory leak after consecutive tries. Major Resolved Android
Bug CROS-574 Post to Facebook does not work properly in ServicesSamples. Major Resolved Android
Bug CROS-571 Dispose method is not called in DrawerActivity. Major Resolved Android
Bug CROS-567 In ViewPager, the data specified in the NavigationItem is not passed to child ViewModel. Major Resolved Android
Improvement CROS-565 Provide mechanism to pass a collection of binding contexts to ItemBindingAdapter Major Closed Core
New Feature CROS-551 Improved async image loader performance. Major Closed Android
New Feature CROS-549 Add item binding support for TextBox. Major Closed Android
New Feature CROS-548 Add item binding support for CheckBox. Major Closed Android
Improvement CROS-545 Utilize SwipeRefreshLayout for Pull-to-Refresh. Major Closed Android
New Feature CROS-544 Introduce FormFragment to support form builder in FragmentActivity. Major Closed Android
Improvement CROS-543 Improve Get and Set value mechanism in BindingAdapter. Major Closed Android
Bug CROS-542 WinRT SQLite service not properly initialized. Major Resolved Windows 8
Bug CROS-540 Add ServiceInitializer for Win8 SQLite Service Major Resolved Windows Phone
Bug CROS-539 Fix launch modal activity issue (FragmentActivity only support 16bit request code) Major Resolved Android
Bug CROS-537 Toast Presenter orientation is incorrect after rotated. Major Resolved Windows Phone
Improvement CROS-526 Improved binding performance, up to 4x faster Major Closed Core
New Feature CROS-458 Introduce DialogFragment for better dialogs rotation handling. Major Closed Android
New Feature CROS-367 Add MasterDetailFragment generic variant to support custom content navigation. Major Closed Android
Improvement CROS-271 Re-evaluate Context usage in MobileServices. Major Closed Android

For more information about release band quality and how to obtain and apply updates, see Updating Crosslight.