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Crosslight business template is the most comprehensive and powerful project template which allows you to get started with data-driven business apps in just a few clicks. With social network login integration, built-in user management and enterprise data access leveraging WebAPI and Entity Framework, Crosslight business template showcases one of the most time-saving apps templates that allows you to create custom business apps in dramatically less time with less effort. 

Features Highlight

Unlike other project templates, the business template automatically creates server-side ASP.NET MVC project in addition to the shared and selected platform-specific projects. The MVC project contains several pre-built components that allow you to jump start a fully-featured business app in minutes. The business template also leverages many new services available in Crosslight 2, so you can easily consume them in your apps with just a few property sets. The following sections describe the key features available in the business template.

Authenticate Users with Ease

Crosslight business template provides fully-functional user management covering both client and server side, including authenticating users from social networks like Facebook. Shipped with a pre-configured user database, the template takes care all complexity and details for user management tasks, such as invalidating the user when their credentials have been revoked. If you prefer enterprise authentication using Web API, the business template also provides conventional method of authenticating users through basic authentication mode. Password is hashed with security stamp by default, ensuring the safety of the user credentials. Learn more.

Present Menus using Navigation Drawer

The business template comes with built-in navigation drawer which is a common business requirement for enterprise mobile apps. The navigation drawer allows you to present a list of navigation items, grouped nicely with header and footer support. Since the navigation drawer is actually a separate view, you can customize every aspect of the menu shown in the navigation drawer. Learn more.

Send Push Notifications Seamlessly

With built-in push notifications integrated right into the template, the template allows for push notifications be sent directly to the device from the pre-configured web server. All you need is just obtaining keys for each of the server and you're good to go. Incorporating push notifications has never been easier. Learn more.

Auto Generate Models with Entity Designer Extension

Easily design your data tables in Visual Studio and let Crosslight Entity Designer automatically generate the domain models for you – all smartly linked to the shared core project and the server-side MVC project. Reuse the same models throughout your application, enabling seamless and lightweight serialization and deserialization between objects in your application server and each mobile client. No more tedious repetitive code writing and maintenance hassles for your domain models. Learn more.

Support Entity Framework 6 and ASP.NET MVC 5

Leveraging the latest Microsoft Entity Framework and ASP.NET MVC, the business template showcases client-server application architecture working in harmony, managing entities between client and server seamlessly, allowing you to focus entirely on your business process.

To learn more how navigation works in Crosslight, please refer to Designing Consistent Navigation Interface. You might also want to check out the Building Business Apps with Enterprise App Framework page, which explains the inner workings of the Crosslight Business App template in greater detail.

Get Started with Business Template

To create a Crosslight solution based on the business template, you simply launch the Crosslight Project Wizard from Visual Studio, then choose Business for the Project Template drop down. For more information about the project wizard, see  Using Crosslight Project Wizard.

By default, the project wizard will add 5 projects to the new solution, which are:

  • Core project – contains shared application and user interaction logics
  • Platform projects – including iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • ASP.NET Web API project – contains server-side data access components and controllers

In addition to projects creation, the wizard smartly configures a number of settings for the best development experience. This means you can run the new solution immediately without additional effort or hassles. In general, the wizard configures the following settings:

  • IIS Express is automatically configured with global binding. This allows IIS Express to accept web requests from the client apps, whether it's from simulator or physical devices. 
  • The web server url setting in AppService.cs is automatically determined based on your local IP address and port number configured in IIS express.

You can test drive your new business app is only 3 steps away:

  1. Run the WebAPI project in Visual Studio to start the web site on IIS Express.
  2. In Xamarin Studio, start the iOS project to simulator. Alternatively, you may wish to try other mobile client in similar way.
  3. Your new business app is now ready. Try to register a new user and signed in, then check out the menu in the navigation drawer.
The business template comes with numerous built-in services that you can easily activate with simple configuration such as Facebook login integration and push notification settings. You can easily provide the require configuration in the settings available in AppService.cs

By default, the Crosslight Project Wizard v4 generates the project with iOS.Unified assemblies, as well as v4 version of Intersoft.Crosslight.Data Assembly.

For more information about social network integration, see Integration with Social Networks

For more information about configuring push notifications, see Handling Push Notifications.

Supported Platforms

This template works on the following platforms:

  • iOS: iOS 8 and above
  • Android: 4.0.3 and above
  • Windows Phone: 7 and above

Project Structure

  • App.iOS: Crosslight iOS project, works on iPhones and iPad with Storyboard support.
  • App.Android: Crosslight Android project, works on phones and tablets.
  • App.Core: Shared Portable Class Library project running Profile78.
  • App.DomainModels: Shared Portable Class Library project that contains business object models and Entity Framework domain model.
  • App.WebApi: Microsoft WebAPI project that acts as the mobile server.
  • App.WinPhone: Crosslight Windows Phone project, works on Windows Phone 7 and above.
  • App.WinRT: Crosslight Windows Store project, supports various Windows Store visual states.


The Business template consists of the following key features:

  • Drawer navigation
  • Push notification support
  • User authentication with social network
  • Full integration with WebAPI
  • Built-in inventory template to showcase CRUD operations.
  • User profile and settings management
  • Change password
  • Persistent login session
  • Full data synchronization support