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This update is a maintenance release which addresses numerous issues found since the Crosslight 2 release. It includes major stability improvements for Android in release configuration with linker enabled, as well as improvements to many various components and frameworks based on customer's feedback.

Upgrading to Crosslight 2 Update 1 is free to all customers with active subscriptions.

About Crosslight 2

This update is building on Crosslight 2 release which includes 200+ new features that make enterprise cross-platform apps development a breeze. Take a look at all the new features in the Crosslight 2.0 Release Notes  and see what you are missing out on!

Download Crosslight 2 today.


Quality Band [?]STABLE
Build Number2.0.5000.52
Last Build DateMay 23, 2014

Updates and fixes in this release

This release includes the following updates and bug fixes:

T Key Summary P Status Component/s
Bug CROS-297 Fix Selection Issue in ListView (Android) Major Resolved
Bug CROS-296 Activity Presenter closes along Action Presenter Major Resolved iOS
Bug CROS-295 Regression in access modifier Major Closed Android
Bug CROS-294 UICollectionView is unexpectedly crashed during navigation when it's contained in UITabBarController. Major Resolved iOS
Bug CROS-293 UICollectionView is incorrectly positioned behind navigation bar when contained in UIDrawerNavigation and nested in UITabBarController. Major Resolved iOS
Bug CROS-291 Cancel button is unexpectedly shown in UIFormViewController when navigated with push navigation inside modal context Major Closed iOS
Bug CROS-290 Add Background support for Views Major Closed Android
Bug CROS-289 Application crashes during Select operation on SQLite Android in Release mode Major Closed Data
Bug CROS-288 Entering search mode in UITableViewController is causing unexpected transparent area in the status bar. Major Closed iOS
Bug CROS-287 Fix Android stability issues Major Closed Android
Improvement CROS-286 Added OnSelectedIndexChanging and OnSelectedIndexChanged to MultiPageViewModelBase Major Closed Core
Improvement CROS-285 Add EmptyListViewLayoutId for ListFragment and ListActivity Major Closed Android
Bug CROS-284 UITabBarController cannot host UICollectionViewController Major Closed iOS
Bug CROS-283 UITabBarController disposes ViewModel which has not yet been created Major Closed iOS
Bug CROS-282 Cannot search using custom cell template Major Closed iOS
Bug CROS-281 ActivityPresenter with Large style indicator with text does not work Major Closed iOS
Bug CROS-280 TabFragment or TabActivity does not trigger ViewModel Navigated event Major Closed Android
Bug CROS-279 UIMasterDetailViewControler triggers ViewModel's constructor twice Major Closed iOS
Bug CROS-278 UITabBarController does not trigger Navigated on navigating to a ViewModel hosted inside the MultiPageViewModelBase Major Closed iOS
Bug CROS-277 ListView selected state not reflected after clicked Major Closed Android
Bug CROS-276 Search not working for ListFragment hosted in MasterDetailFragment Major Closed Android

For more information about release band quality and how to obtain and apply updates, see Updating Crosslight.