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Full iOS 7 Support

The iOS 7 operating system introduced by Apple marks a major revamp towards the all-popular iOS operating system, exhibiting minimal design combined with great aesthetics and user experiences. The first in the industry, the entire user interface components in Crosslight are now upgraded to adhere to the iOS modern experience, including the revamped form builder, navigation controls, beautiful look and feel, tint color, translucency, ultra-smooth animation, left-edge swipe gesture, and nearly 20+ editing controls while still backwards compatible with users running the previous versions of iOS. Learn more.


New Navigation Drawer UI Component

This release includes full-featured navigation drawer UI component that works natively on iOS and Android platforms. The navigation drawer was built with true container view architecture that allows maximum customizability and flexibility. As the results, the Crosslight drawer navigation conforms to the industry-standards content control which allows developers to put any arbitrary content in the drawer while seamlessly automating all navigation processes to the view’s delegate.

This is made possible thanks to the thoughtfully designed architecture that emphasize pure separation between the view and the user interaction. You can leverage the new drawer component without changes to the existing codebase. Learn more.





Visual Studio 2013 Support

As the official Visual Studio Industry Partner of Microsoft, we are committed to support every release version of Visual Studio. In this release, our infamous Crosslight Project Wizard is upgraded to support Visual Studio 2013, right from day one, allowing Crosslight developers around the world to immediately take advantage of the latest and greatest version of Visual Studio and experience Crosslight firsthand. Learn more.

Comprehensive PCL and Xamarin Studio Support

The Portable Class Library introduced with the release of Visual Studio 2012 opens the door a whole new level of cross-platform development, allowing developers to abstract their codes into a single codebase using a powerful, platform-agnostic library. This gives power for agile developers to be even more agile. Combined with the power of Crosslight Project Wizard, you can easily create PCL projects as well as platform-specific projects in just a click of a button, enabling you to jump immediately into Crosslight development.

The solution and projects created using the Crosslight Project Wizard are also fully compatible with Xamarin Studio, allowing developers to switch back and forth using the same exact files, eliminating the need of maintain redundant files. Learn more.




Hundreds of New Features and Stability Improvements

The following sections describe the detailed changes of each Crosslight component in this release, including the new features, enhancements and fixes.

Intersoft.Crosslight 1.0.5000.20

  • DrawerViewModelBase for drawer navigation support across all platforms.
  • JSON serialization and deserialization library.
  • IHashCryptographicService to provide hash cryptographic functionality in the shared ViewModel layer. The implementation is added as default application services in all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8).
  • Improved Form Builder with powerful new features such as:
    • Support for Navigation editor type through the new NavigateAction attribute.
    • Support automatic child form through form metadata discovery.
    • Support automatic navigation for child collection/list.
    • Customizable selection input through the new ReuseExistingViewContext property.
    • Enhanced button editor to support tint color mode through the new TintColorMode property. The mode will be picked up by each platform with their own UI implementation.

Intersoft.Crosslight.Android 1.0.5000.20

  • New DrawerActivity class for Android-style navigation drawer with configurable DrawerSettings.
  • RightDrawerButtonId added to DrawerSettings to open/close right navigation drawer.
  • Fragment now has MenuLayouId for use with navigation drawer to inflate the correct menu for ActionBar.
  • Improvement in DispatchContext of PresenterBase and AndroidMobileComponentBase.
  • Fixed SearchableListFragmentActivity<TViewModel> and SearchableListActivity<TViewModel> after SearchView lost focus.
  • Added nested fragment navigation support to FragmentActivity with smart navigation stack.
  • ViewModel now persists correctly upon rotation.
  • ListView GetSelection is now correct.
  • SelectedItem is now set to null after navigation is finished.
  • Fixed an issue where changes made to the view not persisted upon rotation.
  • Fixed an issue where fragments in the DrawerActivity are removed upon Activity pause.
  • MenuLayoutId removed from FragmentAttribute, moved to Fragment as property override.

Intersoft.Crosslight.iOS 1.0.5000.20

  • Supports iOS 7 SDK.
  • Completely redesigned Form Builder editors to adhere the new user interface principles in iOS 7.
  • View is no longer disposed after navigation is cancelled through left edge swipe gesture.
  • UIDrawerNavigationController class which represents an intuitive drawer navigation UI component. Key features include:
    • Customizable left drawer, right drawer, or combination of left and right drawer.
    • Built-in touch gestures for interacting with the drawer with customizable speed and flick velocity.
    • Adhere to iOS container controller architecture guidelines. You can place any kind of view controllers in the drawer.
    • Integrated to Crosslight navigation service which allow seamless and automatic screen navigation. Simply drop-in existing table view controller without code changes, notice every navigation will be automatically redirected to the drawer’s content view.
    • Fully customizable appearance settings including shadow, tint color, background image, and much more.
    • Support iOS 7 status bar transition mode with smooth animation as user panned the drawer. It includes various transition mode to achieve stunning visual effects used in popular apps, such as transparent to black, translucent blur, and custom color transition.
  • Appearance settings in UITableViewController for comprehensive table view customization. You can now easily configure table view appearance with simple property sets including the background color, cell background, cell selected background, title color and attributes, section color and attributes, and much more. In addition, iOS 7 style blur effects are supported in certain elements such as background and selected cells.
  • Easy customization to table view’s header and footer by simply specifying the nib name of the view through the new table’s appearance settings. The properties in particular are HeaderViewNibName and FooterViewNibName respectively.
  • UIBlurView featuring iOS 7 navigation bar-style interface which blurs any views beneath. You can choose to use light or dark blur view, as well as specifying an arbitrary tint color.
  • Added iOS 7 navigation controller transitions to the table view controller. Notice that selection in the table view is now smoothly faded as you swipe the view from the left edge to the right.
  • Enhanced smart view dispose to recognize the new iOS 7’s view controller transition state as well as considering the cancellation of the navigation process.
  • Enhanced view life cycle to conform to the new iOS 7’s view controller capabilities, which consider the transient and animation state of a view. This ensures Crosslight’s life cycle to run appropriately.

Intersoft.Crosslight.WinPhone 1.0.5000.20

  • Fixed MediaService to properly detect asset files put in shared project assets folder.
  • Fix Windows Phone RootNavigation that does not comply with other platforms.

Intersoft.Crosslight.WinRT 1.0.5000.20

  • Fixed popup window not showing if called by navigation service.

Intersoft.Crosslight Samples

  • New navigation drawer version of DataSamples.
  • Four new sample projects demonstrating the new navigation drawer component.
  • System.Core reference to Core project.
  • Fixed validation errors in ModelBase.
  • Fixed incorrect end-of-line settings for both Windows and Mac encoding compatibility.
  • Project GUID is now unique.
  • Fixed numerous missing files and minor glitches on existing samples.
  • DataSamples.Drawer.Android 
    • Now the ActionBar is searchable.
    • FilterListFragment now inherits SearchableLIstFragment.
    • MenuLayoutId removed from FragmentAttribute and moved as property override in all Fragment classes.
  • DrawerSamples
    • The “Drawer” prefix is removed from drawer samples to support Windows path limitation.
  • DrawerSamples.FacebookStyle.Android
    • The left navigation drawer button on the ActionBar is removed and introduced RightButtonDrawerId to toggle the right navigation drawer.
  • DrawerSamples.WorthyStyle.Android
    • The right button on the ActionBar now toggles the right navigation drawer.